Woodworking is a fun and educational activity that your kids could enjoy. However, if you’re not careful, some activities can be harmful to them – especially if tools are involved. So, we’ve put together these best wood projects for kids. 

Best in Detail
Kraftic DIY Deluxe Carpentry Woodworking Kit With 6 Projects
Best Overall
Annie’s Woodworking Subscription Box
Best for Complete Beginners
Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit
Kraftic DIY Deluxe Carpentry Woodworking Kit With 6 Projects
Annie's Woodworking Subscription Box
Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit
This kit is abundant in tools and materials with detailed instructions that are great and suitable for older children.
An all-in-one subscription service packed with an impressive variety of projects that will expand your kid’s creativity and imagination in woodworking.
This kit features basic, easy-to-use materials and tools, perfect for your little ones as young as four years old to start his or her first woodworking project.
Best in Detail
Kraftic DIY Deluxe Carpentry Woodworking Kit With 6 Projects
Kraftic DIY Deluxe Carpentry Woodworking Kit With 6 Projects
This kit is abundant in tools and materials with detailed instructions that are great and suitable for older children.
Best Overall
Annie’s Woodworking Subscription Box
Annie's Woodworking Subscription Box
An all-in-one subscription service packed with an impressive variety of projects that will expand your kid’s creativity and imagination in woodworking.
Best for Complete Beginners
Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit
Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit
This kit features basic, easy-to-use materials and tools, perfect for your little ones as young as four years old to start his or her first woodworking project.

Reviews of the Best Wood Projects for Kids

1. Annie's woodworking subscription box

Annie’s Young Woodworkers Kit Club has multiple selections of projects for your kid. They have a subscription service known for providing interesting woodworking and craft kids monthly.

The kits come with clear instructions and tools for the first 3 months, including tape measure, screwdriver, carpenter’s square, hammer, and others. The creative kits are suitable for children from 7 to 12 years old, with varying options of toys they can play with upon completion. 

The impressive design and smooth transaction that comes with this subscription, along with the complete provision of needed tools in the kits puts Annie’s woodworking kits as out first choice.

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2. Kraftic DIY Deluxe Carpentry Woodworking Kit with 6 Projects

Kraftic Woodworking Building Kit

This Kraftic DIY wood kit has 80 pieces of real wood, ruler, glue, nails, hammer, 2 pencils, sandpaper, and one storage bag. Detailed instructions come in the box as well. This makes it easy for your child to follow instructions and build the wood project they want. It is like following a detailed wood shop layout plan for adults. 

This kit is for older kids aged 8 and above, and rightly so because they’ll be working with real hammer and nails. It’s great that each piece and board is made to fit together, so no drill or saw is needed for cutting any shape. But even if it’s simple to make the ideas in this kit, we do recommend the supervision of a parent at all times.

3. Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

If you have young and older kids who like to make simple and fun DIY items, the age range of this Lakeshore woodworking kit is quite wide. It’s suitable for children 4-11 years old, so it’s something that they can bond over together inside the house.

The kit includes a lightweight hammer, nails, glue, and over 80 pieces of smooth pine wood. Your little one would have everything he or she needs to complete the multiple DIY woodworking projects for kids, including a storage box to place everything after it’s done.

4. National Geographic Da Vinci’s DIY Science and Engineering Construction Kit

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Construction Model Kit

National Geographic is a trustworthy name, and this National Geographic woodworking kit is a little bit different from others because it incorporates science and engineering in the kids woodworking projects.

You get three different simple DIY projects for your kids to make – a catapult, a bombard, and a ballista. All the tools are included in the box, including rubber bands, laser cut pieces, sandpaper, and the instructions. No power tools like a saw or drill are needed for these DIY projects and they’re very easy to make.

Once the items are finished, your kids can actually use them for play time. Your kids can actually go in the garden and ‘open fire’ using the catapult. The kit includes 15 projectiles and 18 paper targets, making these woodworking projects for kids functional and fun to play with.

5. Liberty Imports DIY Deluxe Foam Wood Kids STEM Toys Carpentry Construction Engineering Tool Workshop Kit

Liberty Imports DIY Deluxe Foam Wood

This is another DIY woodworking kit with some of the best craft kits and projects for kidsIt includes 6 diagrams to make 6 easy toy ideas, and the materials are designed to be safe, simple, and fun for kids 3-10 years old.

The woodworking tools included are a saw, hammer, wrench, clamp, caliper, tape measure, and a penknife. These were all kid-safe when we tested them out, but we still suggest parent supervision, especially the saw if you intend to cut a board.

Another thing that makes this Liberty Imports DIY kit different is it contains “foam wood”, not real wood. This makes sure that the each piece safer and easier for children to handle, thus making it more kid-friendly for any DIY project.

6. ROKR Mechanical Gears DIY Building Kit

ROKR Marble Run Kit

If you have an older kid who does want fun and a bit of a challenge, this ROKR kids woodworking project is a great choice. It’s fit for kids, teenagers, and even adults, so your simple woodworking session can turn into a bonding activity for the entire family.

You have four different woodworking projects to choose from, all of which are challenging 3D artworks. It would take 4-5 hours to complete these DIY projects, so it would require some patience as well with the pieces of wood that you have.

Although they may not be that easy to make, the project will be a rewarding one. You don’t need to use a drill or a saw to cut pieces of wood for this DIY project, but you sure need to keep your patience when you put pieces together.

