Ridgid vs Dewalt (2024) — Which Brand Offers Better Power Tools?

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Having used both DeWalt and Ridgid tools extensively, I’ve come to appreciate why they’re some of America’s most trusted names in power tools. Both brands consistently emerge at the top of tool rankings. But when it comes to personal preference, which one truly stands out after investing in them? I’ve put both brands to the test, and here are my insights from this hands-on comparison of Ridgid and DeWalt.

Ridgid or DeWalt?

Best Compact Option
DeWalt DWE7485
Best for Portability
Ridgid R4514
 DeWalt DWE7485 No Background
Ridgid R4514 No Background
The DeWalt jobsite table saw is a smaller version of their other models and better suited for smaller workshops. Even at a smaller size, the DWE7485 still delivers superior power to larger options with 5,800 RPM.
If you are looking for portability, the R4514 Ridgid saw is an excellent choice thanks to its wheeled stand. The RPM is 5,000 making the saw suitable for contractor jobs or DIY work around the home.
Best Compact Option
DeWalt DWE7485
 DeWalt DWE7485 No Background
The DeWalt jobsite table saw is a smaller version of their other models and better suited for smaller workshops. Even at a smaller size, the DWE7485 still delivers superior power to larger options with 5,800 RPM.
Best for Portability
Ridgid R4514
Ridgid R4514 No Background
If you are looking for portability, the R4514 Ridgid saw is an excellent choice thanks to its wheeled stand. The RPM is 5,000 making the saw suitable for contractor jobs or DIY work around the home.

Features of Ridgid and DeWalt

I’ll begin by giving you a quick rundown of each brand to provide both beginners and seasoned professionals with a better understanding.

The Ridgid tools name is associated with quality and durability. The power tool brand also has a wide range of products to choose from including handheld tools to larger and industrial machines. You also get plumbing tools, camera equipment, and even diagnostic cameras from the Ridgid Tool Company.

Ridgid isn’t typically the first choice for DIY projects because they are geared more towards professionals. This is a good thing because Ridgid offers exceptional quality in construction and a lot of no-load speed power among its tools.

The brand also offers a lifetime service agreement that covers all tools registered within the first 3 months of purchase. The batteries, part replacements, and service are covered and free.

Dewalt DWE7491RS

DeWalt is also known for quality and affordability. The brand provides innovative technology including the FlexVolt battery system and Tool Connect. Our experts were also impressed by the DeWalt snap-off saw blades. Once you have exhausted the exterior of a blade, all you need to do is to break off the surface to reveal a fresh part of the cutting blade underneath.

Nevertheless, DeWalt wins for technology, convenience, and price, but Ridgid has astounding quality and an impressive service agreement.

History and Reputation

Ridgid got its start in the early 1900s-1923. They got their footing thanks to the Ridgid pipe wrench, which can still be purchased on the market today.

Ridgid is owned by the Ridge Tool Company, founded by Charles Ingwer. Emerson Electric has since acquired both the parent company and Ridgid company since 1966. Emerson Electric is based in Missouri making Ridgid officially an American brand.

DEWALT DWE7485 Job Site Table Saw

Ridgid Tools got its start in the plumbing business with pipes as its main product of manufacture. It wasn’t until 1960 when the brand started to expand and enter the power tool market. Now the company has a wide range of products under its belt including diagnostics equipment, hand tools, and cleaning tools.

DeWalt was also established in 1923 by Raymond DeWalt. The coveted radial arm saw was his invention. The device got the brand a secure foothold in the woodworking market. DeWalt was also contracted by the US government in WWII to create wartime machines. Due to this, the company grew very quickly. In the 1960s DeWalt was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker, which also owns Craftsman.

DeWalt’s claim to its current reputation was due to its line of cordless tools, which was introduced in 1994. It was only recently in 2015 when DeWalt introduced smart technologies such as Bluetooth into its line.

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Manufacturing: Ridgid and Dewalt

I’ve noticed that a significant portion of Ridgid’s tools are manufactured in China. Although this might be a concern for some consumers, I can attest from my experience as an expert woodworker that there’s no apparent drawback in terms of quality, performance, and how well Ridgid power tools operate.

Dewalt DWE7485 Compact Table Saw
On the other hand, if you want a brand that focuses its manufacturing closer to home, then DeWalt is your choice. Under the umbrella of Stanley Black & Decker, DeWalt is much more substantial in size and has a larger global presence. For this reason, their tools are manufactured in various countries around the world including the US, Mexico, Brazil, China, and the UK.

Price Point and Warranty

DeWalt is the tool brand with a more affordable price point. After hours of research and testing, our experts feel that the quality for Ridgid vs Dewalt is pretty on par. Our team prefers DeWalt tools if we had to pick based on price point alone. This is because DeWalt tools have fancier features.

Purchasing tools such as cordless circular saws and table saws aren’t just about the price. You must also pay attention to the warranty [1], which is another important aspect to analyze when you are trying to determine the reliability of a product or brand.

