Woodworking Classes and Carpentry Schools In Texas — Your Quick Guide

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Searching for the ideal woodworking classes in Texas can be challenging, knowing that not many options have all the tools and the tutors to take you through your woodworking journey successfully. Our experts will review fantastic options that you should sign up for.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Texas

1. Austin School of Furniture & Design

Austin School Of Furniture & Design

This woodworking school focuses on helping students understand woodworking techniques aided by technology.

Austin School of Furniture & Design offers online woodworking classes, where you learn and interact with expert teachers and other students and watch live woodworking demonstrations. It doesn’t end there as they have pre-recorded videos on all the courses. These videos are available on demand.

2. Full Circle School of Woodworking

Full Circle School Of Woodworking

Full Circle Woodworking teaches students the fundamentals of woodworking and the techniques they need to become self-sufficient. 

They offer classes on joinery fundamentals, sharpening, and tool restoration techniques, spoon and bowl carving, etc. Each of these classes is taught by Wayne Miller, a passionate and committed teacher with experience in hand tool woodworking. Classes are held between 9 am – 5 pm and last for three days.

The best part is you can also sell your handcrafted products via the website.

3. The Ploughshare Institute


The Ploughshare Institute is designed to inspire and instruct students on how to make different things. This school has a woodworking section where students can choose their ideal woodworking class. If you have an interest in making musical instruments, The Ploughshare Institute will aid your goal.

Apart from learning how to make musical instruments, this school offers classes on foundational woodworking, advanced wood furniture making, woodturning, etc.

4. Wood World

Wood World Of Texas

Wood World sells exotic hardwoods and has a unique selection of wood for domestic and commercial uses in Texas [1]. Additionally, they offer woodworking classes on knife use, cutting board, and have a hardware store where you can get most woodworking tools at affordable rates.


These woodworking classes in Texas will provide you with all the techniques you need to become a better woodworker and earn a good income in the business. You have to make sure that your choice suits your skill level.

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