Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Minneapolis — Your Quick Guide

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I’ve always been passionate about woodworking, and I know how overwhelming it can be to figure out where to start. Drawing from my expertise and collaborations, I’ve put together a list of woodworking classes in Minneapolis suitable for every skill level. Dive in and discover the perfect class to fuel your passion.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes in Minneapolis

1. Minnesota Woodworkers Guild

Minnesota Woodworkers Guild

The Minnesota Woodworkers Guild is a community of craftsmen and woodworkers that offers networking opportunities and lessons for people in the area. The Guild holds regular classes for men and women, and the classes cover everything new and experienced woodworkers need to know to upskill.

I often recommend that students take the opportunity to tour the workshops of fellow guild members. It’s an invaluable experience to see their craftsmanship up close. And I’m proud to mention that the Guild, driven by our dedicated instructors, funds scholarship programs from their sales.

2. North House Folk School

North House Folk School

North House Folk School offers students a structured education in woodworking in a condensed and easy-to-follow syllabus. The classes cover everything from boat building to wood carving, and you can complete most of them in a few days.

The North House Folk School also offers lessons on other crafts like blacksmithing, fiber art, and jewelry making. The organization runs classes year-round, so students can opt-in at any time and gain a quality learning experience. The school also has an online student area where you can access bonus course materials. It is also a great way to learn top-quality woodworking classes online

3. Fireweed Community Woodshop

Fireweed Community Woodshop

In my years of experience, I’ve come to appreciate organizations that prioritize inclusivity. One that stands out to me is this particular organization in Minneapolis that offers woodworking classes specially tailored for women and non-binary artisans. I often refer people to their website, where they’ve set up a user-friendly calendar. It’s a breeze to enroll in their upcoming events, in-person classes, and immersive online courses.

The Fireweed Community Woodshop is also passionate about Minneapolis [1] and its communities. They are actively involved in local events and take up various volunteer opportunities wherever they are available. 


Minneapolis is a thriving community with tons of interesting learning opportunities. Explore any one of these classes to fuel your woodworking passion.

You can also check the following woodworking classes pages, too!

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