7 Amazing 1 Sheet Plywood Projects

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Plywood is widely-available in home hardware stores and home centers. While a single-sheet plywood is useful for a ton of projects, some are more complex than others to be a called a DIY.

We don’t want to waste your time with those, so we’ve listed the easiest yet most useful items you can create with just a single sheet of plywood.

7 easy one sheet DIY Plywood Projects

1. Plywood Table

Plywood Table

Since plywood is basically thin and flat sheets of wood, it’s only natural that you can create a plywood table and other easy DIY woodworking pieces

To make a birch table, take a single sheet of plywood and add smaller pieces for support. It’s really not that difficult and if you follow our plywood table plan, you can go on to create your own bedside table or coffee table to match! You can also cut the sheets of plywood in different sizes, depending on the space you’re allotting for the birch table. 

Alternatively, you can also use a Baltic Birch plywood for a more unique result. 

2. Plywood Stool

Plywood Stool

Aside from a coffee table, another one you can make is a plywood desk. With the plans and builds in our first wood project suggestion, you can have a plywood stool to go with it. You just have to make the table legs taller for this one. If you like floating shelves (which will be our next plan), you will also love the desk in this photo.

Crafting a wooden stool is a breeze, allowing you to explore various project ideas and customize the style. With just a single sheet of plywood, you can make multiple stools that perfectly complement your DIY desk. Birch plywood sheets are particularly well-suited for this type of project, opening up a world of possibilities for creative DIY endeavors.

(Want a more complex design ideas? Here’s how you can build a floating deck at your home)

3. Plywood Floating Shelves

Plywood Floating Shelves

For those living in smaller apartments and mini houses, one of the toughest things about the space is storage. Floating shelves are a unique yet effective solution for this, and you’ll find it in most books about wood crafts.

These DIY projects would need a thicker sheet of plywood, although you can combine thinner sheets of plywood so the shelf layers can hold enough weight. While the cost of this plywood sheet DIY project is similar to what you’d spend on a completed plywood floating shelf, it does offer you some flexibility.

You can customize the exact wood thickness and look you want for a modern or rustic look for your home. There are tons of tutorials online for customizing your plywood sheets. This can also be used to make the kids’ room tidier, as this plywood project is a great storage for toys. Better yet, add it as part of your kids’ wood projects to let them enjoy creating something useful.

4. Plywood Storage Bench

Plywood Storage Bench

Another wood project you can make with a single sheet of plywood is a storage bench. This piece can function as a shoe cubby, an entertainment unit, or even a storage bench for the kids’ toys (e.g. chainsaw toys, wooden toys, etc.).

The hidden plywood shelf would also be a great place for storing stuff like kids’ books or shoes, while you can use the top surface for picture frames or potted plants. Whatever you choose to store in this handmade  project, the best part about it is you can customize it to look exactly the way you want.

If you need to get some extra income, you can sell woodworking your projects, including storage benches. There are a ton of online platforms you can check for selling the projects you can make.

5. Plywood Media Console

Plywood Media Console

This is one of our favorite projects. Since wood is used to make this, it has a rustic DIY feel while having a modern design. If you want, you can even elevate the console with hairpin legs (like in the photo).

You may need to find more than one plywood piece to make this, but they’re quite easy to search for back in your local hardware store. Plus, you could get them at different sizes. Most stores like Home Depot may cut it down for you [1].  You will enjoy building this project using the best woodworking tools as well.

We do recommend that you check if your local store does this for projects, as it would also be a little easier to transport the plywood material in your vehicle if the wood is already cut down to the right size. 

6. Plywood Pet House

Plywood Pet House

Yes, even your pets can benefit from your DIY projects. We’ve made dog houses and other pet houses from wood, and plywood can be used to make these sturdy little houses too.

If you’re willing to take it up a notch, your DIY pet house can have a modern look if you add a tiled ceiling. Or, you can settle for one that’s just 100% wood material. The project in the photo is actually made from one sheet of plywood siding.

Plus, this piece is easy to DIY once you have all the wood pieces measured out. This DIY woodworking project ideal for beginners is just simply fitting the pieces together, although you can always refer to a tutorial for more information.

7. Plywood Bed Platform

Plywood Bed Platform

The largest of the projects on our list is this DIY bed platform. Depending on the design and the size of your bed, you may need to calculate more than one sheet of plywood for this. To avoid costly expenses, you can use cheap plywood alternatives, which are durable as well.  

You can, however, build storage straight into the platform – eliminating the need for more storage boxes. If you think this DIY project is a little too hard for you, you can ask a pro to do it.

However, if you like to create by yourself, then you can forgo the built-in storing space and go for your own DIY design. There are many tutorials for wood projects online. Who knows, your style can even become a profitable project to build.


Woodworking is a great experience and you can even do woodworking with your kids. If you want to create something useful, the plywood projects above are a good place to start. You can also create other DIY projects such as wall art, a coffee table, or a plywood media console.

These projects don’t require a lot of heavy-duty machinery nor do they cost too much in supplies. Woodworking plans may be used to make these. Aside from the flexibility you get from creating a traditional or modern design, these projects you can make would also add an air of uniqueness to your interior.

Want to challenge yourself with bigger wood projects? Our team has vetted the best 8×12 shed plans you can start for your home.

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