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15 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell

Following plans for your next woodworking project can get a little boring after a while. The most profitable projects to build and sell sometimes come in the form of completely unique ideas. Below are some profitable woodworking projects to build and sell that are easily customizable.

15 Worthwhile Woodworking Projects For Profit

1. DIY Wine Racks

DIY Wine Racks

A profitable idea for your business is one that is practical. An idea such as a wine bottle rack can be used every day and not only for every wine bottle you have. Think about the wide array of items you can place and store on this shelf or rack made out of nothing but scrap wood or pallet wood.

They can be quite simple with just a plank with holes in it or slightly more complicated such as the project idea we have included for you today. If you don’t happen to have any wine at home, soda bottles, juice bottles and more can decorate your wine rack.

Since this idea has little landings for your wine bottle, you can even think about placing small little potted plants and some other home decor you can find to spice up the room.

2. Picture Frames

Wooden Picture Frame

Placing your memories and happy moments throughout the house is something most of us love to do. This is why picture frames are some of the most profitable woodworking projects. This home decor is also the most easily customizable to set your product apart from the rest.

Picture frames are a low-commitment woodworking project because you’re not looking at too much equipment and power tools. You just need a few trusted hand tools and small pieces of wood plus basic woodworking skills. Think outside the box, you don’t need to succumb to tradition and create a rectangular shape and look.

Think bigger and try new popular shapes, new colors, new wood textures and anything else you can think of when you make this project.

3. Pet House

DIY Wooden Pet House

Think big to bigger woodwork projects. Many people have pets nowadays and they’re always looking out for their pet’s every need. No matter the amount of money or effort, we love our fur children and deserve the best wooden project.

Big wooden projects like this can really make money, especially if you figure out the best way to set  your woodwork products apart from other items. Some can even accommodate more than one pet, have a separate bathroom and eating area as well as indoor heating!

Make sure the item is made of the best quality, as this will help your business earn more.

You can take out your one-sheet plywood to create this and more.

4. Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys

Another little tip for profitable woodworking projects to sell is the return of your customer. You don’t want to invest your skills in something that is a one-off, but rather something that keeps customers always coming back to your business.

Wooden toys for kids is a good idea to start with. It doesn’t take too much woodworking skills (some whittling may be enough for some designs) and it can give you some pretty good returns.

Kids can never have enough toys and this is one popular way you can keep your demographic always looking for your business. 

You can also create these toys for your kids, maybe even invite them along for a fun woodworking project suitable for children.

5. Unique Storage Boxes

Unique Storage Boxes

This is otherwise known as a bedside box, but these items can be made into any size scaled up or down and be used anywhere around the house. Since they are so versatile, these projects are among the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell.

This is a skeleton of a design, but think about how you can make it your own to sell for a higher price point. What type of wood can you use to give it less or more texture? How can you take someone’s initials or a good pattern and embed it on the surface?

Building and selling quality products like this can help people who are looking for a beautiful gift. They often look for beautiful items they can get for cheap, so this is a popular one they could get. 

6. Wall Planter

Wall Planter

Potted plants have a slew of health benefits [1] which is why they have a home in so many of our residences. People love to pay money (sometimes a lot) to have them placed strategically around the house in cute holders. If you’re planning on selling these, you’ll earn nicely.

This wall planter is one way to use leftover pieces of wood to create amazing wood projects. They can only hold smaller plants such as succulents due to the tension on the wall. But if you want, you can make them with smaller multiple holes and have an entire wall garden!

7. Bathtub Caddy

DIY Bathtub Caddy

Many people love the idea of a long hot bath after a grueling day at work. However, in a technological world, it’s hard to put your phone aside or your computer down and really just relax. Maybe you want to shower with a good novel to calm your nerves.

Just thinking about the risk of getting these items wet is enough to deter you. However, with a nicely built wooden bathtub caddy, you can make yourself some money while solving a long-existing problem at home.

A way to personalize these wood projects is to etch designs into them such as initials, patterns, and pictures.

8. Jewelry Box

Wooden Jewelry Box

Laurie Grenier, the Queen of QVC actually had her start by making an earring organizer. An item so simple can be some of the most profitable woodworking products you can make. Why not expand the organizer to encompass all jewelry? 