7. Woodshop DIY Wood Model Kits

Woodshop DIY Wood Model Kits

If you’re not sure if your little one isn’t ready to handle hammers and screws, this Woodshop woodworking kit contains some of the best wood projects for kids that don’t require tools.

Also a bit different from others, this DIY kit focuses on simple and easy toy vehicle projects. Your little one would love to create a helicopter, race car, fighter plane, a sailboat, or a pirate ship with their hands.

Only glue is needed to assemble the pieces, making it a simple and safe activity. While you’re free to use other adhesives if you want, glue does the job. Also, you don’t need a saw or other tools to cut and make each simple project idea.

Once the DIY wooden projects are finished, you’re free to encourage your child to practice their creativity with the help of paint. Afterwards, they’d love to play games in the garden to stave off boredom and have some fun.

8. Made by Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Car

Do you see your kid as someone who really likes toy cars? This Made by Me woodworking kit includes all the simple woodworking tools used to make 3 race cars, including 42 pre-cut and sanded wooden pieces, glue, paint brushes, sticker sheets, and 12 pots of acrylic paint.

Since there’s paint included, your kid can customize his or her race car once it’s finished. This is great for fostering creativity as well.

Another thing we like about this kit is that the axels on the car spin, so the wheels really move and your kid can play with them after the project is done.

Woodworking Projects for Kids Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of great projects for kids that come with everything you need. But with the great amount of project choices in the market, it can be tricky to choose the perfect one that your kids will love. Let’s take a look at some features to look for when buying DIY woodwork projects for your kids.

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What to Look for?

Age Appropriate

You need to find age-appropriate wood project kits for kids that they will love to craft. If you purchase one that’s too easy or too difficult (like a coat rack or a mason bee house), your kid will likely lose interest very quickly.

Safe Materials

It’s best to make sure that the planks and other materials you’re using are are non-toxic and BPA free. Safety certifications are also a big bonus.

woodworking project for kids

Clear Instructions

There are many kits that just come with tools and no instructions for help. These kits allow your kids to thrive by appealing to their inner carpenter. So even if it’s a woodworking project for kids, your little boy or girl can create something from his own idea, whether it’s stick puppets, game boards, a balance board, shape blocks, or a piggy bank.

However, there are also ones that are made with very clearly laid out instructions and templates, which are easier to understand than your typical woodworker’s book. Depending on what you and your kids prefer, you can go for a kit that comes with or without instructions.


A Great Rainy Day Activity

Those with younger kids will know that a bored child equals a destructive child. A rainy day afternoon would be enough time to send your rambunctious kids off the walls.

A great way to eliminate all this extra energy is to put their time on mental stimulation and let them carry out the ideas they love. Mental stimulation also tires out kids, who knew! 

They Learn to Plan

Planning is a part of life. It’s required to manage your day to day activities. With easy woodworking activities like this, your kid learns how to build processes in their heads and execute the plans they have for finishing a wood project. This skill might even carry over to everyday life.

woodworking project for kids

And if those plans don’t work the first time, the kids learn to adapt and find a different solution or use a different tool to complete the project.

STEM Education

STEM education incorporates more science, tech, engineering, and math into the education system. 

Woodworking helps build your child’s already existing creativity and ingenuity. Because this activity incorporates STEM education, it also creates more opportunities to see new things and ideas while having fun. 

What to Make Out of Wood?

Below are some very easy woodworking projects for kids to craft that also do not require advanced tools.

  • DIY Bird feeder/Bird house

Making a DIY little house for your fellow bird neighbors in your garden is a nice way to greet them and offer them a good place of rest after a long flight. This woodworking craft even makes for profitable projects.

  • DIY Wooden Picture Frame

a photo of a wood frame

Using wood pieces with some glue and maybe a peg (if you intend to place it on a table), you have all the materials you need for an easy and basic DIY wooden picture frame. A homemade frame can hold your precious photos.

  • DIY Crayon/Pen Holder

You might not think this DIY wooden project is simple. If you’ve looked around online, you’ll see that many are using a drill press or drill bit to make the perfect holder to house their crayons. However, glue is actually enough to be used in putting the wood pieces together. That way, it’s really easy to create a simple DIY holder.

  • DIY Wooden Toy

There are tons of cool DIY ideas when your little one wants to build a homemade wooden toy. It could be anything from a wooden shape block, wooden robot, wooden car, piggy bank, a plant holder for the garden, or mini animal sculptures from wood scrap — their imagination is the limit. If you like how the woodworking craft turns out, you can even sell this project!

Safety Precautions

Since woodworking involves the use of tools, we strongly urge you to keep supervising your child all the time. A more complicated DIY project like a coat rack or phone speaker may need to use a drill or a saw to cut pieces, but it depends on the ideas you plan to make.

For children under 5, we suggest the use of plastic tools if applicable while still under supervision. We also suggest going over some basic safety rules with your little one before building a great project to keep their hands safe.

kid doing a DIY

Demonstrate the appropriate (and safe!) use of each tool so they know the dos and don’ts before you let them to do things in their own way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I build with my son?

You can build a variety of projects with your son, including a toy catapult, bird house, toy truck, crayon holder, piggy bank, checkers game, and phone speaker. Depending on your son’s age, you can also create more advanced projects such as a coat rack, A-frame tents, bookshelf, or a kid’s desk.


Woodworking projects for kids are meant to be fun. Keep that in mind and never take away the element of fun and play from when building projects that are meant to bring joy to your child.

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