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Top 9 Fun Woodworking Projects for Kids

Boredom from being stuck home on a rainy day with your kids or finding a fun indoor activity for your kids could be overcome by these DIY woodworking projects!

A woodwork project is a safe and controlled way to stimulate the motor skills and cognitive skills of your little one. Finding simple projects for kids and yourself to have fun is also a great way to further strengthen your existing bond.

Aside from the bond you’d enjoy together, your kids will really love the art and the craft of making DIY projects as it enhances their creative skills too. Let’s take a look at this list of some awesome and simple woodworking projects for kids.

9 Best Wood Projects for Kids

1. Kraftic DIY Deluxe Carpentry Woodworking Kit with 6 Projects

  •  This DIY wood kit has 80 pieces of real wood, ruler, glue, nails, hammer, 2 pencils, sandpaper, and one storage bag.
  • With detailed instructions that come with the box, you and your kid can get to building the best items like a crayon holder, coat rack, or other DIY projects. The instructions make this kit really simple for your child to follow.

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2. Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

  • Get everything you need like a lightweight hammer, nails, and over 80 pcs. of smooth pine wood. You just need a glue gun to put together everything in your craft project
  • This one is a simple kit suitable for kids between 4-11 years of age.

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3. National Geographic Da Vinci’s DIY Science and Engineering Construction Kit

  • Instead of one, you get three different simple DIY projects for kids to make — a catapult, bombard, and ballista. These wood toys can really be used for a fun play time!.
  • Includes different tools like laser cut pieces, rubber bands, sandpaper and instructions.
  • This easy wood project is a great pastime at home for the family, sans the power tools

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4. Liberty Imports DIY Deluxe Foam Wood Kids STEM Toys Carpentry Construction Engineering Tool Workshop Kit

  • Woodworking tools include: saw, hammer, wrench, clamp, caliper, tape measure, penknife, and more.
  • Get 6 diagrams to make 6 easy wood toy projects.
  • For kids 3-10 years old, you can also make other things you want like a crayon holder, bird house, or a wind chime.

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5. ROKR Mechanical Gears DIY Building Kit

  • With four different models, you can choose what you want.
  • The creative 3D puzzle is great for kids, teenagers, adults, and the entire family.

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6. Woodshop DIY Wood Model Kits

  • The simple set includes everything needed for building vehicles like a helicopter, race car, fighter plane and sailboat or a pirate ship.
  • No hammers and screws needed, maybe just a good wood glue to make everything secure
  • The finished wooden projects can be easily customized with paint if you want — another opportunity to get creative

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7. Made by Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

  • Help your little ones make their own race car.
  • It comes with all the simple woodworking tools used to make 3 race cars.
  • It includes acrylic paint to customize the finished wooden project! 

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8. STEAMCODE Steam Stem Educational Science Kits Woodworking Kits

  • Encourage the STEM capabilities of your little ones with this educational toy
  • The easy to assemble kit comes with eco-friendly materials and simple video instruction to make an easy project.

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9. 3 Bees & Me DIY Wooden Building Toys

  • This kit helps build essential skills for the future for kids aged 4-12.
  • The safe and non-toxic items are certified for play.
  • Using the clear and simple instructions, you have everything you need to make a great project

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Woodworking Projects for Kids Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of great projects for kids that come with everything you need. Let’s take a look at some features to look out for when buying DIY woodwork projects for your kids.

What to Look for?

Age Appropriate

You need to find an age appropriate wood project kits for kids that they will love to craft. If you purchase one that’s too easy or too difficult, your child will likely lose interest very quickly. 

Safe Materials

It’s best to make sure that the wood planks and others that come with the box are non-toxic and BPA free. Safety certifications are also a big bonus.

woodworking project for kids

Your Child’s Preference

If your kids really love airplanes and cars, then don’t go for something completely contrary to that. For example, making a coat rack may not be as exciting for kids compared to creating a bird house or crayon holder.

If that’s the case, steer away from the coat rack project and find one that piques his or her general interest as it will be a more likely success. 

