Best Table Saw Reviews Updated For 2023

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When making cuts, speed and accuracy are the two most important features of a woodworking tool. A table saw allows you to enhance both, easily making different cuts like rip, angled, and cross-cuts. In order to do that, you need a reliable table saw that will deliver such output. Thus, to avoid substandard and faulty models, I personally tested the seven best table saws of 2023.

Best Overall
Dewalt DWE7491RS
Best Lightweight Option
SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy-duty Worm Drive Table Saw
Best for Durability
Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw
SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy-duty Worm Drive Table Saw
SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy-duty Worm Drive Table Saw
DeWalt DWE7485 Compact Table Saw
The Dewalt DWE7491RS is the perfect combination of power, accuracy, and portability. This saw boasts of a 15-amp motor, a 10-inch carbide blade, and a flip-over ripping fence.
This table saw provides you with the preciseness to make cross-cuts, rip, miter, and even bevel cuts, with a 15-amp dual-field motor, all packed in a durable but lightweight saw.
This robust model is surprisingly light with a powerful 5800 RPM motor. It’s one of the most stable and precise tables with a decent rip capacity of 24.5 inches.
Best Overall
Dewalt DWE7491RS
SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy-duty Worm Drive Table Saw
The Dewalt DWE7491RS is the perfect combination of power, accuracy, and portability. This saw boasts of a 15-amp motor, a 10-inch carbide blade, and a flip-over ripping fence.
Best Lightweight Option
SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy-duty Worm Drive Table Saw
SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy-duty Worm Drive Table Saw
This table saw provides you with the preciseness to make cross-cuts, rip, miter, and even bevel cuts, with a 15-amp dual-field motor, all packed in a durable but lightweight saw.
Best for Durability
Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw
DeWalt DWE7485 Compact Table Saw
This robust model is surprisingly light with a powerful 5800 RPM motor. It’s one of the most stable and precise tables with a decent rip capacity of 24.5 inches.

Reviews of the Top Table Saws

1. Dewalt DWE7491RS Table Saw

The first table saw is the Dewalt DWE7491RS. This machine combines power, accuracy, and movability into one. This saw features a 10-inch carbide blade size with 24 teeth that spins at 4,800 RPM to 5,000 rpm. Its 15-amp motor provides more than enough power to cut through hardwood. 

Although its table size is only 26 by 22 inches, its 32-1/2-inch rip capacity and rack and pinion fence system allows it to cut larger materials by making fast and accurate adjustments. With this fence system, you get a guide for boards that run parallel to the blade. This DeWalt tool has one of the most accurate fence systems on the market. 

Additionally, this table saw has an adjustable rip fence to get max accurate cuts of 90 degrees. Then, there’s the rolling stand that allows it to be a portable table saw. It can also be quickly assembled or disassembled.

What I Like

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2. SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy-duty Worm Drive Table Saw

The SKILSAW Worm Drive Table Saw is a contractor saw that doesn’t need specially reinforced bases. This jobsite table saw packs a punch with a 15-amp dual-field motors that improve the cutting speed at 3,650 rotations per minute. 

The worm drive motor takes the power a step further by boosting the torque. During testing, the performance of this jobsite table saw model is comparable to that of an industrial cabinet saw. And with a 10-inch blade, this tool can handle most projects. 

You get a 30.5-inch rip capacity and 3-5/8″ as cutting depth of 90 degrees for deep rip cuts or  2-1/4 inches deep at an angle of 45 degrees. The SKILSAW SPT99-11 comes with a mobile base so you don’t have to purchase that separately. Overall, it’s one of the best contractor table saws we’ve tested.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

3. Dewalt DWE7485 Jobsite Table Saw

While this saw is light weight at only 54 pounds, its 15-amp and 5800 RPM motors give it enough power to justify its place as one of the best jobsite table saws.

Like my number one choice, this Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw has a rack and pinion telescoping fence system that makes fence adjustments easy and precise for accurate cuts. It also has a soft start and a rolling stand that helps the table to move easily. It’s not as big as a contractor table saw, but it performs extremely well on the field.

When it comes to its maximum capacity, this Dewalt table saw has a rip capacity of 24.5 inches. It also comes with onboard storage to hold all the items it comes with, the quality of tool including the riving knife, miter gauge, throat plate and more. 

What I Like

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4. Shop Fox W1837 10-Inch Table Saw

I chose the Shop Fox W1837 as the one of the best hybrid table saws for its very durable heavy-cast iron table and trunnions. Its 2 HP engine is powerful enough for heavy tasks, and the trunnions and fence can be fine tuned to your needs. It has accessible adjustment wheels as well.

This Shop Fox model also has other features that classify it as one of the best hybrid saws. The blade guard can tilt up to 45 degrees, and the T-slot miter gauge with table extension helps ensure smooth cuts on the board.

