Who Makes Hyper Tough Tools for Walmart and Where are They Made?

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In my years as a woodworker, I’ve come across a plethora of tools, and the Hyper Tough Tools brand has always stood out. They offer a range that suits both hobbyists and seasoned professionals alike.

While the reliability of this brand speaks volumes, understanding its origins can offer deeper insights into its craftsmanship. So, let’s delve into who makes Hyper Tough tools and where they’re crafted.

Who Manufactures Hyper Tough Products?

Hyper Tough is known to manufacture a diverse range of products and other accessories. In fact, Walmart Inc. initiated the tool brand in the year 1993. They have a product line that has different kinds of tools that are available in the market today.

Test Rite Tools is the manufacturer of the brand’s tools. The same company has a North American headquarters.

Hyper Tough manufactures power tools such as planers, saws, grinders, and drills. They also produce hand tools like scrapers, wrenches, files, and screwdrivers. They also produce accessories.

who makes hyper tough tools

Where are Hyper Tough Tools Made?

Test Rite Tools have factories located in Taiwan and China. This enterprise is mainly a Taiwan-based tool company.


The Hyper Tough brand, apart from being owned by Walmart, also operates as a seller and distributor of tools. It is recognized for having one of the largest retail stores in the United States and globally.

Moreover, Hyper Tough is renowned for its expansive distribution network, which sets it apart from other brands.

Product Selection

The Hyper Tough label boasts a diverse product range. They craft not just power tool accessories and hand tools but a variety of other items as well. Here’s a closer look at what they offer:

Hand Tools

Power Tools

hyper tough driver


Quality and Durability

The perceived quality of Hyper Tough products can differ from one craftsman to another. Some believe they might need a tad more refinement compared to certain brands. But, in my opinion, the value you get for the price is reflected in their performance and durability.

Pricing and Warranty

The price point of their products is one of the appealing aspects of the label. The label produces a product line with low prices and is cheap compared to other different brands.

hyper tough durability and quantity

Is Hyper Tough a Good Brand?

Hyper tools are good. They offer a diverse range of products at a fair price.

I suggest you check out the majority of their tools, like chargers, leaf blowers [1], drill bits, and repair kits, that are durable and can be purchased at a fair price.

Hyper Tough Dremel Compatible Rotary Tool Kits

This Dremel Compatible Rotary Tool Kits are some of the brand’s products with the best value for money. For only 10 USD, you can own a vast Dremel kit that suits multiple Hyper Tough products. 

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Hyper Tough 18V Cordless Drill

This 18V Cordless Drill is one of the choices if you purchase a power drill from this label. The product provides excellent service and ease of drilling. It produces enough torque and power to handle most projects.

Hyper Tough 20V Cordless Drill Kit

cordless hyper tough tool

This product is another option when buying a power drill from the corporation. Upon purchasing the product, you will also get a lithium-ion battery that lasts longer. The kit has more than 70 pieces to help you with the DIY project or job in your house.


Are Hart and Hyper Tough the same?

Hart and Hyper Tough are not the same. Unlike Hyper Tough, Hart is not a Walmart brand owned. However, the same corporation can distribute both tool brands.

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Having delved deeply into the origins and craftsmanship of Hyper Tough tools, I can affirmatively say they are a testament to quality within an affordable range. For any DIY enthusiast, whether working at home or on a project site, these tools are invaluable.

As a craftsman and product user, I can vouch for their high-performance caliber and would highly recommend adding them to any discerning toolbox.

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6 thoughts on “Who Makes Hyper Tough Tools for Walmart and Where are They Made?

  1. Like to have some – transparency. Not critiquing your review, just want to know if this is a paid for endorsement? I’m a pro carpenter and builder, plus a master handyman. I’ve never heard of Hyper Tough tools before. Will check on line reviews for HT. Thanks for responding. Respectfully, Paul

  2. Hyper Tough needs to upgrade the 20V drill driver to a high/low torque drill. It’s under powered compared to the impact.

  3. Totally get what you’re saying about needing a bit more oomph in the torque department. Upgrades in this direction could certainly enhance the tool’s versatility and performance in various applications.

  4. Totally get where you’re coming from! This isn’t a paid endorsement at all. I’m here as a fellow builder, sharing thoughts on tools.

    Hyper Tough might not be on everyone’s radar yet – they’re kind of like a hidden gem. But I get the skepticism. Feel free to check out online reviews to get the lowdown from other users. Transparency is key, and I’m all about honest tool talk.

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