A jewelry box can be very simply made or as complicated as you would like. This one plan we have included has organizers inside the wood base so you can sort through your belongings even faster than before.

Products like these can make fore a beautiful gift, so selling them may earn you a profit. People who love jewelry would need a jewelry box.

9. Wood Coasters

Wood Coasters

You’re right in thinking that small wooden coasters don’t typically go for a great amount of money, but the price point can be hiked a bit higher if it’s handmade. Anything made by hand goes for more and these coasters have an environmental benefit too, which does make people love them more.

To make these pallet coasters, you can use the leftover pieces of scrapwood you have lying around from other larger projects. We’re sure these leftovers take up a lot of your woodworking studio space so why not make something out of them?

You can also make the easy traditional coasters that are literally a whole piece of wood, and create different styles you like from there. If you have the time to search for styles, you can look for the best ones made by others.

10. Wooden Cutting Board/Serving Tray

Wooden Cutting Board Serving Tray

Other quality ideas for profitable woodworking projects to sell are ones made with a dual purpose. For example, you’d find that a cutting board can easily be made into a great serving tray for cold cuts. Making one isn’t very difficult, it just takes some time to piece slabs of wood together (or use a whole piece).

The one thing that can turn a cutting board into an effective serving tray is handles and a drip guard. Etch and chisel some designs into the flat surface to make it even more presentable. 

11. Birdhouses/Birdfeeders

Making a Birdhouse

They might seem like outdated designs to make, but they are actually great ideas to build and sell. They remain popular even from the start because birds are still abundant (thankfully) and they need a home. To buy one ready-made from those big box stores can cost a pretty penny, so why not build and sell good quality ones yourself?

By getting the price down, you can set your wooden birdfeeder or birdhouse at a lower price tag. Your best price will attract all the customers to you. Feel free to offer good options for personalization and customization and you’re golden. You can also reuse some of the wood pieces you have laying around.

12. Patio Swing

DIY Patio Swing

We have included plans to appeal to all audiences whether you want to make some dough off smaller ideas or larger ones such as a wooden pet house or a patio swing for your home. Before selling the fruit of your labor we suggest testing it out yourself to work out all the kinks.

Make sure it’s steady, stable and strong before selling it to someone for a hefty price. Larger wooden items do bring in more cash, but it would also need more effort and time in making them. If the benefits outweigh the costs, then making a patio or porch swing is a great project to sell in your business.

But if you’re not looking to sell, we’re sure you’d have the best time using this at home.

13. Coat Rack/Purse Rack/Towel Rack

DIY Rustic Towel Rack

When you start to look for the best projects in your free time, you’d find a coat rack in the top choices.

When scaled down, this great woodworking idea can be a key holder or umbrella rack as well. The sky is the limit with the things this DIY project can hold and it’s easy to build. Unless you can make your own wooden hooks, you can buy them at your local hardware store.

A great way to personalize this item is with name labels on top of each hook (which would go over well in a school setting) or to show family members where to put their belongings. 

14. Storage Beds

Platform Bed with Drawers

If building a storage bed platform is too big of a commitment for you, then simply making the storage drawers to go under beds is another idea you might want. However, these large tasks can command more money in the end when you sell them, making them one of the most profitable.

It is a huge undertaking and you can get help if you need to, but many will see the merits of utilizing otherwise empty space (under your bed) for practical purposes like storage. When you look at it, it’s also great to get out of clutter and messes in yours or your child’s room.

15. Furniture

DIY Coffee Table

We won’t limit what furniture you should build, just go with your imagination. Anything larger will always expect more cash return and for those woodworkers with experience building these products, it’s really a way to showcase your specific and unique skills.

Showcase your own style and maybe even build a whole living room or bedroom set. Customized furniture is one of the most profitable wood project ideas to build and sell. 


Most of these items are easy to make if you have some basic knowledge about woodworking, and even beginners can do these DIY projects. There are a ton of things to make out of wood that can showcase your skill and dedication and eventually lead to profitable returns in flea markets or online.

We hope our list has given you inspiration for customization and even come up with your own ideas on woodworking projects to make money.

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