Both Ridgid vs Dewalt come with warranties, but Ridgid edges out DeWalt a bit with lifetime warranties that cover most products. On top of that, Ridgid also offers lifetime service agreements for most of their items as well.

DeWalt doesn’t fall short on the warranties, but more so the service agreements. To balance this out, DeWalt offers a lengthy 30-day money-back guarantee that isn’t often seen from other known power tool brands. The winner depends on if you value the service agreement or the return period.

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Cordless Drills and Drivers

To provide a side-by-side comparison, I’d like to introduce you to two drills: the Ridgid R86008 and the DeWalt DCD771. The Ridgid drill is engineered to tackle a wide range of applications, boasting a two-speed transmission control. Thanks to its impressive torque, this tool can achieve speeds of up to 1,650 RPM.

RIDGID R860052 18-V

To ensure user comfort at high speeds, Ridgid includes a rubberized handle for a secure and soft grip to minimize fatigue.

The DeWalt drill is not as fast as the Ridgid option and comes in at 1,500 RPM. It also has a two-speed setting for various applications. What’s great about this specific DeWalt model is the 16 clutch settings and the metal ratcheting chuck.

The winning title for this round goes to the Ridgid drill drivers for all the power it delivers and the 24 clutch settings that make them the right tools for plenty of jobs.

Miter Saw: Ridgid and Dewalt

When it comes to miter saws, DeWalt has a notable edge with a wider range of options available. In contrast, Ridgid currently offers only five models to choose from. In my experience, both brands offer exceptional product quality and a host of features, ensuring you have all the necessary tools to carry on with your cutting tasks effectively.

DEWALT DHS790T2 Sliding Miter Saw

The winner for the miter saw section based on our expert’s review is DeWalt. You have more options in miter saw when you choose this brand.

Table Saw: Ridgid and DeWalt

In terms of tablesaws, both DeWalt and Ridgid have portable options with a stand and stationary options. Thus, DeWalt is the better choice because it offers 7 compared to Ridgid’s 3.


When I compare DeWalt and Ridgid in terms of planers, it all boils down to one key factor: selection. Both brands deliver exceptional quality when it comes to power tools. The main point of differentiation here is the variety of options available. Currently, Ridgid offers just two planers, while DeWalt provides a broader selection with eight different models to choose from.

Combo Kits: Ridgid and Dewalt

Combo kits are our professional team’s favorite entry point into a new brand. For Dewalt vs Ridgid power tools, their kits were a great place to start. Let’s start by comparing the pieces you get with each kit and then dive into whether or not the tools deliver high-performance.

The 5-piece cordless combo kits from the two brands offer the same tools – a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, LED lights, an impact driver, a drill, and two batteries. We like how both brands chose to include two batteries so you won’t need to buy a new battery while one is charging.

DeWALT 7-Tool Kit with ToughSystem

Cordless tools don’t provide more power than corded ones. The former has battery-powered units that do not generate greater drive. On the power output front, both Ridgid and DeWalt are neck and neck.

The major difference is in the battery, which even affects the LED light. The DeWalt kit is admittedly the superior one due to DeWalt’s batteries. The individual pieces operate on the FlexVolt system or the 20V Max system, which easily outdoes Ridgid’s efficiency.

Although the price tag for the DeWalt combi kit may be higher, it’s worth the money as each tool has superior battery life.


The two brands offer accessories for all of the tools they manufacture such as impact drivers, hole saw kits for metal, drills, and more. Batteries and their chargers are some of the most important components when it comes to cordless tools, and DeWalt wins by a long shot.

Their line of FlexVolt and 20V Max batteries catapult the brand to the top of our team’s list. When you buy their tools, DeWalt and Ridgid include other accessories such as an LED light, and a carrying bag or tool case.

Products Offered: Ridgid and Dewalt

DeWalt is a major player in the power tool manufacturing industry, which is reflected in the brand’s wider range of products. As Stanley Black & Decker is also a giant retail company owning other equally popular power tool brands, DeWalt has a variety of products to offer such as drills, impact drivers, and other power tools.

Dewalt Portable Bandsaw use

Nevertheless, Ridgid excels in other areas. They have better options for vacuums, plumbing accessories, and tools such as pipe cutters. If you are looking for home improvement tools, then our experts would suggest you pick the Ridgid brand.

However, we’re tackling tools geared towards woodworking and construction, so the crown for this round again goes to DeWalt.


Is Ridgid better than DeWalt?

No, Ridgid is not better than DeWalt. The two brands are pretty even on the playing field. Ridgid has exceptional quality, extensive warranty, and service agreement that covers free batteries. On the other hand, DeWalt has friendlier prices and a wider selection of products such as impact driver models and drills.

Overall Winner: DeWalt

DeWalt is our team’s pick for this comparison. The full lifetime warranty in their products made the brand a definite winner. Additionally, the selection of tools including drill, impact driver, and saw options exceed what’s offered by the competitors. The FlexVolt battery line and Tool Connect by DeWalt are also hard to ignore.

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