10 Stunning Wood and Resin Projects Anyone Can Try

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Adding wood accents to your home is a staple that most homeowners are already aware of, but adding resin is a totally new concept wood lovers should not miss. Our woodworkers compiled a list of easy wood and resin projects that are perfect and practical for wood enthusiasts and beginners alike.

10 Stunning Wood and Resin Projects

1. Glow in the Dark Ocean Table Top

table with glowing center

Elevate the ambiance of your home with a captivating glow-in-the-dark ocean tabletop, a highly desirable option on our list. This unique piece will infuse your space with an enchanting oceanic vibe. By refurbishing a naturally damaged piece of wood and filling it with resin and glow powder, you can transform it into a stunning tabletop that emits soft sea tones. Prepare to be mesmerized by this eye-catching addition to your décor.

2. Wooden Bowl with Glowing Base

wooden bowls on glass shelf

Glam up your wooden bowl by mixing resin with glow powder to turn that dull base into a glowing attraction, like this one our experts included in our list. The glowing base can make the bowl look more artistic while preserving its rustic wood interior impact. You might need a few tools in crafting this wood piece.

3. Coffee Table with Floral Center Design

Wooden coffe table

While on a search for the best projects, our team learned that mixing flowers, wood and resin is a delightful match too. Enjoy your usual coffee and tea [1] session while having a Scandinavian ambiance with a floral-centered coffee table that will surely make any room look radiant. This wood and resin project is perfect for lounges and lofts, and can easily be recreated.

4. Lumber Coated With Different Tints

Wooden lumber coated
You can stain lumber you pick with your favorite tints to create unique pieces. Vibrant tints added to lumber highlights the log lines which is one of its best aspects aesthetically.

5. Wooden Jewelry Box with Marble Lid

Wooden Jewelry Box
Cap off your dresser with a marble finish, and blend an eye-catching detail with a wooden-based jewelry box and geometric marble lid. Shelter those pieces of jewelry with a sleek home in easy-to-make decorative boxes that will surely look classic on your tabletop. After all, what’s good jewelry without an alluring holder to match it with?

6. Chopping Boards

wooden chopping board
Make that chunk of wood useful by turning it into your homemade chopping board. This might be the easiest on our list. With only a few pieces of sandpaper and varnish for this wood piece, your new chopping board is home in no time. It’s also one of the best gifts for your friends who love to cook.

7. Preserved Object Displays on Wood

wooden preserved object displays

Wondering where to best display your collections and preserved objects? Worry no more with a wooden display shelf that our team of experts loves. What’s better is the rustic effect it gives to any room or space. It’s also the perfect shelf and storage to prevent your collection and preserved objects from acquiring dust and dirt. This type of wooden craft is ideal for teenagers who enjoy collecting found materials.

8. Whimsical Lamps

Wooden Whimsical Lamps

Getting unique pieces for your house is every homeowner’s holy grail. Turn any leftover wood piece into a lamp with a simple drill and a few light and circuit installations. What makes wood a good lamp base is that it’s easy to drill and durable to hold electric circuits at the same time too. This wooden project is easy enough for high school students to complete so they can have a unique, motivating study lamp.

9. Wooden Trays

tray with blue resin

Upgrade your wooden tray by mixing and matching your old china, stained glass, and tiles to whip this wood and resin project piece for your home. Adding resin and mosaic tiles to your wooden tray also increases the value of the then simple kitchen piece. It is an excellent woodworking projects for starters, too. 

10. Wood Coasters Soaked in Marble

Wood Coasters Soaked in Marble
Elevate your drink decor and keep your tabletop laminate safe from wet rings with this sleek marble-soaked wood coaster that’s fancy and minimalist at the same time.


What can I make with resin and wood?

You can make tables, coasters, jewelries, countertops, trays, home decor, lamps, and Christmas ornaments with resin and wood. There are a lot of wood piece projects you can create out of resin and wood as long as you have the right equipment and framework. 

Resin and wood together are perfect for refurbishing an old piece and an ideal woodworking plan for both beginners and experts. But is epoxy resin safe near food? Find out next. 

How do you use resin for wood projects?

You can use resin for wood projects by starting with surface preparation. Remove any grease with sandpaper, and clean contaminated surfaces with acetone or alike solvent solutions. Dry the binding surface for adhesive longevity. Sand the wood surface before pouring the resin solution.

The resin can be used to fill wood cavities or coating for design purposes. Wet and cured resin with waterproof sandpaper to smoothen the surface for an even finish.


While purchasing ready-made wood and resin decors at lifestyle shops are efficient, nothing beats the touch of personally handcrafted displays whether in your home or in your office. 

With a few simple DIY guides and a pinch of creativity, creating your own interior decors and furniture isn’t as complicated as you imagine. You wouldn’t know how satisfying it is seeing the pieces go together until you start picking a project of your own.

Robert Johnson is a woodworker who takes joy in sharing his passion for creating to the rest of the world. His brainchild, Sawinery, allowed him to do so as well as connect with other craftsmen. He has since built an enviable workshop for himself and an equally impressive online accomplishment: an extensive resource site serving old timers and novices alike.
Robert Johnson
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