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I know how crucial it is to get the best bang for your buck, especially when it comes to woodworking tools. You don’t want to skimp on quality, right? Well, I’ve been there too. So, I took it upon myself, along with some fellow woodworking enthusiasts, to dive deep and test out the top table saws under $500. And guess what? I found some gems that offer great value without breaking the bank. Trust me, your hard-earned money is safe with these recommendations.

Best Overall
Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw
Editor’s Choice
Goplus Table Saw
Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw No Background
Goplus Table Saw No Background
This Dewalt portable jobsite table saw has become a staple in our workshop. It provides a ton of power despite its smaller size. The on-board storage can carry all your tools as you move from site to site.
The Goplus table saw is versatile and durable, with an aluminum table top and a sliding miter gauge. The saw has adjustable bevel settings and on-board storage for convenience in the workshop.
Best Overall
Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw
Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw No Background
This Dewalt portable jobsite table saw has become a staple in our workshop. It provides a ton of power despite its smaller size. The on-board storage can carry all your tools as you move from site to site.
Editor’s Choice
Goplus Table Saw
Goplus Table Saw No Background
The Goplus table saw is versatile and durable, with an aluminum table top and a sliding miter gauge. The saw has adjustable bevel settings and on-board storage for convenience in the workshop.

Reviews of the Top Table Saws Under 500

1. Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw

One of my favorites, the Dewalt DWE7458 is the top choice. The compact size of the portable table saw makes it easy to carry around. Once I compared the DWE7458 to a few table saws on the market, the advantage was clear. The compact table saw has a rack and pinion telescoping fence rails that make everything easier and smoother to adjust.

The metal roll cage promises durability and stability as the 15 amp 5,800 RPM motor is powering the blade. The blade guard is transparent for visibility, and there is even on-board storage to keep your tools handy.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

2. Goplus Table Saw

The Goplus table saw also has a 15 amp motor that is known for quiet operation. The noiseless motion of the blade contributes to the lower RPM of 5,000, but it’s still enough to get through what you need.

The Goplus table saw comes with a stand, as most table saws that are stationary do. The aluminum table top with a 26-inch rip capacity makes this model one of the higher-quality table saws. Larger power tool brands may charge well over 500 for the quality this model provides.

With the saw, you get a miter gauge, a rip fence, and bevel angle range adjustments.

(For great accessories, here is the most reliable table saw roller stand available today

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

3. Intradin Table Saw

The Intradin table saw comes with a stand but is incredibly lightweight. The saw table is durable and the height of this power tool is easily adjustable. Due to the lightweight but robust materials, the table saw is easily transported from job site to job site.

The 10-inch blade is interchangeable, but you get one with your purchase. The 15 amp motor is enough to power the blade through various materials at 5,500 RPM. What I really appreciated about this model was the included dust port which made cleanup simple.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

4. Delta 36-6013 10 Inch Table Saw with 25 Inch Rip Capacity

The Delta 36-6013 Table Saw is another portable table saw that’s suitable for the job site. It’s small, but still features a 15 amp direct drive contractor-grade motor and a 25-inch rip capacity. The fence adjustments are smooth and easy, with quick position tabs.

The 10-inch portable jobsite table saw can perform precise cuts with a variety of blades including dado blades. What’s great about the fence system is it’s designed to help you cut through small pieces of stock. Backed by Delta’s 5-year professional-grade warranty, you know the quality is ensured.

(If looking for the perfect tool for small spaces, I also listed the most reliable table saw for small woodworking shop here)

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

Table Saw Under 500 Buyer’s Guide

Design and Build

What makes the best table saws under 500? They need to have a design that accommodates your needs and a build that lasts for years to come. I say the first consideration is whether you want a portable table saw or one that has a more stationary design.

Portable table saws don’t usually have a stand, and many Dewalt table saws are excellent candidates. A portable model has a compact design but is still able to generate enough power for most jobs.

More stationary models can feature a fold and roll stand, which can fold down for easy storage and portability. It also allows users to wheel it throughout the workspace. The final units are less movable, and have an all-steel base that may not feature any wheels.

One thing is for sure, you want the table saw to be as convenient and as durable as possible. It should have everything you need such as dado capacity, an extendable table or table extensions, and tool-free adjustments. For durability, I say features like a die-cast aluminum top and steel roll cage will ensure stability.

Motor Power and Speed

A good table saw can definitely be used with various blades, but that’s not all you need to ensure accurate cuts. These high-quality tools should also have a powerful motor to drive the blades. The motor power, usually measured in horsepower or HP, should provide you with at least 13-15 amps. The higher the number for HP or amp, the more powerful your table saw will be.

I say you should look for a table saw that has an RPM of at least 5,000. The RPM is mutually exclusive to the motor power, as you may see models with the same amperage but varying RPM.


To achieve precise and accurate rip cuts, bevels, crosscuts, and more, having the right features on your table saw is essential. I highly recommend using table saws with rack and pinion fence rails. These rails provide excellent guidance and support for your materials during straight cuts. For added convenience, look for a table saw with a telescoping rack and pinion system, allowing for easy and precise adjustments.

