Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Baltimore — Your Quick Guide

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Woodworking classes can be challenging — they require patience, determination, and passion. If you are keen on honing your crafting skills, some woodworking classes Baltimore reviews might help. Our team of experts made sure to find the top places for this purpose.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Baltimore

1. Mark Supik & Co

Mark Supik & Co

Mark Supik & Co is situated in the Orangeville neighborhood, southeast Baltimore. They have been in the industry since 1981, offering the best woodworking classes in town every weekend throughout the year. 

Apart from offering woodworking classes, they also provide wood carving and woodturning. They also provide safety equipment and tools. Every class consists of seven students. Their all-day workshop costs cheaper than most classes, but you need an advanced payment to book your spot.

2. A Workshop of Our Own

A Workshop Of Our Own

A Workshop of Our Own also offers one of the best woodworking classes in Baltimore. Besides woodworking classes, they also offer various membership programs. For their Community subscriptions, you can get 10% off from their original price. 

Being a member provides you access to the shop’s equipment and tools and participation in various events. For full-time monthly studio rental, you’ll pay a more expensive subscription payment. You may also participate in their Weekday Pro subscription plan and monthly open shop subscription plan that cost cheaper than the studio rental payment.


According to IBISWorld, the wood product manufacturing industry is a $6 billion industry that continues to grow. Most woodworking classes Baltimore [1] offer excellent class schedules and programs, but most often require your physical presence and time.

However, if you currently find it hard to manage your time to enroll in these classes, our team suggests that you find the best woodworking online classes instead. You’ll learn just the same but at the comfort of your own home.

You can also check our selections of woodworking classes and carpentry schools in these areas, as well: 

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