Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Lexington, Kentucky — Your Quick Guide

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To build wood projects successfully, you need to go through the ideal woodworking class. However, you may wonder if there are any woodworking classes in Lexington KY with the right equipment and space to teach you woodwork. 

Fortunately, some good options are available, and our experts will discuss them in this review.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Lexington, KY

1. Woodcraft of Lexington


Woodcraft of Lexington is a retail store in Lexington that sells exotic hardwoods, hand tools, and other woodworking pieces of equipment you need to complete your wood project [1].

You can also learn one or two woodworking techniques on woodturning here. With their experienced and dedicated teachers by your side, you will know how to build various wood projects with all the tools at your disposal.

2. Kre8now Makerspace

Kre8now Makerspace

Kre8now Makerspace is a community of like minds that comprises experts and beginners who gather to share knowledge and help beginners grow. The makerspace has all the tools and space to aid in executing your project. Each member is allowed to use all the tools at his/her disposal.

The makerspace offers a course on woodturning and woodshop tools, where you get to learn how to use the lathe and power tools.

3. Artworks at the Carver School

Artworks at the Carver School

Artworks offer a variety of woodworking courses for youths and adults with varying skill levels. Each class is limited to a certain number of students to aid the faster learning process. Plus, the costs are affordable, and you can choose to register online or in person.

4. Takelessons


Takelessons provides you the opportunity to learn at your convenience, whether you’re work-occupied or a busy parent. The courses offered are tailored to meet your style and pace. 

According to our team, Takelessons allows you to hire from amongst the numerous top tutors in  Lexington. You get to choose the best and most qualified teacher to guide you through every step of the way. Online woodworking classes are available.


Attending a fully-equipped woodworking class will speed up the learning process and teach you everything required to become proficient. To get started, all you need to do is choose amongst the options in this list of woodworking classes in Lexington KY.

To pick the best woodworking classes, you can check the following pages, as well:

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