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Best Scroll Saw Reviews 2019

Welcome to our buying guide and reviews that provide in-depth information and coverage on some of the best scroll saws available all of which I’ve personally purchased and reviewed strictly for these reviews alone.

What is the best scroll saw in 2019 for your woodworking needs?
Our buying guide compiles the best scroll saws available basing on your need, whether it is for a professional workshop, a beginner’s first robust cutting gadget, a beginner’s personal DIY wood project or home improvement goals, or even as gift for your sawyer/woodworker loved one.

Purchasing and using a scroll saw can be challenging, especially when you’re new to wood work or you’ve never had any electric tool in your life. It can get confusing too, as you would need to consider machinery details and cutting terms you’ve never encountered before.

So I have decided to pass on my knowledge about scroll saws through reviews of different scroll saws. I will share my know-how of the saws that I have personally bought, used and assessed rigorously for this ultimate scroll saw review. My goal is to supply comprehensive info and accurate reviews on the topmost scroll saws in the industry to help you be informed before strategically deciding on what scroll saw would be best to purchase.

What I personally enjoy about using scroll saws is how versatile it is as a tool. I can use it with ease on various cutting projects with the right blade. Unlike a bandsaw which uses a continuous loop, as scroll saw has reciprocating-blade that allows you to easily change out blades based on the material and cut you would do.

If you will be sawing curves, cutting intricate designs, and executing interior cutouts, you definitely would benefit from the accuracy of a scroll saw. Remarkably, a scroll saw can also cut plastic and metal for a different sort of craft work, with the use of the right blades. Another plus point: a scroll saw produces less dust, and if you want an easy dust collection and dumping, many scroll saws incorporate an accessory for that purpose. For further reinforcement, you can even get a stand for your scroll saw.

Impressed with scroll saws yet? You would discover more of this power tool’s features and what scroll saw would be the best fit for you. Read on for the best options today and their reviews.

Scroll Saw
Throat Depth
Where to buy
1DEWALT DW788 scroll saw review

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw
20 inches$$$10Buy on Amazon
2Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw
16 inches$$8Buy on Amazon
3WEN 3920 scroll saw

WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light
16 inches$6.5Buy on Amazon

Best Scroll Saws Buying Guide: The Eleven Best Options for 2019

If you are planning to create amazing, epic cuts on your furniture, you will probably need an excellent scroll saw. Scrolling is modifying everything you know about woodworking, but you must remember that not all of the scroll saws are the same.
best scroll saw
We are sure that you not surely have the time and energy to do a real research when it’s about buying your power tools like comparing prices, budget, specs and more. Don’t fret, we have done it for you. We have experimented and studied couple of the best scroll saws for the money and found out the following products below to be the best choices.

1. WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light

The first scroll saw up for review on my list brings us to the Wen 4208 entry-level scroll saw which will accommodate smaller to mid-size project requirements.

Never let the fact that this is an “entry-level” scroll saw deter you away from at least considering this as an option on your list as it is quite powerful for its price and for me performed really well for my “around the house” projects.

While being very affordable and much cheaper than most of the best scroll saws on the market, it was decently sized with a 16-inch by 10-inch platform with additional features consisting of the spacious table being constructed from Fe with an on-board air pump and variable speed controls (which are towards the front of the saw).

The placement of the speed controls are absolutely ideal. You can quickly adjust the speed setting without worrying about interference with your sight-lines as the placement allows you to make the adjustment(s) without having to set your hands or arm in your way (which is not only great for keeping your eye on your cut line but this is a great precautionary initiative to evade injuries).

WEN 3920 16-inch two direction variable speed scroll saw

When you purchase the Wen 3920, you will receive a scroll saw that:

  • Maximizes its unique design which will allow you to insert blades in one of two different directions. With this saw, you can insert blades at the standard level or at 90 degrees which allows for incredible capacity of material ripping.
  • Has several and variable speed setting with stroke per min, from 400 to 1600
  • Has a decently sized area that measures 16″ x 11″. This platform is great for those who make a lot of angled cuts as the table bevels up to 45 degrees to the left.
  • Will allow you to effortlessly perform cuts through would that are up to two inches wide with an awesome sixteen inch “throat-depth” (in the original position).
  • Is constructed from supreme-quality cast-iron (the base) with additional features and attachments that cover an air pump, dust port, flex light, three blades, onboard storage and a foot lock clamp.

While not the largest or the best scroll saw on the market (and not the most expensive either), it is probably one that gives the best value for the money. the surface-area of the table is acceptable and workable for a majority of projects although if you are working on a large piece you may want to consider using an enlarged table (a detached table) so you have a great room-space to perform your cuts.

What I also like about this saw is that it allows you to alter the piece you are working on up to forty five degrees to the left which will help you to make cuts exactly to your measurements.

With that said, I’d like to discuss the “throat depth” as this is something a lot of you will need to know before picking this bad boy up! Surprisingly, it is up-to-par with other scroll saws that are double the price and the sixteen inch throat will make management, alteration and handling of the pieces you’re working on easy-peasy!

I actually did some reading on the manufacturer’s site after using this saw and noticed that they boast about how the Wen 3920 Scroll Saw is capable of performing cuts on material as thick as nearly two inches (1.9 to be exact) and can cut pine, maple, mahogany, plastic and ply.

With being able to cut wide-depth of material, the bulk of jobs that you can take on are quite limitless as this cutting width-capacity will accommodate a majority of project requirements and what better a saw that’s as cost effective as this one?

The stroke on this saw is 9/16″ which to me is great for what I’d consider to be an entry-level scroll saw. With that said, if you desire to have this particular saw, be prepared to work on projects with a little bit less force and more attention to detail as this is what this was designed for (slow and steady wins the race). Try avoiding more complicated tasks or intricate curves.

I noticed with this saw, it is best to slowly perform cuts and to focus on making the cuts accurately rather than rapidly as the result will be much better and to me, a top-quality finished piece is more important than how speedily I completed it.

In regards to the blades, just as with most other scroll saws, the blade holder on the Wen 3920 is compatible with both pinned and pinless blades and an extra blade will be included in addition to a wrench that you will need to use to change the blades out. While exchanging the blades isn’t a tool-free transition, the rather swift operation and can be switched in about 60 secs or less.

