If you’re a woodworker passionate about home improvement, it’s impossible not to love the idea of making furniture for your space. Although some consider it costly, many enthusiasts found their holy grail with great and low-cost DIY pallet projects. 

Through this post, our experts will guide you through different pallet ideas to help you create funky junk interiors and patio furniture you’ve always dreamt of having.

What are Pallet Projects?

A DIY pallet project is often made from various types of woods. It can range from high-density and low-density hardwoods like oak and willow, to softwoods like pine and cypress.

While a high-density wood pallet would last longer under adverse conditions, soft pallet wood is the one we’ll recommend if you prefer a lighter material. 

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Wooden pallet is a readily available, cheap, and extremely eco-friendly type of material popular among woodworkers who love to build home and garden furniture. Through these simple building blocks, one can create simple pallet projects like a coffee table, chair, bed frame, or even garden planter with a rustic look.

Tools and Materials

When creating wood pallet projects for your home, you’ll need specific materials and tools depending on the furniture or decorations you want to make. Since wooden pallets are mostly for free, our experts advise you to use your available tools and avoid splurging on unnecessary purchases as you decorate your space. 

If you only aim to do one or two projects and don’t have these tools and materials in your woodworking shop, you can always try renting them in local stores or fellow DIY pallet projects enthusiasts. However, if you want to make a living out of DIY pallet projects, investing in tools is a great idea.

To put together pieces of wood, one would need a hammer and some nails. Although it doesn’t matter what kind of hammer you use, it’s handy if it has an attached nail puller. You also can’t forget to include screwdrivers and wood screws, which are essential in any DIY project.

tools and materials

And whether we admit it or not, working with power tools can make the construction process of high-consuming tasks more accurate and faster than traditional hand tools[1]. In making pallet projects, you’ll need a handful of them like drills, orbital sander, jigsaw, or circular saw, depending on your woodwork requirements. 

But if you don’t find these available in your storage, then a handsaw would be handy enough to use despite its labor intensiveness. 

It’s also good to use things that will protect you from unnecessary injuries and splinters, like safety gloves and glasses. And last but not least, two of the most important things you should have are a tape measure/ruler that will help you get accurate measurements and a pry bar to pull materials apart.

Where to Get Pallets

There are many sources where you can look for free wood pallets, some of them are more accessible than you thought it was. Nowadays, people would often put them up for grabs on social media platforms and listing sites. 

You can also find a lot of them in one or two local stores in your neighborhood, like Hardware shops, Craft shops, and Motorcycle shops. However, you would need to ask them first if they’re giving it away for free.

And if you spot new establishments in your area, you’re in luck because most of them would love to give away a lot of excess wood pallets from their storage.

where to get pallet

In case you can’t find one, you can always buy from local stores for a cheap price depending on the size and type you want to use.

Pallet Project Ideas

Pallet Sofa with Storage

Building a sofa out of a wood pallet might sound difficult to you, but it’s actually an easy DIY project. Aside from its inexpensive materials, its small storage space at the back makes it easy for homeowners to keep living room items that are not in use. 

To make chair furniture suited for your home, you’ll need a shipping pallet, square beam wood, and two planks of wood. Using a handsaw, divide the wood pallet to form the sofa’s frame and back storage.

pallet sofa with storage

After that, turn the frame around. Build the chair’s legs using the square beam wood and put them together by screwing angle irons and joint plates for the back structure. Add fillers and sand the surface of the pallet wood to make it look rustic.

Dab on wood sealer on necessary space before brushing paint or using topnotch HVLP spray guns for woodworkingThe color can be anything you want just as long as it complements the feel of your home. Lastly, find yourself a combination of cushions to match your newly made sofa chair.

Pallet Bar

Whether you need something to liven up your basement space or you’re looking for an easy way to turn your home into a great entertainment hangout, a pallet bar is one of the coolest things you can create using free materials. 

Cut the recycled wood pallet board with any saw you have available, whether it’s a hand tool or a power tool. Frame up the bar upright like the walls in your house. You can cover the frame with pieces of plywood. 

And because you’re using a wood pallet, the board are bound to be different in size and thickness, which is why we suggested putting a belt sander in your tools’ list to get your desired smooth output.

pallet bar

You can also get creative with the top surface of the pallet bar and build easy shapes out of pieces of wood. After screwing them all, you need to stain your wooden structure to give it a rustic look. 

