As an aspiring woodworker who recently relocated to Spokane, you may encounter some difficulties looking for a woodworking school to hone your skills due to the limited options available. But don’t worry, our team of experts has made your search easier by coming up with this review on woodworking classes in Spokane that you can always sign-up for. 

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Spokane

1. Woodcraft of Spokane

Woodcraft logo

Woodcraft of Spokane is a high-quality woodworking center where aspiring woodworkers can enroll to enhance their skills. Featuring one of the largest workspaces in Spokane, Woodcraft of Spokane offers courses on woodturning, cabinet making, router techniques, use of hand tools, and more. [1].

With seasoned and dedicated tutors, you can learn modern and ancient woodworking techniques including the proper use of chisels. It’s also a retail store where you can purchase any woodworking tool and exotic woods to help with your design and projects.

2. Inland Northwest Woodturners

Inland Northwest Woodturners

If you’re interested in lathe making, our experts suggest that you check out this club. As a club, INWW ensures that each member has a sound foundation regarding woodturning and the use of a lathe. Thanks to their experienced experts, gaining the necessary knowledge and skills is far too easy.

Classes are properly scheduled to accommodate every student. Plus, you don’t have to attend physically, as they offer sessions online on woodturning for both beginners and advanced levels.

3. Takelessons


If you want to learn woodworking without jeopardizing your other engagements, Takelessons is here for you.

Takelessons offer affordable and flexible woodworking classes tailored to meet individuals’ needs, regardless of skill levels. With Takelessons, you learn at your pace and can hire any teacher you deem okay. You can choose an online woodworking class and get the best program for you. You can learn the basics of woodworking up to building wood cabinets by signing up for Takelessons.


Becoming a proficient woodworker in Spokane involves enrolling in the ideal woodworking classes. You can choose any of these options provided in the list of woodworking classes in Spokane, and our team guarantees that you won’t be disappointed with the lessons and delivery they offer.

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