If you’ve been looking for a low-vibration saw then you’ve found it! One of the most noteworthy attributes of the Wen 3920 Scroll Saw is its incredibly low vibration output even during intensive use and this is mainly due to not only the great build but the cast-iron manufacture of the saw led it to weigh in at 28 pounds.

The weight plays a big influence in vibration reduction and I honestly was very impressed by how little it vibrated (at times there was literally no vibration).

Vibration reduction to me is a big component to consider when determining how useful a particular saw is as low vibration ultimately leads to more precise cuts and Wen has done a great job at eliminating vibration on this saw.

2. DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

Second on my scroll saw guide & review is the DEWALT DW788 model which is currently one of the best scroll saw on the market (according to Amazon) boasting a 20-inch blade and a 1.3 AMP powered motor.

DEWALT has designed this saw for those who need to set-up quickly for the project at hand so work can begin getting done. I must say, setting this bad boy up was a breeze as there’s one hole in the table and not a ton of inserts so getting ready for my project took no more than a couple of minutes.

First off, I want to comment on the controls in front of the blade which in a bit allows you to control the tension of the blade and replacing the blade out itself is only about a 30-second task.

One aspect of this saw that I think we can all appreciate is the built-in moveable arm which is at the top of the scroll saw which allows you to maneuver the material to whichever angle you need to get the ultimate cut.

This movable arm will also allow you swiftly move your projects both on and off of the surface as well which is a great characteristic that benefited me on a few sites that I was contracted to work on.

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

When you get the DEWALT DW788 you’ll be getting a scroll saw that:

  • Has what’s called a “Dual or double parallel-link arm” which greatly reduces vibration that is caused by the operations of the saw. This also assists with noise reduction and combined will help you to perform more exact cuts.
  • Includes blade-clamps which allow you to change-out the blade in a matter of seconds without the use of tools.
  • Has multiple features including an electronic variable speed setting, a dust blower (flexible) keeps your workspace clear of debris and a lever which will allow you to recalibrate the tension of the blade.
  • Has a pivoting arm which slides from the back to the front of the saw which when shortened will allow you to use the saw at a quieter noise level while also allowing you to perform smoother cuts.
  • Allows you to elevate the blade arm so the blade can quite easily be threaded for when cutting through material

Another great features are the forward and rear scroll saw blades which come to find out are not movable which creates a solid foundation and steady work surface to cut on which is paramount to getting that impeccable cut since vibration/rattling could alter the cut that you are aiming for.

Burning of the wood/material isn’t a concern and you can perform cuts at a rate of speed that you are most comfortable with and with the high-quality blades covered by DEWALT you can be confident that you are only using the best, by the best!

After using this saw on a few projects and noticing how smooth and quite it operated, I did some research online and found out that DEWALT, on this particular scroll saw, really invested their resources to consist of both high-grade and “strong” bearings which to be honest makes it quite heavy but at the same time provides you with better performance, increased durability and prolonged life-time use of the tool.

Unlike some other Dewalt saws that are sometimes quite noisy, the DEWALT DW788 is insanely quiet and if you were to use it late at night in your driveway you wouldn’t need to overthink about complaints from neighbors or waking up the family.

What’s added with the DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw? When you obtain this saw, you will receive both a cast table and 2 blades and while the saw can be mounted to a workbench you prefer, the extra table provides great stability. I actually used this saw with the table as the sturdiness was comparable to that of mounting the saw to my workbench.

Whether you’re a contractor, a woodworker enthusiast or are just now entering in to the field, this scroll saw will certainly not disappoint and will provide you with all of the features that one could ask for!

3. Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Before getting in to my personal review of the “Shop Fox W1713” scroll saw I first want to comment on the value for your money with this model, as this is one of the best for the money.

Both the base of the saw and the table are crafted to top standards and are constructed from cast-iron which has proven to me to be quite stable even during my cuts on heavy material that many scroll saws in its price range wouldn’t support (or at least not as well as this “Shop Fox” model).

Another attribute which you won’t notice too often on lower priced saws is that with this particular saw it’s compatible with and accepts both plain and pinned blades in addition to a built-in indicator (located on the upper arm) which assists you in setting in the plain blades in to the saw.

I was bit surprised at the size of the dust blower at first although I must say it its incredibly effective at keeping your workspace free of debris.

Between the blower, the goose-neck lighting element (which lets you see your cuts for better precision) and the gauge which makes switching out blades a task that can be completed in under a min., the Shop Fox W1713 has proven itself to me that it deserves to be at the top of my list!

What’s to love about the Shop Fox W1713? If you are an aesthetic person (such as myself) and care about the appearance of your saw just as much as your car then you’ll be quite pleased with the craftsmanship that has gone in to this saw.

Even compared to a DEWALTY scroll saw (such as the second one assessed in this buyer’s guide), the coating of paint is flush, smooth and easy to keep clean and is overall much more impressive than any other scroll saw that I’ve had the chance to review.

On to more important attributes, the Shop Fox W1713 is an all-around saw capable of grinding through a range of wood regardless of whether the material is flimsy, hard or dense. I evaluated this saw on a few projects and quite notably, this saw effortlessly grinded through a half inch thick piece of pinewood with no hesitation!

One additional point I’d like to make about this saw is that you can rely on this saw for sturdiness during use even when it is not bolted down. The foundation is well-built and rigid and will hold its stature well while you work on your project(s) so you will not necessarily need to install the saw to a workbench for use.

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

When you end up buying the Shop Fox W173 scroll saw, you’ll be having a saw that:

  • Boasts a 1/8 HP motor (which equates to 1-amp, 110 Volts or 60Hz).
  • Maximum cutting-width of sixteen inches.
  • Comes with a gooseneck work light.
  • Has both a dust blower and a dust port which will keep your workspace debris-clear.
  • Has no load speed with strokes per minute ranging from 550-1700

Finally, a Scroll saw that will last for decades! With all other aspects set aside, the built of the saw itself should be equally considered as the power/functionalities as you want a saw that’s capable but you also want a saw that will continue to provide you with usage for years to come.

Receiving years of use from your scroll saw of course many require occasional maintenance but prolonged usage and reliability ultimately boils down to the distinction of the construction of the saw itself, its specifics and its internals.

I was quite pleased to see that of all the parts on this saw, only one piece was constructed from plastic while the remaining chunks were constructed from one of the following:

  • Aluminum.
  • Cast Iron.
  • Steel.