The replaceable riving knife, lift-off fence, and 4-inch dust collection port make this table saw safer to use. Finally, the W1837 sports a 10-inch table saw blade and a 45-inch rip capacity.

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5. SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Table Saw - TS6307-00

This jobsite table saw has an electric cord for power, but its engine is a powerful 15-amps. Plus, it has a 10-inch carbide-tooth saw that spins at 4,600 RPM. Because of this performance, it works just as well as larger table saws.

This table saw has just over 25 inch rip capacity, but it also has a 4×4 max depth cutting capacity that allows for 90° cutting. This and its parallel blade alignment make all types of accurate cuts possible on the board. 

The SKIL TS6307-00 15 Amp 10 Inch Table Saw model weighs about 50 pounds, but it comes with a heavy-duty steel folding stand and adjustable feet to move it comfortably. This 10-inch jobsite table saw is definitely one of the best table saws on the list, and it’s the second-best budget option as well.

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6. SawStop Professional Table Saw PCS31230-TGP252

With a 52-inch rip capacity, this large cabinet table chainsaw is made for heavy-duty projects on and off the worksite. It comes with a 10-inch blade that spins at 5,000 rotations per minute, which is a professional-grade blade for clear cuts. This SawStop model has a 20″ table width, with additional extension wings for extra board space.

The Professional T-Glide System of SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 ensures a smooth operation. In addition, this cabinet table saw features a precision-glide fence made of high-quality steel. There is also a dust port and protection system that stops the saw when it detects human skin.

This Sawstop table saw is definitely one of the best cabinet table saws in my book. It weighs 515lbs, but it can still be moved with a mobility base. Plus, the patented SawStop safety technology adds points to its merit.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

7. Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw

If I had to name this Bosch table saw, it would be one of the best portable table saws. This jobsite table saw comes with a gravity-rise frame stand that allows you to adjust the height of the saw to whatever you need. It also has a smart guard safety system and has wheels for easy movement when you’re working on a DIY project (e.g. Do-it-Yourself Table Saw Workbench).

The Bosch 4100-10 jobsite table saw also has a powerful motor and a 10-inch blade size that spins with a speed of 3,650 RPM, allowing it to cut all kinds of wood and plywood. It’s compact and comes with a barrier guard and anti-kickback pawls. And although lighter than its predecessor, the Bosch 4100-09, this is one of the best portable jobsite table saws in the market right now.

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Table Saw Buyer’s Guide

Table saws are a staple in most workshops, particularly because these power tools are more powerful and accurate compared to circular saws and miter saws. Their primary function is to cut larger pieces into smaller ones, and the table saw is useful for cutting sheet goods, plastic, metal, aluminum, and other materials as well.

 Now that I’ve filled you in on the popular table saws and brands in the market, here are some factors to look  and review for when buying a table saw.

Motor Power

Depending on what you’re going to use your table saw for, you’ll need to review a motor with a capacity to match. Professional woodworkers need tools that have motors with a capacity of 3-7.5 horsepower. These types are belt-driven; the induction motors and belt transfer power to the blade. These have a quieter operation, too.

Direct-drive saws are more often found in a smaller, more portable table saw models. They have a simpler design, with a universal motor that drives the saw directly. They are more suited for hobbyists. 

That said, if you’re just creating small wood crafts or picture frames, you might not need a full-sized table saw to handle denser materials. A mini table saw is a good alternative in this case. Making a rip cut or cross cut on plastic, wood, and aluminum is still easy with this tool. 

Cutting Capacity

Finding the right table saw can be challenging, especially when purchasing online. It’s important to prioritize a saw with a robust cutting capacity, ensuring accurate and effortless wood cutting. Look for a saw that can handle various wood types and effectively perform angled cuts, crosscuts, ripping cuts, and dado cuts.

Remember to look at the saw length, material, and the number of teeth. The best saws have larger blade sizes that are as long as 12 inches and with 24 to 80 teeth. That said, the 10″ blade size can already handle a lot since you can adjust the blade height and angles anyway.

Blades are usually made out of or mixed with carbide, but there are table saw blades made of carbon and even diamonds.

For home use or DIY projects, carbide-tipped blades are enough. But for professionals, a blade made completely of carbide or even carbon might be necessary. Many table saws today also have a 7 1/2 inch blade like a circular saw has, and that may be enough for amateur woodworkers. 

Also, pay attention to the performance of a table saw that comes with miter gauges. They’re indispensable when making exact angled and cross-cuts.

Lastly, the rip capacity is also extremely important. A table saw’s ripping capacity refers to the maximum width of wood that can fit between the fence and the blade. If you’re always working with large boards and sheet goods, a larger rip capacity is crucial.