Clear Instructions

There are many kits that just come with wood and tools and no instructions for help.

These wood building kits allow your kids to thrive and flourish by appealing to their inner carpenter. They can decide on what they want to make and make it happen, with the plans they see in their heads. 

There are also ones that come equipped with very clearly laid out instructions. These ones also help develop STEM capabilities by prompting your kids to problem solve and figure out how to reach an end goal.


A Great Rainy Day Activity

Those with younger kids will know, a bored child equals a destructive child. The same even goes for many adolescent creatures on this planet. A rainy day afternoon would be enough time to send your rambunctious kids off the walls.

A great way to eliminate all this extra energy is to put their time on mental stimulation. Mental stimulation also tires out kids, who knew! 

It Can Build Muscle!

Repeating actions would definitely build muscle. Lifting, hammering, stabilizing and adjusting scrap wood requires you to put more physical strength than you would think! 

woodworking project for kids

They Learn to Plan

Planning is a part of life required to manage your day to day. Setting to-do lists and plans on how to execute these projects may carry over to everyday life.

If those plans don’t work the first time, the kids learn to adapt and find a different solution or use a different tool to achieve something. 

STEM Education

STEM education incorporates more science, tech, engineering and math into the education system. This is more useful to fit into our modern world filled with tech where kids are in front of screens all the time.

Build on your child’s already existing creativity and ingenuity. STEM education creates more opportunities to see new ideas.

What to Make Out of Wood?

Below are some very easy woodworking project ideas to craft that also do not require advanced tools.

Your kids will love these simple DIY projects, and you can do these cool homemade projects together and keep them as the perfect souvenir of something you made.

Wood Projects that are Easy

  • DIY Bird feeder/Bird house

Making a DIY little house for your fellow neighbors in your yard is a nice way to greet them and offer them a good place of rest after a long flight. These even make for profitable projects.

You don’t require much for a bird house or feeder, most of the wood can be found in many of the above mentioned kits.

Other than the wood piece of the right size, you might want to have a protective finish and acrylic paint for customization if you wish.

  • DIY Wooden Picture Frame


Using wood items included in the box with some glue and maybe a peg (if you intend to place it on a table), you have all the things you need for an easy and basic homemade wooden picture frame. 

  • DIY Crayon/Pen Holder

You might not think this DIY wooden project is simple. Especially if you have looked around online in art sites, you’ll see that many are using a drill press or drill bit to make the perfect holder to house their crayons.

  • DIY Wooden Toys

There are tons of cool ideas when your little one wants to build a homemade wooden toy. It could be anything from a wooden block, wooden robot, wooden car, mini animal sculptures from wood scrap — their imagination is the limit. If you like how turns out, you can even sell this project!

  • DIY Name/Address Sign Board

This easy woodworking project also requires nothing but wooden planks of the size you choose and wood adhesive. For the numbers or letters on the board, you can purchase one pack of them at your local hardware store or draw them on with paint.

Safety Precautions

Since woodworking involves the use of dangerous tools, we strongly urge you to keep supervising your child all the time. 

For children under 5 (or your preference), we would suggest the use of plastic tools if applicable while still under supervision.

Whether the craft tools are plastic or not, we suggest going over some basic safety rules with your little one before you get started on making the DIY project. Demonstrate the appropriate (and safe!) use of the tools.

Show the little one what to do and what not to do, and the basics of using tools they’re not familiar with. It could also be useful to brush up on this information yourself.

woodworking project for kids

We understand that as parents, you may feel the urge to do or even complete the projects for them. Take a step back and let your little one try! Allow them to do things in their own way and discover new methods to use on their own time.


Woodworking projects for kids are meant to be fun! Keep that in mind and never take away the element of fun and play from an activity that’s meant to bring joy to your child.

Give them the freedom to plan ideas and create, execute and feel a sense of accomplishment after a job well done. They’ll surely love the experience and enjoy the art and skills involved in creating many great wood projects.

And because you have our list above, you’d be guided on the best products and practices so you can have fun with your kids and family at home. 

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