Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In New Orleans — Your Quick Guide

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If you’re looking forward to improving your woodworking skills in New Orleans, you need to sign-up for the ideal woodworking class. However, the options available are few, which makes learning woodworking more challenging.

Through this post, our team of experts will round up woodworking classes in New Orleans that you can enroll in.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In New Orleans

1. Greg Arceneaux Cabinetmakers Inc

Greg Arceneaux Cabinetmakers Inc

Greg Arceneaux Cabinetmakers Inc is a solid woodworking center in New Orleans for aspiring woodworkers [1]. This center is owned by Greg Arceneaux, an experienced craftsman and artist with the passion of helping young woodworkers become more skilled.

This woodworking center offers a two-day workshop on how to build an Acadian style bookcase expertly. Workshops are fun and informative, with each student rightfully taught how to build with confidence. 

The best thing about this woodworking center is that you don’t need any experience to get started. Plus, the learning environment is conducive, as the classes are limited to six students.

2. Takelessons


If you want a more tailored learning experience, you should take up a class through Takelessons. This site offers flexible woodworking lessons at affordable rates.

You can browse through the numerous expert teachers around New Orleans and select the one that you deem most qualified to take you through the rudiments of woodworking. Depending on your preference, you can learn by signing up for some known online woodworking classes or connect locally.



IDIYA is a workshop that offers members tools and guides on how to become better woodworkers and improve their creativity. Whether you are a hobbyist or an expert, IDIYA has what it takes to polish your skills, thanks to their community of experts. You can learn how to use various woodworking equipment, such as a table saw, router table, etc.

You can register online or offline. To register offline, you have to call the center a few hours before commencing a woodwork class. For online registrations, you need to sign-up for a MINDBODY account to be able to attend classes.


Becoming an expert woodworker is no easy feat. However, with these woodworking classes in New Orleans reviewed here by our experts, you can enhance your skills and turn your dream into reality.

There are woodworking classes in other cities, as well. Find out here:

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