Scroll Saw Projects — Simple and Beginner-Friendly Ideas to Try In 2023

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Regardless of your skill level, a scroll saw is an indispensable tool you can work with on a variety of woodworking projects. With the right scroll saw in hand, you can craft intricate designs and make incredibly accurate cuts. To hone and sharpen your skills with this highly useful tool, our experts will discuss various scroll saw projects you can try.

Scroll Saw Projects

What Is a Scroll Saw?

A scroll saw is a power-operated saw that you can use to make intricate designs on materials like metal, wood, etc. A scroll saw including the highly reliable Dewalt DW788 comes with a sharp blade that allows you to cut expertly and more conveniently.

Although it shares a similar design with a bandsaw, using a scroll saw gives you the edge. You can adjust the reciprocating blade through the drilled hole to make better interior cuts. You can also make more detailed curves with it, thanks to the teeth on the blade.

There are three types of scroll saw: the parallel arm, C-arm, and the parallel link.

Scroll saw blade

The parallel arm is the most commonly used type. It features a motor design and two arms that are far apart from each other, with the motor attached behind the two arms.

The second type, the C-arm variant, has a c-shaped arm. The blade is mounted in the middle of the two arms. Meanwhile, the parallel link has a motor that pushes the rods in the upper and lower arms to make cuts. The arms in the parallel link hold the blade. 

Project Ideas You Can Make With a Scroll Saw

There are tons of project ideas that you can start with. These projects range from simple to complex, 2D patterns to 3D patterns. Besides, these patterns are easy to make. However, you will likely invest more time in doing the complex ones. Below are some cool project ideas you can make with a scroll saw.

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzle
Making jigsaw puzzles is one of the easiest projects you can start with. They are simple and fun to make. With a scroll saw, you can design thousand of large or small pieces. Since jigsaw puzzles have so many holes and locks, the scroll saw can help you achieve better intricate cuts. But before you start cutting, make sure you have a pattern you can base your work on.

2. Toys

helicopter toy

Designing toys with a scroll saw is another excellent woodworking project idea even for beginners. Like the jigsaw puzzles, the patterns are seamless to cut, and you don’t need so much wood material to make a great wood toy. With a scroll saw, you can make toy boats, animals, airplanes, wood mobile phones, etc. However, you need to ensure that you choose a wood that can withstand pressure. Most toys are subject to abuse when it falls into the hands of children, but a durable wood can withstand that.

3. Wooden Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

This is another project idea that won’t take so much wood material. You can design the ornaments according to your preference, by making the shape spherical, squarely, or rectangular.

4. Picture Plaques

Picture Plaques

Picture plaques are one of the easiest projects you can do as a beginner. It is also a profitable project to create and sell online. You don’t need to make so many intricate designs, but if you want, remember to select a pattern before you begin cutting.

5. Inlaid Leaf Jewelry Box

Inlaid Leaf Jewelry Box

Making an inlaid leaf jewelry box is one of the most elegant projects you can attempt with a scroll saw. With the inlay technique, you can make perfect and artistic cuts on the box.

The inlay chainsaw cutting technique means cutting different designs in patterns and inserting them on top of the wood material. In this case, the pattern on the jewelry box is the leaf. However, you cut perfectly, and the finish will be fantastic.

6. Coffee Table

Coffee Table

The coffee table uses the same inlay technique as the leaf jewelry box. However, you can use a different scroll saw pattern other than the leaf. When designing this project, remember to use the right blade and tilt the scroll saw to the right angle so that you can get the perfect cuts.

Safety Reminders

A scroll saw such as the powerful WEN 3920 is like any other cutting tool—using it is risky. You need to fully understand how it operates before you can begin to use it.

When using a scroll saw, you need to abide by some woodworking safety rules. If you are just getting started, here are some safety reminders you must keep at the back of your mind.

green circular saw on wooden surface

First, go through the manufacturer’s manual carefully to get acquainted with what you need to do before operating the machine or a Porter-Cable PCB375SS scroll saw. You need to ensure that you set the scroll saw properly. 

Also make sure that you choose the right blade according to the project you want to work on. The right blade enables you to cut smoothly and evenly without chips. In addition, remember to tension the blade properly. 

Before you start your project, keep your work area or shop clean. And lastly, always remember to wear safety equipment. This includes wearing a pair of safety goggles, gloves, and overalls [1].


What kind of wood should I use for a scroll saw?

You can use cedar, Baltic Birch, Poplar, and plywoods for a scroll saw. These woods are good candidates to use with a scroll saw, as they have even grains that you can cut rapidly.

How thick can you cut with a scroll saw?

A scroll saw can cut wood materials to a depth between 1¾” and 2¼”. However, the cut depth depends on how thick the wood material is and the scroll saw’s capacity.

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As a beginner or a professional, there are several scroll saw project ideas that you can start working on immediately. Our team compiled these project ideas that are fun to design, and some of them do not even require massive wood materials. 

Once you have become good at your craft, you could do beautiful woodworking projects that you can offer for sale. In the end, you are not only improving your woodworking skills but making some cash while having fun.

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