You need to be able to make fence adjustments fast on the job to create accurate cuts. I advise you to look at the blade angle to ensure precision as well. If you manage to find a self-aligning rip fence, then you won’t need to put as much effort into alignment. Also, look for a miter gauge or miter fence and bevel range settings on your table saw.

You should also understand the rip capacity of your particular model to be sure the table saw can handle the type of wood and project you work with. Table saw blades come in many shapes and sizes. A dado blade is excellent for dado cuts, and various tooth counts are used on different materials to guarantee a clean and smooth cut.

Even the material of the blade will alter the result. For example, carbide steel teeth will stay sharper for longer and require less maintenance. I suggest purchasing an assortment of blades so you always have one on hand for all materials.

Dust Collection

The dust port or dust collection system on your table saw is considered a safety feature. An accumulation of dust and debris in your workshop is a safety hazard. All it takes is a spark from one of your machines to light the whole place ablaze.

Even if your table saw doesn’t have a dust port, you should have a shop vac or cyclone dust collector handy for cleanup. The top table saws may even have more than one dust port to make the tidying up a quicker process. If possible, I advise going for cyclone dust collection systems. It uses centrifugal force, such as that in a cyclone, to filter dust and have exceptional suction power.

There are also dust collectors that can filter microns and purify the air in your workshop. These units might cost more, but you cannot put a price on your health. I have multiple types of cyclone dust collectors with heavy-duty power that never rails to keep the workshop environment safe.

Even if you have an effective dust collector, I would still advise wearing goggles and a respirator if necessary.

Safety Features

Safety features are a necessity when looking for the best table saws under 500. There are accessories your tool can already come with such as a riving knife, an oversized blade guard, and an electric brake. Other safety features such as a modular guard system or smart guard system on your table saw are strongly recommended.

It’s not only the safety features included with your saw or the accessories you can add on, but it’s also the environment and the clothes you wear that will keep you safe. I will go into more detail about safety measures when operating a table saw in a bit.

(For additional features, you can also check the top table saw accessories we listed here

Ease of Use

If you know how to use one table saw, then you can most likely figure out how to use the rest. The saw must be easy to use with a clear max rip capacity, and easy blade changes and adjustments. The entire process should be smooth and straightforward, and hopefully, all the tools you need are already included.


We touched on the portability in the design section, but the biggest factor that will impact the transportability of the table saw is not the design but the weight of it. You need to be able to lift it with minimal fuss, or look for ones with a wheeled stand. Keep in mind that once you store all tools in the storage compartment, it could add to the weight of the saw.

Price and Warranty

All of the top suggestions for the best table saw under 500 prove that quality is still attainable at an buget price. You don’t need to spend close to 1000 or over for a saw that can deliver.

A telling sign of the confidence the brand has in its products is the length of the warranty. In general, the longer the warranty is, the higher quality the table saw will be. Finding a model with a 1-year warranty is pretty standard, but if you can find 3, 5, 10, or even lifetime warranties on the whole unit or even one part, then there is no question about the reliability of the tool.

(For excellent power tool, you can check the best Delta table saws we reviewed here)

Table Saw Safety Reminders

When working with large power tools such as Laguna table saws, you should have your mobile phone close at hand just in case an accident happens and you need to make an emergency call. Never wear loose clothing, jewelry, or anything that can hang and get caught up in the blade rotation. If you have long hair, keep it tied back and out of your line of vision.

It’s important to have adequate lighting in your workspace, whether it’s natural lighting during the day and artificial lighting at night, or a combination of both. Make sure nothing is ever obstructing your view of the workpiece and the blade. Even the PPE [1] you’re wearing, such as protective goggles can fog up, so looking for ones that have anti-fog coating will help keep your vision clear.

There are many things you should wear, but plenty you shouldn’t as well. For example, never wear gloves when operating your table saw because it hinders the sensitivity of your fingers and force control when you feed your material through the blade.

You should always know where the emergency stop or emergency brake is on your table saw. It should be easily accessible to halt the blade during emergencies.

We mentioned dust collecting before, and we’ll go into it in more detail. Do not let any cutoffs or scrap pieces of wood pile up around the floor. Always attempt to remove dust accumulation when it builds up to avoid tripping and fire hazards.

Make sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear. Do not wear open-toed shoes in the workshop, and have non-slip soles that will give you a stable stance. Take full advantage of all the safety features that your table saw comes with such as the blade guards, the push sticks, riving knives and more.

Top Pick For a Table Saw Under 500: Dewalt 8-¼ - Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

The DWE7485 Dewalt table saw is the top choice. It’s a lightweight but still very powerful little woodworking tool that can generate an astounding 5,800 RPM with a 15 amp motor. The guard for the blade is transparent and won’t obstruct your view, and the metal roll cage and easy adjustments make operating the DWE7485 a breeze.

If these inexpensive table saws are still out of your price range, you might want to think about buying secondhand table saws instead.

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