Top 12 DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects You Can Make For Your Home

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When it comes to furniture and wood decors, I’ve always noticed their hefty price tags. But believe me, you’re not entirely at the mercy of furniture stores. I’ve put in the time and effort to compile a list of DIY reclaimed wood projects that might just catch your eye the next time you’re admiring items outside Pottery Barn. The best part? These wood projects are both straightforward and budget-friendly. Dive into creativity with these suggestions.

Top 12 DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects

1. Mirror Frame

wooden Mirror Frame

Enhance your space with a captivating DIY project by mounting a dull mirror onto pallet wood. This creative endeavor will infuse your surroundings with a rustic and elegant charm. Consider applying a touch of wood stain to the sides of the mirror to elevate its appearance and add a touch of sophistication to every reflection.

2. Plant holder or shelf

wooden Flower Pot

Ever since I’ve observed people embracing the trend of indoor plants, it’s clear to me that finding a captivating holder has become essential for plant enthusiasts like myself. I’ve personally spruced up my front yard and patio with striking hanging plant shelves that exude warmth and charm. And here’s a tip from an expert: adding these DIY projects to your bathroom ceiling can be a game-changer.

4. Customized Wall Art

wood decor
What’s better than decorating your wood wall with a DIY project that will definitely make the entire room feel more homey while still preserving that rustic touch? This simple project made out of adhesives and repurposed wood can be made more sentimental if you do it with family members.

5. Address Number Sign

wooden Address Number Sign

Using reclaimed wood, old pallets, or salvaged wood, I crafted my own address number sign. From personal experience, I can say this DIY project not only elevates the look of a picket fence but also helps couriers find my home with ease. I’ve found that barn wood is an ideal base for this project—it’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy on the wallet.

6. Bookcase

wooden bookshelf
Dress up your plain white wall with dark wood by giving new life to old shelves and making use of repurposed wood that’s been lying around. It’s also ideal to DIY old barn wood into something more purposeful by stacking it up into a reclaimed wood shelf to give your books a new home.

7. Farmhouse Table

wooden Farmhouse Table

One rustic DIY project I’ve tackled with pallet boards is crafting a farmhouse table. Made from repurposed wood, this classic design never seems to go out of style and seamlessly complements even the most modern homes. From my expertise, adding a shelf to the bottom can also enhance its utility, giving you a sleek yet functional piece.

8. Rustic Christmas Trinkets

wooden Christmas Tree Trinkets

A country Christmas [1] is never complete without a rustic Christmas decor to parade at your living room. Craft a rustic farmhouse Christmas tree without breaking the bank with this no-sweat DIY project that even your toddler can help make. These DIY trinkets can also be hung anywhere in the house.

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9. Vintage Bed Headboard

wooden Headboard

Save up that salvaged wood for a reclaimed wood headboard that will charm up your bedroom. This DIY project is Inspired from those of the barns. The door-like headboard will definitely spruce up your bedroom wall and create a cabin vibe that you only see in the movies. This reclaimed barn wood piece is also a complementary match to your reclaimed wood nightstand. You can begin this reclaimed wooden project by acquiring barn wood from a variety of sources.

10. Crates

wooden Crates
If you’re a fan of organizing and have a knack for reclaimed wood DIY too, these wood project ideas will certainly be your go-to. Stack up repurposed wood and glue the sides to craft crates that can pass as a storage bed or even handy side tables and shelves.

11. Customized Picture Frame

picture frame

The frame is as important as the picture. Picture frames give a sense of authenticity to your customized works, may it be a photo, painting, or old writings.

The cozy art you wanted to put on your wall is made more crafty with this DIY project that you can make out of beautiful reclaimed wood and the best wood glue.

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12. Trays

wooden Trays

Isn’t a glammed-up serving tray a better kitchen piece and decor? Spruce up your kitchen by dolling it up with reclaimed wood pieces that you can turn into your next kitchen centerpiece.

Serve your coffees and teas in this DIY woodworking project great for beginners that is both classy and inexpensive at the same time.


What can I make with reclaimed wood?

You can make shelves, planters, wall art, decor, tables, and organizers with reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is a DIY staple.

Where Can I Find Reclaimed Wood?

Many of these projects can be made from leftover wood from larger projects or renovations. If you’re looking for a specific style or quantity, reclaimed wood can be found locally and online, depending on your needs.

Is reclaimed wood cheaper than new wood?

No, reclaimed wood is not necessarily cheaper than new wood. Since reclaimed wood undergoes different processes before it is purposeful as a furniture base again, most reclaimed woods are more expensive than virgin wood or lumber. Hence it is stronger and more durable after proper treatment, making it economical still.


Given the ideas and free plans I’ve shared, I truly believe anyone can craft a sophisticated wood ensemble. When I delve into these wood projects, they consistently bring a warm texture and elegant vibe to any space—and the best part? It doesn’t drain the wallet. Whether it’s a reclaimed wood wall or a piece of reclaimed wood art, what distinguishes these projects I’ve worked on is their cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

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