You aren’t going to spot any other scroll saw that’s nearly completely constructed from superlative materials that will last you (with the proper care of course) and will perform well for its price point.

Taking the build component into consideration, I would recommend to all individuals considering this saw to not cut those that are in excess of a half an inch and to always be sure that you check the fasteners on the saw before use to guarantee that none are loose.

4. Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw DS 115/E

I ordered the Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw and noticed its power within 10 mins. of using it! It is extremely small, light, and has an extremely low noise level. I suggest using this device if you live in an apartment and have limited space to utterly utilize a scroll saw.

The instructions are well detailed and easy to read. As a standard, it took me at least 35 minutes to get used to the saw’s functions. Some say that the Proxxon 37088 offers the best cutting among all, so your money will be worth it.

Most take forever to install because of the design of their base-holes. However, the Proxxon 37088 has pre-drilled pilot/base-holes which allows for easy and quick setting up. This reduces installation phase and allows you to begin your cutting projects immediately.

Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw DS 115/E

When you end up getting the Proxxon 37088, You’ll collect a scroll saw that:

  • Has a keyless fob that assists in changing the blade within moments. And it has a guided cutting slit that allows you to perform right angle and straight cuts. This is great for woodworkers who need the utmost preciseness when cutting.
  • Integrated blower located at the cutting tip. This keeps the cutting tip wholly visible and debris-free. You’d be able to generate clean cuts without spending more time removing sawdust from your workstation
  • Comes with an adjustable electronic speed. The blade can be adjusted to speeds stretching over from 150 to 2500 SPM. Proxxon 37088 is known for having a low spindle speed for novices wanting to make quick and simple cuts with the device.
  • Has a table made from die-cast aluminum. It has a depth of throat of 11”. While smaller than others, it is manageable for buyers needing an entry level scroll saw to assist them in their woodworking projects.
  • Consists of an appealing design. We like the nostalgic and simplistic appearance, as it is reminiscent of older machines. With its yellow-green color tone, this one’s a great model for those wanting a simple scroll saw that has a presence to it.

The well-crafted blades are unmatched by the competition. The blades can be adjusted for fine, coarse, and slant cutting. You would be able to cut through hard and soft woods with equal ease.

The Proxxon 37088 cuts through plexiglass and fiberglass without breaking the blade. Thus, its a great product for those who want the most flexibility when undergoing their cutting projects.

I like the device’s 3-position adjustment. When placing the head in its lowest position, I can combine it with a short blade to achieve highly-precise cuts. I commend this device because it allows you to work for extended period without breaks, overheating, or reduction in blade quality.

After you shorten the saw blades, you will multiply the Proxon 37088’s lifespan up to 3x its advertised expectancy. While the scroll saw can use larger blades, it tends to take more power. Try using small blades first before moving onto bigger sizes so you can entirely utilize this device.

When it comes to noise control, this scroll saw is the best in its league. This is able to work efficiently and silently while on high-throttle. The Proxxon 37088 has a vacuum cleaner adapter, which is another accessory that can keep your workspace pristine.

Interior cuts must be done with a high-level of accuracy. And this device can be manipulated to do the best quality-cut.

If you are seeking a scroll saw that performs well for delicate projects, this is the right saw for you. Not only can it use small blades, but can use large blades when you have to cut through non-ferrous metals such as steel.

The only gripe I have with this product is its limited wood cutting ability. There are some projects where I have to cut through at least 3 ½” of wood, and this device isn’t tough enough to cut through it as effectively than others.

Also, there is a bit of vibration when using this scroll saw. I had to operate it using a steady hand as it would wobble once in a while. Remember to keep your limbs away and not in contact with the blade to avoid any accidents from occurring when using this.

Still, I would endorse the Proxxon 37088 for anyone that needs a basic scroll saw for their projects. Because its modest price, its mostly very affordable for woodworkers at any price range. If you are serious about generating great results on your cutting projects, give the Proxxon 37088 a spin.

If you’re looking for a valuable and budget-friendly scroll saw, then you’ve found it!

The Proxxon 37088 comes in handy for various occasions. For fine cutting, this has never failed me. If you plan on buying the 37088, remember that its maximum wood thickness is 2 inches. Keep this in mind and buy it if you need a speedy and dependable tool in your shop!

5. Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

Throughout my saw collection, I noticed that I lacked one thing. I needed a saw that was small enough to fit on my hand, but flexible enough to be mounted anywhere. That’s when I started looking towards the Dremel MS20 Scroll Saw.

One of the device’s main features, that competing saws cannot brag about, is that it uses two saws in one. It works as both a mobile coping saw and a scroll saw. You can easily press a button to transition between the two.

The term Dremel is synonymous for rotary tools, making it easy to forget that the company creates power tools as well.

For example, the Dremel Moto-Saw 20 is one of the company’s newer creations, and it works better than any other saw that I’ve used.

The Moto-Saw is a scroll saw that has over 70W of power on tap. Its main selling point is its size. Since it is less than 20 inches, it can be used as a portable saw and is a great deal for workers who need a speedy and agile saw for their projects.

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

Whem you purchase the Dremel MS20-01, You’ll accept a scroll saw that

  • Has an option for coping. This means that you can detach the device and keep it on your hand. For speed control, the device allows you to re-calibrate the scrolls per min., hinged on the material the pattern consists of.
  • Features an adjustable parallel guide. It can be placed on any of the device’s extension rails. The parallel guide can be rotated at any angle which is great if you need a saw with enhanced flexibility and angle-cutting accuracy.
  • Is very light-weight. For example, it weighs only 20 pounds which can also be used as a handheld saw. And it can be attached to a rigid counter to reduce the number of vibrations while in use.
  • Has a fast clamp-base. This allows those who use it to fix the device on tables, benches, and other resilient surfaces. It allows you to set-up the device and get started immediately afterward.
  • Can change through accessories easily. Most take less than 30 secs switching out blades using this. And it has an auto-tensioning system that averts the blade from accidentally falling off.

I like this scroll saw because of its adjustable speed setting. Rest assured, you must not have to worry if too much pressure will cause engine malfunction because the Dremel MS20-01 will easily adapt to the change. Whether slabs of plastic, laminates, wooden slabs or thin metal, this device does a great job every time.