Table saws start at 24 inches and can go up to 60 inches. If you’re working load is on a large project such as furniture, then it’s better to invest in bigger machines like cabinet saws. The Sawstop PCS31230-TGP236 is a good example. This is one of the best professional cabinet table saws that’s capable of handling larger pieces and working high load capacities.

For hobbyists and beginners, 24 to 36 inch table sizes will be perfect. If you’re working on small to medium-sized projects, you can still rip wood, cut bevels, crosscut angles, and slice boards.


This is the adjustable guide that holds the wood in place so that it doesn’t shake while cutting. Most table saws use a T-Square fence which provides maximum accuracy for cuts. You should get a table saw with adjustable rails if you’re handling more detailed work.

Dust Collection

Sawdust is a carcinogen and, as such, needs to be disposed of properly. So, consider choosing table saws with dust chutes that can be connected to a vacuum. If you’re going to be using your saw on a job site, the bigger the chute, the better.

In order to keep your shop tidy, you can check and review the best dust collection systems for table saws here. Manufacturers and brands don’t always include a dust collection system, but you can also buy a separate one.


This factor depends on where you’ll use your table saw and what you plan to do with it. Generally speaking, there are two catergories you can choose from: portable table saws or stationary table saws. But to be more specific, here are your options.

  • Benchtop table saws. Benchtop models are put on top of your workbench. They are smaller table saws, though, so expect that a benchtop saw can’t handle bigger boards. In addition, a benchtop model doesn’t have as much power as other saw types.
  • Cabinet table saws. These are powerful table saws that are typically found in professional workshops. From the name, it has a cabinet that encloses the frame, resulting in less vibration.
  • Jobsite table saws. These models have wheels for easy transport, so you can take them with you to different job sites. They are larger than benchtop saws and can handle bigger tasks, too.
  • Contractor table saws. These are stationary yet powerful saws. The name is now used for jobsite table saws as well, although a contractor table saw is bulkier and more powerful.
  •  Hybrid saws. Simply put, a hybrid table saw is a combination of cabinet and contractor saws. It’s a stationary model with a motor, but the internal components are like that of a cheaper contractor saw.

If you’re after a portable table saw, then a benchtop or jobsite table saw would be your best bet. You can also go for a cordless table saw for increased versatility. And for added material support, you can just buy a separate stand.

Safety Features

Woodworking tools involves working with sharp objects. A mild injury in the workshop is a scrape, and a severe one can be as bad as severed fingers. So, I encourage you to look for the right table saw safety feature like anti-kickback pawls, riving knives, push sticks, skin sensors, blade guard, and magnetic switches.

Price and Warranty

There are table saws for as little as $350. The market offers a range of saws, and you can probably find a great option at a reasonable price. You can also find industrial table saws that are priced at $4000. However, the lowest budget for a good cabinet saw should be $500. This way, you’ll be able to consider performance of the tool and determine if the price tag is worth it.

Additionally, the ideal warranty period for a table saw is at least a year.

How to Use a Table Saw

First, you’ll need to insert the correct blade. Wear your goggles, and make sure that all protection mechanisms are set up. Next, loosen the arbor nut with the arbor nut screw and place the blade above the material but no more than a quarter-inch away.

Position the rip fence by unlocking its lever and sliding into your desired plane.  To get the correct measurements between the rip fence and the closest saw blade edge, use the ruler and a tape measure,  measure both sides and mark a single tooth as the reference point for the measurement.

Now, plug your saw in and turn it on.

Align your material with the fence, but don’t let the blade touch wood until it’s reached the maximum rotations per minutes. Keeping a firm grip, slowly push the material towards the blade. Material too long? Then, get someone to help relieve you of that weight or put a support table behind you.

If possible, use a push stick in place of your fingers to protect them. There are too many table saw accidents [1] already, so be careful. When you’re finished, please make sure you unplug the saw even if you’ve used a switch to stop the blade’s rotation.


What is the best table saw for home use?

The best table saw for home use would ideally be one that’s not too large but can still support regular use and somewhat complicated projects. I pick the SKILSAW SPT99-11 and DEWALT FlexVolt as examples.

What is the best table saw for a beginner?

The best table saw tool and the best budget for beginners must have more good features than other saws. It doesn’t need to be high-performance either, but a good motor is a must. Dewalt DW745, Dewalt FlexVolt, and Bosch 4100-10 are examples of table saws that are ideal for beginners.

Top Pick for a Table Saw:
Dewalt DWE7491RS

I found out that the Dewalt DWE7491RS encompasses the most important parts of a table saw. Its 32.5-inch rip size, 4.5-inch cutting depth, and telescoping system make it easy to ensure that you get the most precise cuts within the shortest possible time. Plus, it is a portable jobsite table saw that allows accessories to be added for improvement.

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Robert Johnson
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