Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Birmingham, Alabama — Your Quick Guide

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As a beginner looking to develop his woodworking skills, you may be looking for the best woodworking classes in Birmingham, AL to sign up for. With several options available, rightfully deciding may be challenging. For this reason, our team of experts has come up with this review to make selection seamless.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Birmingham, AL

1. City Hardwoods

City Hardwoods

City Hardwoods is an exceptional woodworking center for training aspiring woodworkers the techniques they need to thrive in the business. If you have a woodwork project that you can’t handle, City Hardwoods has space and the tools to make it successful.

With a team of highly experienced staff, City Hardwoods offers enjoyable and accessible woodcarving classes. Learning from their knowledgeable instructors ensures a straightforward and engaging experience. Additionally, City Hardwoods is a trusted supplier of top-quality exotic hardwoods, catering to domestic and commercial woodworking needs.

2. MAKEbhm


The impressive thing about MAKEbhm is that you’re opportune to learn how to build wood projects and weld metals to perfect finishes in one class. You are not only equipped with woodworking skills but metal-cutting too.

The class holds for six weeks and comes at an affordable rate. However, you need to be 18 years and above to participate unless you’re signed up with an adult.

3. Alabama Waldorf School

Alabama Waldorf School

If your child is passionate about learning how to build, you can enroll such a person in Alabama Waldorf School [1]. It is a private, non-profit organization that transforms a student’s passion for woodwork into a profitable venture.

Tuition costs for each class are relatively affordable, according to our expert’s findings. Classes are grouped according to grades, and their student-teacher approach makes learning straightforward.

4. Alabama Woodworkers Guild Inc

Alabama Woodworkers Guild Inc

Alabama Woodworkers Guild Inc is a community of professional carpenters that help beginners and pro to become more proficient. As one of the best woodworkers guilds in Alabama, they have a massive facility where they hold meetings to promote knowledge with various presentations from experts.

You can find all the woodworking tools and materials here. Plus, they hold classes on various topics at an affordable rate. However, they don’t offer online options for woodworking classes.


The various woodworking classes in Birmingham, AL will equip you with all the woodworking techniques you need to excel in the real world. Remember to choose the right course for your skill level.

For other woodworking classes options, you can visit the following pages, too.

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