When in use, the Dremel Moto Saw protrudes around 8 to 9″ forward on any surface its mounted on. You need to allow for the power cord and grip to extend beneath the work top. Doing this makes you mount the saw correctly to cut through any material that’s desired.

To attach a blade, each of the ends have small prongs that are securely placed on the bottom of the table. The second end is placed on the top of the saw. I like this as it allows me to replace my blades on an instant and get back to the task at hand.

This tool is very easy to use. It can sustain up to 10 Dremel accessories making it one of the flexible tools that I own. All the accessories are stored securely inside of a case so that you don’t lose track of them.

On some occasions, I’ll have too much saw dust after cutting through numerous blocks of wood. That’s where the device’s dust removal kicks in. Within an instant, all of the dust is thoroughly eliminated from the table, saving cleaning time

While this is a portable saw that no woodworker should go without, there’s still room for improvement. The blades start to vibrate while in use which diminishes the cutting accuracy. I would suggest that you use the smallest blade possible if you need to make fine cuts. It could be much better if it would come with miter gauge, for a better accuracy while cutting straight lines.

Are you looking for a versatile portable scroll saw? The Dremel MS20-01 can help you!

Lastly, I would like to say this is the best portable scroll saw that’s available. It gives you two blades for its price of one (high value for the money) and can cut through 3″ of wood with no problem. If you are needing a quick and efficient scroll saw, this is the right one.

What makes it better is that this device works for all skill levels. Whether you are a pro or someone does it for fun, you won’t be disappointed when buying this one. I propose the Dremel MS20-01 if you are seeking a blade that improves your cutting and is a valuable tool to have inside of your workshop.

6. Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The manufacturer, Delta Power Tools has over 90 yrs. of woodworking record and positive reviews. Delta focuses on creating innovations that help woodworkers develop appealing pieces of art quickly, and with added exactness.

Time is the most valued aspect of woodworking. This saw supports me in performing duties that used to take me 8 hrs, in 4 hrs. You will adore this saw because it lowers the timeline to accomplish your projects.

The Delta 40-694 is a popular model that’s found in many commercial woodworking shops and wood training schools–a totally functional unit that works at making contours in wood, plastics and others.

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

When you buy the Delta 40-694, You’ll be receiving a scroll saw that:

  • Has an extended throat depth. Most sawyers will only need a saw with a 16” – 18”. The 40-694 has a 20” throat which gives you auxiliary space to cut through larger materials.
  • Provides a 2-⅛ inch cutting breadth. This means that you would be able to cut through thicker wood and metals, thanks to its enhanced range. Inexpensive saws only have a cut depthness of 1 ¾; placing this model on the higher end of the scroll saw spectrum.
  • Gives you a dedicated tool storage. No longer do you have to scramble around your workspace looking for blades. It comes with a special compartment on the top of the saw which is used for stocking of blades and other tools.
  • Features a flexible base-table. The table’s dimensions are at 16”x24″ making it great for larger lumps of material to be placed on it. And, the table can turn left and right according to your preference.
  • Consists of supplementary useful features such as the dust blower. Use the dust blower to remove any excessive quantity of sawdust from your workspace. This assists beginner woodworkers continue their projects without wasting too much time for clean-up.

One thing that I like about this scroll saw is its tool-free blade clamp. This is a great trademark as it allows you to change blades according to the project’s requirements, which is excellent for fret work for instance. Normally, I take about 40 secs. to change a blade when using this product thoroughly.

Undercutting is dangerous and can potentially harm you or someone else around you. Overcutting is just as bad as it can result in lower-quality products. Luckily, the 40-694 has dual or double parallel-link arm design that hinder both cutting mistakes from happening.

With those tools, the material is pushed to the blade. Its blade remains stationary at all times, which is great for advanced woodworkers who want to make complex patterns.

I also like using the tilted table that comes with it. It enabled me to create unique cutting angles by tilting and locking it in place. Because of this, I do not have to constantly use different saws to get the correct angle I need during intense woodworking projects.

And, it’s adjustable speed is worth mentioning. The 40-694 gives you the opportunity to set stroke speeds between 400-1750 strokes/min. Because of this, you can cut through wooden and metal at a speed that’s comfortable to your cutting style.

Most customers like this saw mainly since it offers ease of use. It has a low learning curve, taking about 4 full-hours to get used to it thoroughly. To get a better view on how it operates, it comes with a fully detailed instruction manual that guides beginners get up to speed with this scroll saw.

As I’ve said earlier, the table is very sturdy. Since it has cast-iron construction, you can retain control over the scrollsaw. The table absorbs vibrations making it trouble-free to operate without the saw accidentally falling off your fingertips.

Some items have a rough exterior. But, the 40-694 comes with a polished outward fragments where they can slide through the foundation and become primed for cutting. This saves you hours on cutting undertakings and is another reason why I’d advocate using this scroll saw.

Included is a thin 5-inch stainless steel blade. This 100% tool-free blade, meaning that you can unclamp the blade, replace it, and you’re finished. You can use a thinner or a wider blade decided by what are necessary for your project.

There’s one setback that some consumers reported about this scroll saw. For example, the adjustable speed settings would not work well on some occasions. Thoroughly check your scroll saw and see if there’s anything caught inside of it before calling for a repair.

Are you a novice or seasoned woodworker? The Delta 40-694 will help you!

Ultimately, the 40-694 is a saw that I can’t see myself without. It creates accurate cuts and has a 20” throat which can cut through larger medium. Get this saw if you want the most control and utility when woodworking.

7. Ryobi 1.2 Amp 16 in. Corded Scroll Saw

My seventh favorite scroll saw is the Ryobi SC165VS. And I’m here to tell you why.

There’s no assembly required when you purchase this. The saw includes a 5-inch pin blade that already tensions. I was able to work on my projects immediately after unboxing it. Get this device if you are in need of a smart saw that comes ready-to-use.

The saw has a 16” throat-depth which helps me work on different materials of different compositions. 16” is the standard size for most saws and is enough throat size for the common DIYer.

Its dimensions are 26 x 14 x 13 inches, making it a good medium sized powertool. I tend to use this scroll saw for small and mid-level projects, and it hasn’t failed me after I unboxed it. Buy this scroll saw if you want a rapid and efficient tool that cuts through 3″ of material.