Lastly, add any paint color you want on the wood. During our DIY test, we decided to brush the paint on the side frames as the stain we applied earlier already looked great.

Pallet Planter Rack

When it comes to making your outdoor space bright and lively, the number one go-to solution is building an herb garden. Although some homes aren’t big enough to accommodate many garden flowerpot and plant boxes, there are several pallet projects like staggered planter racks to solve your dilemma. 

DIY pallet garden planters can be made out of regular low-density pallet wood with basic tools such as a hammer, clamps, drill, handsaw, orbital sander, and paintbrush. 

First, plan the look you want for your garden pallet planter based on the materials you already have. If you got pallet wood for free, then lucky for you. Break the board apart using any type of saw and remove the nails using crowbars.

pallet planter rack

After marking the pallets, start to build the v-frames of your outdoor plant rack. These pieces of wood will serve as the leg of the entire structure. The measurement will depend on how many planters you wish to place in the rack. 

Cut the pallet wood planks in half to make the shelves and use an orbital sander to smoothen the surface. It’s essential to note that the upper must be heavier than the lower shelf to keep the weight focused on the center of the v-frame. 

Next, tightly clamp your wood pallet rails into the v-frame. After drilling your screws, pour a fencing stain on the surface to weatherproof the pallet wood. If you love a colorful vibe for your outdoor area, you can opt to paint your planter instead of going for a stained rustic exterior.

Pallet Coffee Table

If you’re looking for easy pallet projects, you should definitely try to build a pallet coffee table. Even our experts agree that this project is a great starter when working on wood pallet materials. 

Coffee tables are versatile pieces of furniture great for indoor and outdoor scenes. And if you’re one of those people who love organized tabletops, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with its hidden nook feature where you can place magazines and books. 

To get this easy DIY pallet table, you have to break down the wood into individual pieces.  Cut the wood pallet board with a circular saw depending on the size you prefer for the tabletop. Sand it carefully if you want it to look less rustic.

pallet coffee table

Add a custom design by cutting the individual pieces of pallets in patterned shapes and glue them although on the table board.

After nailing it down, use the excess pallets to get the table framed on the edges. Drill holes and attached the legs to the wood pallet table.

Like other wood pallet furniture on this list, it’s your choice if you’ll stain or paint this newly built table.

Pallet Bed

When you find yourself needing a new bed amid the tight-budget season, a pallet bed is a project that will definitely save your wallet. You don’t need to spend a lot, because this project can be done out of a few base lumber and four individual pieces of wood pallets.

After trimming and sanding your board and pallet wood based on your desired bed dimensions, you can drill down the pallets on the framework with nails and screws to complete the project. It’s as easy as that.

pallet bed

There will be no need to paint this pallet bed project because the whole construction will be covered by the mattress and sheets anyway. If you want to add a more rustic touch to the bed, you can make a bedboard out of pallets. Our team suggests using oak or pine type of pallet.


What can I make out of a pallet?

You can make a lot of different furniture out of pallets like a pallet room divider, pallet swing, pallet wall decors, and many more. Even the most common sight in the living room like sofa and coffee tables can be made out of a wood pallet with basic woodworking tools.

Where can I buy pallets for DIY projects?

You can buy pallets for DIY projects from any local hardware store at a low price, but most of them are up for grabs on certain listing websites and social media platforms. You can also get them free from nearby newly built establishments like wine stores, motorcycle shops and home improvement shops.

How do you prepare wood pallets for projects?

You can prepare wood pallets for projects by cutting them into individual boards. Sand the wood pallet thoroughly for a smooth surface, and ensure all nails and screws intact are pulled out from the wood so that you can use and repurpose them into a new project.

What can kids make with pallets?

Kids can make signboards with pallets. This pallet project can develop a child’s creativity by customizing the signboards with paint and decorations. Since dealing with tools and wood pallet materials can be risky, an adult must do the wood preparation before allowing them to brush paint on the board.


With the trend of pallet projects already prevailing in the woodworking industry, many homeowners found an affordable and easier option to build the furnishings of their dreams. 

From easy pallet wall decorations to complicated pallet bars, one can craft quality fixtures using these simple wood blocks. Although its availability in the market is a bit enticing, our experts still advise you to carefully consider the kind and quality of wood pallets depending on the project you’re working on.