Craftsman 10 inch Portable Table Saw Review

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The Craftsman portable table saw is a highly functional saw that’s pretty hard to get your hands on because they’re usually in limited availability and Amazon is constantly running out of them. Are they that good or is the supply of these saws that low? The overall features of the saw look great, it has a pretty powerful motor, it has a strong stand and it rolls thanks to the wheels but what’s the catch? There aren’t a lot of real reviews readily available so we had to do a little digging to find more information.

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Craftsman 10 Portable Table Saw


The Craftsman brand usually does a pretty good job on the design of their products and makes sure that they’re aesthetically pleasing and comparable to the best table saws you see in the market. We do appreciate their effort to make all of the buttons and everything that has a function stand out. Everything that does something on the table is coated with red paint to stand out from the otherwise blandish grey coat that the saw has. The stand even folds so it’s good at saving space for those with a tight garage or shed. Everything’s easy to use and looks solid, so points on the overall design of the table.

orange push stick and writhing knife of Craftsman 10 Portable Table Saw


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miter gauge Craftsman 10 Portable Table Saw

What We Like

What We Don't Like


What’s the overall weight of this table saw?

The overall weight when it’s fully assembled with the legs and the saw is 57 pounds. It’s not too heavy considering the size of the thing. It does look a bit larger in person than it does in the pictures and the description makes it seem like it’s a tiny table saw, which it’s not. It’s lightweight though and easy to roll around on the legs included with the stand.

Is this item durable?

Very. It’s 57 pounds which means the legs that it stands on the need to be durable as well and while the legs look like plastic from the pictures, they’re most certainly not. They’re very durable and the saw’s quality is very high as well. You don’t have to worry about the durability or the quality of this saw, it’s pretty top-notch in that regard.

Is there a warranty included?

We haven’t been able to get any information regarding a specific warranty for this product and we’re not sure if there even is one. Once we get more information on that, we’ll let you know. However, we haven’t heard of anyone returning this product as of yet as well.

Craftsman 10-inch Review Conclusion

While there’s not a lot of information readily available on the Craftsman portable table saw, this seems like a great and practical saw to use. We love the fact that it has wheels on the leg stand which makes it so easy to roll around and so easy to move from job to job. It’s also great that it flips up and allows you to store it because this is something that a lot of table saws lack today. It’s only a little over 50 pounds so it’s lightweight and it comes packed with a 15 amp motor which is more than adequate for any wood you have.

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Craftsman 10 Portable Table Saw
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