Also, the scroll saw is cordless! This means that you would not have to rely on alkaline batteries for power. You can use the saw at any moment which is fitting for seasoned woodworkers who want a stable tool in their arsenal.

For beginners, I would suggest starting off with this saw. It can be tilted to 45° angle which enables you to do more precision cuts. This saw is one of the most affordable, reliable, and packs a punch! Use it for any project and watch it do its magic.

Ryobi 16 in. Corded Scroll Saw #SC165VS by Ryobi

When you procure the Ryobi SC165VS, you will be getting a scroll saw that:

  • Features variable cutting speed adjustments. The saw’s cutting speed ranges from 550 to 1,650. Depending on the material you are cutting, you have full control how fast the device through it.
  • Has an iron-base. The base decreases vibration and allows steady cuts when using it. This increases the accuracy of the cuts and prevents user fatigue.
  • Provides an easy access-tension knob. Use it to fine-tune the blade you are planning on installing. You will be able to do so within 30 seconds using the Ryobi SC165VS.
  • A 0-45 degree tilts action handle. I like this as it allows me to cut through even the hardest angle. Buying this scroll saw will enhance the amount of cutting in slants that you can make, which concludes in faster project completions and more appealing cuts afterward.
  • Contains a cast iron-base. The base also minimizes the tightness on your hand. You can comfortably grip the saw without it slipping out of your hands; making it a great choice for the serious woodworker.

To use this fittingly, you have to control the cutting speed according to the material. For soft plastics and paper, I suggest that you use the max speed. If you are planning on cutting through hard wood and metal, use the minimum speed for it to work correctly.

This saw runs on a power-filled 60 Hz 120-volt motor. Why is this great? Because it helps when cutting through things. And, you would save tons on your utility bill since the Ryobi SC165VS will take up less power than competing devices.

Saw dust is dangerous residue that most woodworkers would like to avoid. Too much exposure to it will cause fog which will reduce your preciseness and the ability to make quality cuts. Fortunately, the Ryobi SC165VS has a dust blower to prevent this problem.

With some patterns, you have to incline the pattern or the blade. However, that can reduce the saw’s precision. Its tilt-system enabled me to angle it up to 37° without the need for extra tools.

Remember, it is light; a fixed base is needed. Rest it on a table or any other horizontal counter to make sure that the blade will cut through smoothly.

I’d also like to add that it has a wingnut styled knobs placed on the blade-clamps. This makes swapping out blades a breeze, compared to competing devices. Get this benchtop scroll saw if you need a flexible mounting piece to be used for any essential external look.

Plus, it has a hold-down foot. It has a wide stance that increases the visibility of your cuts. I like this because it adds an auxiliary layer of safety while cutting. Leave your material on the board and use the hold-down foot to protect you when doing DIY projects.

There’s only one drawback that I had when using this scroll saw. I was unable to clench onto the pinless blades when using it. I would suggest that you seek for a replacement if this problem ever happens to you.

If you’re looking for a scroll saw that’s simple to use, the Ryobi SC165VS is perfect for you!

Ultimately, the Ryboi SC165VS is a must have for first-time woodworkers. It’s safe and has a simple design that’s easy to get used to. Since it can cut through 3 inches of wood, it will be able to fulfill most projects with ease. If you are willing to take your cutting to the next level, get this saw now.

8. Jet 727200K Scroll Saw with Stand

Expert woodworkers will perceive the Jet 727200K Scroll Saw as a solid investment. Not only does it have a high-capacity and responsive motor, but it also comes with features that will add convenience to your daily cutting operations.

If you plan on doing a lot of interior cuts, you’re going to want a scroll saw that can switch blades without problem. While its competitors use thumbscrews to clutch the blades in place, per reviews, the 727200K has enhanced over this design flaw.

For instance, the 727200K has a cam-level which is used to draw the clamping mechanism to between two ball bearings to help clamp down on the blade. Also, the scroll saw tensions at the same time, which removes a step from the process. Plus, it seems that their design grips the blade with a spacious area, which cuts down slipping. The design looks so good, and only a slight annoyance is that they didn’t use the scroll saw to clamp the bottom end of the saw’s blade as well.

This accepts additional lower blade holders to help rotate through a wide range of blades without having to get rid of them from the lower blade holder.

Jet 727200K Scroll Saw With Stand

When you opt to pay for the Jet 727200K you’ll accept a scroll saw that:

  • Allows swift blade replacing. Designed with a spring-loaded arm, it lifts up to 10″ that you can switch out their blades in one simple step. When you are finished, you can deposit the blades in the saw’s built-in storage space slots.
  • First, when cutting materials, you don’t have to be anxious about the dust blocking your cut-lines. Its dust blower collects the dust particles and places it in the dust port. The dust port can be taken off and emptied if it becomes too full.
  • Comes with a convenient blade storage rack that can be positioned on the left or right on the scroll saw. This allows you to store your blades when you are finished without having to look around your workshop for them.
  • Offers convenient tension and control of the speed. This makes it less challenging for woodworkers to balance the blade’s cutting speed to the size of their project.
  • Allows for blade angling. If you have to angle the blade, the table remains solid, and it has a comfortable working position. With its 22” of throat magnitude, variable speed, and an arm that moves 45° right and 40° left, this saw is capable of taking any scroll project you throw at it.

For the most part, the 727200K has a few features that separate them from their competitors. The dust collector has a draft-down method that sucks up dust through holes in the table to the dust-collecting port. This makes a lot of sense because the dust wants to fall there anyway.

Jet made improvements in the overall sturdiness of the saw. Jet uses iron for their table, and that’s thicker than what their competition is delivering. When you have a scroll saw that can go up to 1550 strokes per min, vibrations are reduced, and you can add weight to increase the stability of the saw. Since this saw blade is at 90-pounds, its one of the sturdiest we’ve seen.

If you can look past the saw blade’s cost, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of a lightweight but firm unit that comes with a stand, and a raised work place. You would appreciate how intuitive and user-friendly the unit’s design is – you can re-calibrate the stand so you can scroll effortlessly. And you can use this scroll saw when either standing or seated.

For master woodworkers who want to make beautiful designs, the Jet 727200K is your best bet.

