Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Florida — Your Quick Guide

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I’ve always believed there’s a special joy in making something with your own two hands. If you’re in Florida like me and looking for a hands-on adventure, why not dive into a woodworking class? I’ve found some of the top woodworking spots around here. Have a look and see if any catch your eye!

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Florida

1. Florida School of Woodwork

Florida School Of Woodwork

Florida School of Woodwork, located on the edge of downtown Tampa, offers a variety of woodworking classes, starting from the beginner’s woodworking to using hand tools and joinery. The class focuses on working on different projects as well as technical development in all the disciplines of woodworking.

The best thing about the Florida School of Woodwork is it’s hands-on experience where you can actually apply your learning and perform the actual woodworking in their workshop. They have available classes during weekends.

2. Erwin Technical Center

Erwin Technical Center

Erwin Technical Center offers comprehensive programs designed for students seeking to acquire commercial and residential carpentry skills. Their courses provide an extensive curriculum, spanning 1,200 hours of study, with daily classes scheduled over 14 months. This structured program allows students to immerse themselves in a thorough learning experience to develop their carpentry expertise.

Erwin Technical Center specializes in working with different tools, teaching the students the safe and proper usage. Moreover, they offer a wide range of woodworking topics such as framing, joiner, drywall applications and installation of doors and windows. It also offers hands-on training and provides information about building codes and surveying.

3. George Stone Technical Center

George Stone Technical Center

George Stone Technical Center offers programs to students who want to pursue industrial programs in occupational areas such as building construction, cabinetry and carpentry. They have a 600-hour carpentry course as an introduction to beginners, which will help the students prepare for the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) certification exams.

Their trade skills include rough carpentry (framing) and a carpentry stage. Their cabinetry program includes carpentry, assembly, finishing and cabinet. Students are required to complete the four-phase of cabinetry.


Florida has lots of opportunities for woodworking. This is a good time to turn your hobby into a money making profession. If these woodworking classes in Florida [1] are not ideal due to your schedule, you can also check online woodworking classes.

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