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ShopSeries RK7240.1 Table Saw Review

From Rockwell comes the RK7240.1, which is an older looking table saw with a stand included and a bit of functionality but how does it hold up? The price is a little concerning to us for a table saw because it’s cheap (like these) but that shouldn’t shy anyone away for the price alone. Rockwell stands behind the product and gives it a 2-year warranty in case of any defects or damage done to the table saw. It’s lightweight, mobile and serves as a fast and practical table saw. More about it below on our ShopSeries RK7240.1 Review.

Now, we have to level with you on the design of this table saw. It’s not the prettiest one out there and looks like it came from a shed after being stored there for many years. However, it has a lot of practical functions on the side of the saw which is easy to use and great for guiding the saw to help you make the right cut. The stand isn’t anything special at all. It looks like any typical stool you could find in a garage somewhere or you could probably buy a better one from Walmart but that’s not a deal-breaker for us.

  • Worried about the overall longevity of the product or if it’ll be something worth your money? That’s why Rockwell has included a 2-year limited warranty with the purchase of this product to put you at ease and if it’s needed, you can get it replaced at no cost to you
  • If you need great stability, then you won’t need to worry about that because the rip fence of this table saw is extremely durable and holds everything into place to make sure you have a steady cut and that the board isn’t going anywhere
  • The sharpness and durability of the saw is also excellent, as there’s not a lot of saws that come close which overrides the cruel ugliness of the saw in terms of color scheme and the leg stands
  • Has a push stick and a miter gauge attached to help you make a better-educated decision when you’re guiding the cut and trying to get the quickest and cleanest cut you can get
  • You can adjust the level of the blade up to 45 degrees which will help you make those intricate angled cuts that are usually really hard to do
  • This thing is pure power in a tiny form because it may be lightweight and small but it has 13 amps in its tiny motor and can handle just about any kind of woodworking project that you need to be completed

Pros & Cons


  • Easily cuts through even the thickest hardwood and has no problem getting through those tough to cut jobs that other blades would struggle with
  • The blade is made out of pure tungsten carbide which is not only durable but extremely strong and tough which will help you cut through just about anything as long as it’s wood-related
  • The ShopSeries RK7240.1 has a 2-year limited warranty attached to the product so if the blade loses its sharpness or anything about the product becomes defective, all you have to do is send it in and it’ll be as good as new in no time
  • Can be shipped as a gift-wrapped package so it’s a great gift for the loved one or someone who needs a small table saw in their garage for their home improvement projects
  • The adjustable blade allows you to make deep and intricate cuts up to 45 degrees for those hard to tackle projects and those bevel cuts that give a lot of people a hard time
  • The aluminum table is really large in space and offers up to 400 inches of workspace which is enough for most types of wood


  • The body is made of plastic and a couple of people have said that the plastic body feels kind of flimsy but overall it doesn’t feel flimsy, just looks cheap


Q: How do I cut at an angle and what kind of angel can it cut at?
A: Stationary, when you set this table saw up, it’ll only cut at a stationary flat angle that’s straight for cutting wood. If you’d like to make angled cuts, then you’ll have to use the mite gauge to make it tilt to the left or the right. The maximum angle you’re able to cut at is 45 degrees and there’s a helpful instructional paper included to help you do this.

Q: What kind of size do I need for replacement blades?
A: You shouldn’t need to replace the blade for a long time but if you do, it’s recommended that you get 10-inch blades as that’s what fits for this table. However, if you have a defection or problem, you need to contact ShopSeries to get that fixed because they’re always on the ball with that. Just make sure the blades are 10 inches.

Q: What if I want to add a dado blade, would that work?
A: Unfortunately, no it won’t. While this table is really good for its intended general purpose, you cannot attach a dado blade because it’s a very basic table. It cuts wood and does a good job with the saw blade that it’s provided.

Q: What kind of cuts are ideal with this table saw?
A: Ideally, you’ll be making 2×4 cuts if you want perfect precision cuts. It’s not for precise fittings or cutting. It cuts smoothly and accurately but you’re not going to get perfect cabinet woodwork out of it and you shouldn’t go in with that expectation.

ShopSeries RK7240.1 Review Conclusion

So, while this table saw is relatively ugly on the outside and the body is made of some kind of cheap plastic, it’s a pretty cost-effective saw and it’s pretty reliable. It hasn’t given us any issues and there are some mixed reviews but overall, it’s a pretty impressive saw. You have to know what you’re getting it for and it’s ideal for just woodcutting as long as the wood is small and not for precise things like cabinets. If you need a stronger saw, take a look at the powerful hybrid saws.

ShopSeries RK7240.1 10" Table Saw

ShopSeries RK7240.1 Table Saw Review
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