Basically, the 727200K is a good scroll saw for advanced woodworkers. Not only does it have variable speed, easy blade removal, and a dust collector, but it also has an iron table to secure that your material doesn’t slip off when cutting. So you should try this scroll saw out if you aim to conclude your projects faster and produce better results.

9. Craftsman 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

In most scenarios, low budget scroll saws cannot perform well. They offer subpar performance and do not have reliability when you scroll with them. Fortunately, the Craftsman 16” comes to the rescue.

Despite its affordable price, this scroll saw has an impressive 1.6 amp motor. This is one of the strongest motors you can get for this price point. With its 1.6 amp motor, woodworkers can cut through various components without suffering from kickbacks or stalling. As a result, your final cuts that have a linear and skillful look.

Another thing worth mentioning is its variable speed control. The speed control unit is wide-ranging and ranges from 400 – 1600 SPM. The lowest speed (400 strokes per minute) is rare to see on a scroll saw for its very affordable price.

The cut depths is not the best quality we’ve seen in 2 inch saws, but it’s good for scrolling most material that you buy commercially. Unless you are planning on cutting material that’s more than 2 inches, then this scroll saw will work just fine.

Craftsman 16 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

When you invest in the Craftsman 16″ you will have a scroll saw that:

  • Is very user-friendly. You can re-adjust the tabletop for special cuts. Woodworkers can use the variable speed controlling switch to change the speed hurriedly.
  • Has an external vacuum that’s connected to the unit. Woodworkers like this feature because the vacuum puffs a constant stream of air in different directions. This prevents the cut lines from attracting saw dust.
  • For a saw that has flexible positioning, the Craftsman 16” is definitely worth the money. For instance, it has a flexible gooseneck work light lamp that can be aimed as needed. The tension of the blade has a camlock lever that’s placed above the blade. This makes positioning materials on the bade and cutting through it effectively a no-sweat game.
  • Works quietly. Since it has a cast-iron table, it reduces the vibrations that can reduce your caliber. At 38 lbs, the Craftsman 16 is solid enough to make your woodworking more steady and quiet.
  • Provides exactitude when cutting through material. Its low profile form factor makes the unit deliver more accurate outcomes. You can alter the saw to 45-degrees to make good beveled cuts. Thus, making this scroll saw multi-faceted and accomplish a multitude of complex furniture-designs that are accurate.

The build is among the Craftsman’s persuasive points. Unlike competing models that sacrifice longevity and superiority for a lower price, there is no issue with this model. The saw is made by a metal alloy and has a cast iron table. Most of these are easily available and can be replaced as well. For once, we’re glad to see a metal build instead of the usual plastic budget scroll saws.

Furthermore, the saw’s 17-1/8″ x 10-1/4″ cast-iron table helps with the stability. Even as a speed of 1600 RPM, the table keeps your material secured and positioned for the cut. We are amazed at this not expensive scroll saw that can handle itself during high-speeds.

If you are trying to practice woodworking or want to make tiny cuts, the Crafstman is a great option!

The Craftsman 16 is an extraordinary tool that’s also affordable for entry-level woodworkers. It can be propped up to work on an angled-cut and does not stall when working on larger items. Thus, you should give this scroll saw a chance if you want to improve your workflow and cutting efficiency.

10. King Industrial 16 inches Scroll Saw

While the King Industrial 16-inch is an expensive model, not cheap compared to the competitors, you will be getting what you paid for here. Buying this scroll saw gives you a healthy work table that allows you to use a myriad of work bits, 120 v 1.3-amp motor, and a great dust blower.

This saw is an example of a saw that benefits from its simple design. There aren’t a multitude of frilly features such as bendable lights that, while it appears nice, it does not function as you hope it would.

The scroll saw is designed to help woodworkers commit to good scrolling, and this makes the scroll saw very handy on that front. The sturdy structure, good motor, and features work together to make a scroll saw that’s solid, efficient, and quiet.

We like its easy-access speed controling. With the King saw, you can reduce the speed, so breaking thin blades when operating is a no-no. The saw’s parallel arm keeps the blade straight, which allows for smoother cuts without receiving any burns.

On most of the saws, you have to tilt the table to make a beveled cut. However, the King’s arms can be tilted, which keeps the work flat. This is one of our favorite features on the saw as it accomplishes complex cuts with ease.

King Industrial 16-inch Scroll Saw

When you take the King saw you’ll get a scroll saw that:

  • Provides a large stationary table. The current dimensions are 12 × 181⁄2″, meaning that you can cut items up to 2-½” on it. The table does not move during cuts, making it less difficult to situate and cut the material without experiencing tables.
  • Can make angled-cuts. The saw’s tilt is controlled by a pinion and rack that has a spring loaded pin that locks in common angles (i.e., 45°) and restores the blade to its vertical stance.
  • Has a high-speed blade altering system. The blade head’s tensioning grip helps make switching blades quick and simple. On average, woodworkers take up to 30 sec to switch out blades using this scroll saw.
  • Responsive variable speed. The blade has a dial that allows users to adjust their speed between 400 to 1600 SPM. As a result, you will realize it’s uncomplicated to use the machine’s speed to help complete any project.
  • Upgraded angle placement. The blade’s head can tilt from 30-45 to the right for a precise, smooth cut.

This saw is fun to use. It cuts effortlessly, and smoothly. The blade holds its tension firmly, is easy to control and is easy to bring back to the cutting line if the user goes drifts off course.

For woodworkers who want a adaptable and functional scroll saw, this 16-inch saw will meet your expectations.

Ultimately, if you want a saw that’s good for stability, speed, and making creative cuts, this saw won’t let you down. The saw has a hex key, blade tensioning switch kit, onboard blower, and controls for the tension and speed. So give this saw a chance if you want to experience faster project completion, error-free cuts, and better final designs.

11. ShopSeries RK7315

One of the best things that we know about the ShopSeries RK7315 is its weightless size, making it easy to move around. If you are new to woodworking and a want an inexpensive scroll saw, then the RK7315 won’t leave you disappointed.

There are some factors that contribute to the RK7315’s accuracy. Its variable speed can match the material you’re cutting which improves your cuts. This tabletop is level and allows you to maneuver through various material.

Also, the table top can be changed from 0° to 45° to the left and right. This makes it unchallenging to make angular cuts on the material. Regardless of the project, the scroll saw isn’t good for scrolling on metal as it does not have the power to make a spotless cut in such a highly dense material. We suggest that you stick to wood if you want to achieve the best effects.

