If you’re looking for woodworking classes in Worcester, MA, you are at the right place. It’s challenging to find suitable woodworking classes in Worcester due to the limited options available. Thanks to our team of experts, you can enroll in one of the options provided here.

Most Popular Wood Working Classes In Worcester MA

1. Takelessons


The impressive thing about Takelessons is that you can take up an online course on woodworking or decide to take lessons at your teacher’s location. It provides an avenue for you to learn at your pace, and this is why our experts recommend signing up.

Lessons are affordable and tailored for you. There are thousands of expert instructors available to guide you in every step of your woodworking journey. All you need to get started is to find your teacher, connect with them, and begin learning.

2. Technocopia


Technocopia is a non-profit organization in Worcester that offers training on woodworking and tools [1]. They also provide lots of tools for use and teach students how to create beautiful wood pieces. 

Technocopia has a spacious facility that hosts lots of training classes on woodworking, such as Woodturning 1, Woodturning II, Woodshop Tool Training, etc. The pricing is affordable, and the tutors are friendly, patient, and ever helpful in ensuring that students gain the required skills they need to thrive.

3. The Worcshop

The Worcshop

The Worcshop is a massive Maker Space focused on helping people build things and understand how to use various tools. They offer classes on solid works, machining, lathe use, etc. Not only that, they hold virtual classes and in-person classes, although the latter will kick off later the year.

Though classes are flexible, membership fees are a tad expensive. Once you become a member, you’ll have access to all the power tools and equipment. However, you must take a class before you’re  allowed to use specific machines.


If you are residing in the area, you can certainly enroll in any of these woodworking classes in Worcester, MA in no time. These classes are guaranteed to hone your skills and give you a great learning experience.

Unsatisfied with the classes you already checked out? Then, these areas might have the right woodworking classes and carpentry schools for you: