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Woodcraft Review

Being able to make your own furniture just brings a different feeling compared to shopping in a store. Woodcraft provides woodworkers (beginner or experienced) with all the tools and plans necessary to get started on any project.

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  • Power tools and accessories available
  • Hand tools available
  • All the hardware you need
  • Types of wood are also available
  • Equipment for your workshop
  • Kits and plans
  • Offers sales and clearance
  • You can expand your skills to the garden with home and garden tools
  • Customer service and technical support


  • Only available in the US


The website of Woodcraft.com is detailed and includes everything you need to get started on your own woodshop or to add on to your existing one.

Power Tools and Accessories

This is the section on the website that provides all the power tools you need. From air compressors to saws and blades, this is where you go for power tools big and small. They compile products from all the well-known brands such as Dewalt, Rikon, and Laguna.

You are able to search for the correct product with the filters on the left. They have a lot of items, so if you do not want to sort through it all, you can browse and filter the speed, HP, product type, brand, and so on.

Each of the products is labeled clearly with dimensions in case you need to know if it will fit into your space exactly.

Hand Tools

The hand tools are similarly sorted compared to the power tools and accessories. However, since there is a wider selection of hand tools, they are sorted into different categories on the page.

Gauges, hammers, mallets [1], vices, wrenches, and even tape measures, you will find anything you are looking for here in these subcategories. Much like the organization of the power tools section, the hand tools section can also be filtered through as well.

You can choose how many pieces come in the set, the length, and capacity to the brand. The prices can be a bit high but you can filter with just clearance or sale results as well.


Woodcraft really supplies you with all that you need. A lot of woodworking shops online only sell tools or equipment, but Woodcraft is determined to be your one-stop shop to take you from start to finish no matter the project.

You might not even know what you need until you browse each section. The hardware section includes edge mounts, connectors, fasteners, and more, with all the items divided into subsections.

It’s easy to find because the hardware is separated into types, depending on your woodworking plan. They even go as far as to categorize them via style. If you have a more rustic piece in mind, you can find western-looking hardware.

an assortment of handheld tools

Wood and Finishing

We meant it when we said that Woodcraft has everything you need, beginning from the very pieces of wood that will one day turn into that bedside table or entertainment unit you dream of.

It’s hard to understand what you are going to get without visually seeing it for yourself. This is why Woodcraft has photos along with each type of wood and organizes them clearly for your convenience.

You can sort via the type of cut, type of wood, color, and even domestic, exotic, or assorted pieces. If you don’t know what you need, Woodcraft will show you with the filter “uses”. If at any point you feel that you need personal assistance, their customer service is always ready.


Woodcraft doesn’t neglect your workshop needs either. They don’t only focus on your projects but the organization of your working area as well. In the workshop section, you can find everything you need to make your workshop tidier and more efficient.

There are organizational tools, workbenches (if you don’t build one yourself), and safety tools among other things available. If you have anything missing from your workshop, chances are, you can find it in this section on Woodcraft.

They all come at affordable prices as well and are of high quality.

man with shield doing woodwork

Kits and Plans

Are you new to woodworking and need some guidance, inspiration, or ideas? Or are you an experienced woodworker who has run out of ideas and could use some help? If your answer has been “yes” to either of these questions, then this section is for you.

Labeled “projects”, this part of the Woodcraft website has woodworking plans available all easily organized into different projects and even books, magazines, and DVDs as well to help you along.

Perhaps you want to gift someone a small woodworking kit that already has everything included without having to sort through each section, then Woodcraft project kits are also a great option.

You can compare Woodcraft’s kits and plans with the offerings made by Teds Woodworking.

Home and Garden

It doesn’t stop there. Woodcraft isn’t only a place for those working in a woodshop. They expand their reach into the home and garden as well under the appropriately labeled tab.

They also have grills and smokers, and outdoor accessories and tools. If there is anything you need out in the yard, chances are Woodcraft carries them as well.

Special Deals

Then you have the “specials” section which lists all of the deals, discounts, and clearances they are having. The newer items are sorted into this section as well and you can even find gift options such as gift cards and wishlists.

close-up of wood carving


Woodcraft has its very own magazine. Under this section, you can browse previous issues, read through the editor’s blog, watch videos, and download patterns. It’s all very easy to navigate with an enormous amount of information available at your fingertips.

Customer Service and Support

Woodcraft makes customer service, technical support, and expert advice all available via phone. You know you will be getting a real person on the other end ready to handle any questions you may have.

Woodcraft Review Conclusion

Woodcraft is really the definition of a one-stop-shop for everything you need woodworking-related and more. They offer a lot of support, a wide variety of products and a ton of information and ideas.

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Woodcraft Review
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