ShopSeries RK7315 16

When you order the Shopseries RK7315 you’ll have a scroll saw that:

  • Has a dust port that allows woodworkers to connect an external vacuum through a 1-¼ adapter. It blows a constant stream of air that keeps the cut clean from sawdust. As a result, you boost your accuracy in the procedure.
  • Is beginner friendly. The table can be tilted to 0° to 45° to assure that you get the right cut on your material.
  • Weighs 37.5 pounds. This means that the saw can be moved and used for any project that’s in the workshop. Its dimensions of 26.1 x 15.5 x 12.7 inches can be placed on the back of a mini-car if you have to carry the tool to your worksite.
  • Has a responsive mounting-insert so you can fasten the unit to the scroll saw stand or workbench. This is beneficial as it increases woodworkers stability when scrolling with the saw.
  • Provides a true cut drop. The RK7315 can cut through most commercial grade material with ease (up to 2-½ inch cut). The depthness of the throat is at 16″ inches, which fits the range for most projects.

Stability can be achieved by using the right combination of speed and material. At the saw’s highest speed, some stability issues can make the saw virtually impossible to use, especially when cutting through material such as ABS plastic or hardwood.

At lower speeds, woodworkers do not get vibrations when using the saw, and can be used with great comfort. All you need to do is experiment to look for the device’s “sweet spot.”

We’re proud to see that Rockwell has made up for their compact motor by providing a stroke-speed of 500-1,700 S-per-minute. This allows you to adapt to the density and thickness of your material on the fly. Also, re-setting the variable speed is made easy since it has the variable speed controlling knob that’s placed in a simple and easy-to-read orientation.

If you’re a wood worker on a tight budget, the RK 7315 is a great choice.

Overall, the ShopSeries RK7315 is a great device for those wanting a cheap scroll saw with high-quality performance. With its increased stroke speed, angle adjustability, and improved stability, you won’t have any difficulty completing your cutting projects on time.

12. SKIL 3335-07

The SKIL 3335-07 is suitable for cutting standard shapes or unusually-shaped free-form objects. Beginner woodworkers use this saw to make text in over a hundred fonts, cut difficult flower arrangements, and create outputs that require accuracy – such as the custom jigsaws with their multi-fold twists and turns.

The 3335-07 has a LED system and a circular work table that’s great for illuminating the work-area, which makes the piece more visible. Since the LED is controlled electronically, you can turn it on and off determined by your preference.

When it comes to vibration, the 3335-07, reviewers have stated that this scroll saw has a low-moderate vibrations when in use. We suggest that you get additional clamps and attach it on a table or another unyielding ground. That way, the saw will remain stabilized and make precise cuts without overthinking about the difficulty.

SKIL 3335-07 16

When you pick up the 3335-07 you’ll be owning a scroll saw that:

    • Has a 0-45° tilting table for enhanced accuracy.
    • Electronic variable speed control which allows cutting through various material like a piece of cake.
    • Unique dust ejection was built in the saw to eliminate the debris from the cut lines.
    • 16-inch throat that’s used to cut through thicker pieces of material.
    • An articulating LED that keeps the workplace lit.

Another basis why users like this device is due to its on-tool storage for blades. This allows you to keep your blades nearby and stop them from getting lost. Thus, making it ultra-easy to work on any project without having to look for your important blades scattered around your workshop.

If you’re looking for a basic scroll saw to help do simple projects, the SKIL 3335-07 is the right saw for you!

Most scroll saws that are available on the market have similar features. What makes the 3335-07 stand out from the pack is that it has the same features of many high-end scroll saws but at a reduced price. Mainly, you should try this scroll saw if you want to decrease the span it takes to complete your daily projects.

My goal with this buyer’s guide is to impart the most informative reviews of the saws I’ve chosen to review which will help you to make a better option as to which scroll saw you should snap up.

Unlike a bandsaw (which uses a continuing loop), a scroll saw takes advantage of a reciprocating blade which makes switching out blades much easier while also allowing you to perform interior cutouts without having to use an entry slot.

Personally, one superior-quality of a scroll saw compared to a bandsaw is that with a scroll saw, intricate cuts can be performed. Even the smallest gauge of a bandsaw which makes it the best “saw of choice” for those perfectionists who want the flawless cut the first time.

How to your Scroll Saw – Some things to consider

Understanding which scroll saw to acquire is an important element of buying a saw that’s going to satisfy your project requirements and all have different features, functionalities and power outputs all of which determine the type of work you can finalize.

      • Determining your project requirements

Prior to purchasing a scroll saw, first, take in to consideration the types of projects and woodwork you will be using the saw on.
While some bandsaws will allow you to perform simple cuts (even those that don’t boast tons of features), if you have a tendency to work on projects that require intricate cuts/woodwork then you are going to need to be sure that you buy a scroll saw that has the features needed to adequately get-on and conclude your projects.

      • Functionalities and features

Sought-after scroll saws often deliver a wide range of roles that can deal with various kinds and complexities of cutting projects.

        • Ensure that the scroll saw you pay for offers the ability of moderating the speed settings so you can regulate per your project requirements. Different kinds of material would require varying speeds. Most high-end ones will offer 3 unique speed settings which allow you to make speed variations for the cut you will perform.
        • Check the max size of object you can work with and the thickness the scroll saw can cut. The throat length (measure from front to the blade) can determine if the saw can handle huge objects. Consider a scroll saw with lengthier “throat” and what can give you less restrictions when it comes to width/breadth of cut.
        • See to it that many types of blades are compatible with the scroll saw, to enable it to be the power tool that you can use in making diverse decorations and projects. Complementary to this feature would be a smooth and easy mechanism for swapping of blades. You would appreciate more a tool that cannot only work with different blade dimensions, but also makes the transition from one blade to another a breeze.
        • Beginners might need a bit more background before determining the optimal rigidity of the blade per cut, but professionals would know how it affects the excellence of work. Whichever you are, a scroll saw with an in-house blade tensioner mechanism will assist you in having a flawless finish.

Some other important aspects to consider for a better experience in working with your scroll saw are the power-drive options, tool buttress that limits vibrations, ability to tilt, low noise and dust-disposal. Checking all of these off of your list will ensure that you take a scroll saw that truly will hold up to your project demands.

      • Versatility

As previously mentioned, all scroll saws come packed with unique features and functionalities and it is important (especially for contractors) to procure a scroll saw that’s flexible in its capabilities as you will need to be able to make adjustments for the many projects that you would be working on. As my father who has been a wood-worker for 20+ yrs would say, buy a saw that “has more features than you do projects”.

      • Matching your scroll saw with appropriate blades

Recent owners of scroll saws would of course have a standard tooth blade which will be helpful for simple cutting assignments. But to maximize the use of your model, you have to pick out blades that are not only compatible with your saw, but also heavy-duty enough to cut through items for your wood work. Other things you should look at when choosing your scroll saw blades are the sort of material, hardness, thickness and tooth design.

Aside from all the mentioned categories above, I know there could still be unanswered queries you might want to clarify, especially if you are unfamiliar to the concept and use of scroll saw. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Should I buy a Band Saw or a Scroll Saw?

As I have already discussed on the introduction, I personally believe that a scroll saw has superiority over a bandsaw. However, this upper hand can only be beneficial in a specific project. So, ask yourself these questions first: “What projects would need a saw more often? What cuts would I be doing? What stuff would I be using?”

Buy a bandsaw if:

      • You will work on chunky wood (4” to 14”).
      • You will do heavy-duty cutting.
      • You will mostly do straight cuts.
      • You need a speed-powered saw to cut for commercial purposes.

Buy a scroll saw if:

      • You will work on thin and less dense material.
      • You will cut intricate silhouettes and patterns; circular cuts, do not get confused with those.
      • You need a multi-purpose tool.
      • You need a more affordable alternative.

What kind of wood should I use with my Scroll Saw?

A variety of wood can be used, again, semi-dependent on the variety of cut you would do or the material that your project would need. I have list down some of the popular woods that you may encounter.

      • Hardwood: Nice material to work with and has a really beautiful wood appearance.
      • Oak: Easily available in hardware stores or catalog companies. Comes in ¼, ½ and ¾ blocky cuts.
      • Walnut and Mahogany: Usually the pick of experienced scroll sawyers.
      • Exotic woods (like purple heart): For trim use.
      • Plywood (like luan and fir): Not good for many projects because of unattractive edges, but for projects such as puzzles, ply wood may be an adequate material.
      • Baltic birch: Superb-quality, less expensive and doesn’t shatter easily. This is often use for plaques, clocks and boxes.

What blade is best for Plexiglas cutting-job?

Corian blade is the best option for cutting not only Plexiglas, but also plastic laminate and solid materials (Dupont Corian, Wilsonart, Gibraltor, & Fountainhead). You may choose from Corian blades 3, 5, 7 and 9 which can all deliver a polished work without edge residue.

How will I achieve perfect blade tension?

Optimal blades tension varies per type of material and blade that you will use for your project. To have a satisfactory cut, you have to properly calibrate the rigidness of the blade into the frequency of a high “C” note. Each blade can be plucked or strummed to produce the note.

Once you do this and feel the appropriate resistance of the blade, plus the sound it produces, then you are possibly close to the correct tension.

My tip: Be careful of too much low-tensioning as you cannot efficiently work with a loose blade and it allows an arch that may break your blades. If there’s no other selection, I would rather have more tension than too little of it.

To find the best scroll and to see which one is the best for your projects, please use our guide below that presents all of the info needed on the scroll saws I evaluated to make an educated, informed and happy investment!

The woodworkers know that appropriate tools are necessary for constructing amazing projects.

A scroll saw can be operated by pedal or electric power and it is a petite power tool. What can you do with a scroll saw? They can be very useful for fabricating complicated woodwork plans and cutting curves.

DIY enthusiasts are especially fond of scroll saws. This type of saws is user-friendly and made to be used by normal people who are not necessarily professionals. Besides wood, those saws can cut through other ones too, such as plastic and metal.

What are the tools that professional woodworkers use to complete complicated curves projects?
The best scroll saws in the industry are the tools used by beginners to professionals everywhere in the woodworking industry.

A Scroll Saw is great for those who need to perform sophisticated cuts in both wood and metal. They are often times deemed to be a specialty saw because of the fineness of the blade which allows for a much more delicate cut compared to let’s say the best power jigsaw.

With a scroll saw, cutting curves that include edges couldn’t be easier as all you need to do is pivot the saw to get the desired edge/angel.

What’s a Scroll Saw?
A Scroll Saw, simply put is a thin bladed saw that’s used to perform intricate and decorative cut styles.
While the scroll saw is often times compared to the great band saw, the scroll differentiates quite a bit since it contains the blade that reciprocates and can quite easily be removed and put through pre-drilled starting holes (great for wood makers who want to perform interior cutouts without having an entrance slot).

Coming standard on most scroll saws will be an attached upper arm (which is bendable) with an attached light on the end allowing you to illuminate your work space. Often times, a dust blower nozzle will also be included which will allow you to continue your work without wood shaving or debris interference.

Do I need a Scroll Saw?
If you want to perform creative cuts briskly and accurately then yes, you need a Scroll Saw! They are commonly used for intricate curves/joints in the material since they can be completed not only with incredible accuracy but straightaway as well.

If you are in the market for a scroll saw and are looking for unbiased and honest reviews on the most current products available on the market, continue reading to obtain all of the information you need to locate the most apt scroll saw for your projects!

Best Scroll Saw Conclusion

So, after reviewing these powertools, you are probably wondering which one of the three that I’d recommend and the it was rather an easy decision to make!

Between their great reputation of building quality-crafted tools and providing incredible warranties to their product line buyers, DEWALT grabs the number one spot with the DEWALT DW788 model!

I was simply blown away by its power, its 20-inch blade and its 1.3 AMP powered motor which is strong enough to cut through nearly any material you use it on! The movable arm design makes maneuvering the material with less trouble than ever before and it also includes an adjustable arm which decreases the vibration drastically!

You will also enjoy a host of other features/accessories such as the variable speed setting, the flexible dust blower which is incredibly effective at keeping your workspace clear of shaving/debris and the tension-switch which will allow you to make modifications to the blade!

Thanks for reading my guide and I hope my reviews will help you to settle on the best Scroll Saw for all of your home projects and work requirements!
There are more guides on the website, make sure to check them out: