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Best Scroll Saw Reviews 2019

Welcome to our buying guide and reviews that provide in-depth information and coverage on some of the best scroll saws available all of which I’ve personally purchased and reviewed strictly for these reviews alone.

Our buying guide compiles the most known scroll saws based on your need, whether it is for a professional workshop, a beginner’s first robust cutting gadget, a beginner’s DIY wood project or home improvement goals, or even as a gift for your sawyer/woodworker loved one.

Purchasing and using a scroll saw can be challenging, especially when you’re new to woodwork or you’ve never had any electric tool in your life. It can get confusing too, as you would need to consider machinery details and cutting terms you’ve never encountered before.

So I have decided to pass on my knowledge about scroll saws through reviews of different models. I will share my know-how of the models that I have personally bought, used and assessed rigorously for this ultimate scroll saw review.

What I enjoy about using scroll saws is how versatile it is as a tool. I can use it with ease on various cutting projects with the right blade. Unlike a bandsaw that uses a continuous loop, as scroll saw has reciprocating-blade that allow you to easily change out blades based on the material and cut you would do.

If you will be sawing curves, cutting intricate designs, and executing interior cutouts, you definitely would benefit from the accuracy of a scroll saw. Remarkably, a scroll saw can also cut plastic and metal for a different sort of craftwork, with the use of the right blades. Another plus point, it produces less dust, and if you want an easy dust collection and dumping, many scroll saws incorporate an accessory for that purpose. For further reinforcement, you can even get a stand.

Impressed with scroll saws yet? You would discover more of this power tool’s features and which model would be the best fit for you. Read on for the best options today and their reviews.

Top Scroll Saws Buying Guide: Six Options for 2019

If you are planning to create amazing, epic cuts on your furniture, you will probably need an excellent scroll saw. Scrolling is modifying everything you know about woodworking, but you must remember that not all of the scroll saws are the same.
best scroll saw
We are sure that you do not surely have the time and energy to do real research when it’s about buying your power tools like comparing prices, budget, specs and more. Don’t fret, we have done it for you. We have experimented and studied a couple of the best scroll saws for the money and found out the following products below to be the best choices.

1. WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Control Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light

The first pick up for review on my list brings us to the Wen 4208 entry-level scroll saw which will accommodate smaller to mid-sized project requirements.

While being very affordable and much cheaper than most of the models on the market, it was decently sized with a 16-inch by 10-inch platform with additional features consisting of the spacious table being constructed from Fe with an on-board air pump and variable speed controls (which are towards the front of the tool).

The placement of the speed controls is ideal. You can quickly adjust the speed setting without worrying about interference with your sight-lines as the placement allows you to make the adjustment(s) without having to set your hands or arm in your way (which is not only great for keeping your eye on your cut line but this is a great precautionary initiative to evade injuries).

WEN 3920 16-inch two direction variable speed scroll saw

Wen 3920 Features:

  • It allows you to insert blades in one of two different directions. You can insert blades at the standard level or at 90 degrees which allows for an incredible capacity of material ripping.
  • Has several and variable speed setting with stroke per min, from 400 to 1600
  • Has a decently sized area that measures 16″ x 11″. This platform is great for those who make a lot of angled cuts as the table bevels up to 45 degrees to the left.
  • With an awesome sixteen-inch “throat-depth” (in the original position).
  • Constructed from supreme-quality cast-iron (the base) with attachments that cover an air pump, dust port, flex light, three blades, onboard storage, and a foot lock clamp.

While not the largest or the most expensive the market, it is probably one that gives the best value for the money. What I also like about the WEN 3920 is that it allows you to alter the piece you are working on up to forty-five degrees to the left which will help you to make cuts exactly to your measurements.

I did some reading on the manufacturer’s site and noticed that they boast about how the Wen 3920 Scroll Saw is capable of performing cuts on material as thick as nearly two inches (1.9 to be exact) and can cut pine, maple, mahogany, plastic and ply.

With being able to cut wide-depth of material, the bulk of jobs that you can take on are quite limitless as this cutting width-capacity will accommodate a majority of project requirements and what better than a model that’s as cost-effective as this one?

The stroke on the WEN 3920 is 9/16″ which to me is great for what I’d consider being an entry-level scroll saw. It is best to slowly perform cuts and to focus on making the cuts accurately rather than rapidly as the result will be much better and to me, a top-quality finished piece is more important than how speedily I completed it. The blade holder on the Wen 3920 is compatible with both pinned and pinless blades and an extra blade will be included in addition to a wrench that you will need to use to change the blades out.

One of the most noteworthy attributes of the Wen 3920 is its incredibly low vibration output even during intensive use and this is mainly due to not only the great build but the cast-iron manufacture led it to weigh in at 28 pounds. The weight plays a big influence in vibration reduction and I honestly was very impressed by how little it vibrated (at times there was no vibration).

2. DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

Second, on the buying guide & review is the DW788 model by Dewalt which is currently one of the best scrolls saw on the market (according to Amazon) boasting a 20-inch blade and a 1.3 AMP powered motor. DEWALT has designed this tool for those who need to set-up quickly for the project at hand so work can begin getting done.

First off, I want to comment on the controls in front of the blade which is a bit allows you to control the tension of the blade and replacing the blade out itself is only about a 30-second task.

One feature that I think we can all appreciate is the built-in moveable arm which is at the top of the scroll saw which allows you to maneuver the material to whichever angle you need to get the ultimate cut.

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

DW 788 Features:

  • It has a “Dual or double parallel-link arm” which greatly reduces vibration. This also assists with noise reduction.
  • Includes blade-clamps which allow you to change out the blade in a matter of seconds without the use of tools.
  • It has multiple features including an electronic variable speed setting, a dust blower (flexible) and a lever to recalibrate the tension of the blade.
  • It has a pivoting arm that slides from the back to the front which will allow you to use it at a quieter noise level while and smoother cuts.

Other great features are the forward and rear scroll saw blades which creates a solid foundation and steady work surface to cut on. You can also perform cuts at a rate of speed that you are most comfortable with and with the high-quality blades covered by DEWALT you can be confident of the quality.

Unlike some other Dewalt saws that are sometimes quite noisy, the DW788 is insanely quiet and if you were to use it late at night in your driveway you wouldn’t need to overthink about complaints from neighbors or waking up the family.

What’s included with the DW788? You will receive both a cast table and 2 blades, and while the DW788 can be mounted to a workbench you prefer, the extra table provides great stability. I used it with the table as the sturdiness was comparable to that of mounting to my workbench.

Whether you’re a contractor, a woodworker enthusiast or are just now entering into the field, this scroll saw will certainly not disappoint and will provide you with all of the features that one could ask for!

3. Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Before getting into my review of the “Shop Fox W1713” scroll saw I first want to comment on the value for your money with this model, as this is one of the best for the money.

Both the base of the tool and the table are crafted to top standards and are constructed from cast-iron which has proven to me to be quite stable even during my cuts on heavy material that many scroll saws in its price range wouldn’t support.

With this particular tool, it’s compatible with and accepts both plain and pinned blades in addition to a built-in indicator (located on the upper arm). Also, the size of the dust blower is incredibly effective in keeping your workspace free of debris.

What’s to love about the ShopFox W1713? If you are an aesthetic person (such as myself) and care about the appearance just as much as your car then you’ll be quite pleased with the craftsmanship.

On to more important attributes, the ShopFox W1713 is an all-around model capable of grinding through a range of wood regardless of whether the material is flimsy, hard or dense. I evaluated it on a few projects and quite notably, the ShopFox W1713 effortlessly ground through a half-inch thick piece of pinewood with no hesitation!

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Shop Fox W173 Features

  • Boasts a 1/8 HP motor (which equates to 1-amp, 110 Volts or 60Hz).
  • Maximum cutting-width of sixteen inches.
  • It comes with a gooseneck work light.
  • Has both a dust blower and a dust port which will keep your workspace debris-clear.
  • Has no-load speed with strokes per minute ranging from 550-1700

Finally, a Scroll saw that will last for decades! With all other aspects set aside, the built itself should be equally considered as the power/functionalities as you want capable one but you also want one that will continue to provide you with usage for years to come.

Of all the parts, only one piece was constructed from plastic while the remaining chunks were constructed from one of the following:

  • Aluminum.
  • Cast Iron.
  • Steel.

You aren’t going to spot any other scroll saw that’s nearly completely constructed from superlative materials that will last you (with the proper care of course) and will perform well for its price point.

4. Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

I needed a model that was small enough to fit in my hand, but flexible enough to be mounted anywhere. That’s when I started looking towards the Dremel MS20.

One of the device’s main features, that competing saws cannot brag about, is that it uses two saws in one. It works as both a mobile coping saw and a scroll saw. You can easily press a button to transition between the two.

The Moto-Saw is a scroll saw that has over 70W of power on tap. Its main selling point is its size. Since it is less than 20 inches, it is kinda portable and is a great deal for workers who need speed and agility for their projects.

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

Dremel MS20-01 Features

  • It has an option for coping, where you can detach the device and keep it on your hand.
  • Features an adjustable parallel guide that can be rotated at any angle for flexibility and angle-cutting accuracy.
  • It is very light-weight at 20 pounds and can be attached to a rigid counter to reduce the number of vibrations.
  • Has a fast clamp-base for tables, benches, and other resilient surfaces. I
  • It can change through accessories easily and has an auto-tensioning system.

I like this scroll saw because of its adjustable speed setting. Rest assured, you must not have to worry if too much pressure will cause engine malfunction because the Dremel MS20-01 will easily adapt to the change.

When in use, the Dremel Moto-saw protrudes around 8 to 9″ forward on any surface it’s mounted on. You need to allow for the power cord and grip to extend beneath the worktop.

This tool is very easy to use. It can sustain up to 10 Dremel accessories making it one of the flexible tools that I own. The device also has a dust removal system that thoroughly eliminates dust and saves cleaning time.

However, the blades start to vibrate while in use which diminishes the cutting accuracy. I would suggest that you use the smallest blade possible if you need to make fine cuts. Better if it would come with a miter gauge, for better accuracy while cutting straight lines.

Are you looking for a versatile portable model? The Dremel MS20-01 can help you!

Lastly, I would like to say this is the best portable scroll saw that’s available. It gives you two blades for its price of one (high value for the money) and can cut through 3″ of wood with no problem. If you are needing a quick and efficient scroll saw, this is the right one.

5. Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The manufacturer, Delta Power Tools has over 90 years. of woodworking record and positive reviews. Delta focuses on creating innovations that help woodworkers develop appealing pieces of art quickly, and with added exactness.

The Delta 40-694 is a popular model that’s found in many commercial woodworking shops and wood training schools–a functional unit that works at making contours in wood, plastics, and others.

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Delta 40-694 Features:

  • Has an extended throat depth of 20”
  • It provides a 2-⅛ inch cutting breadth as compared to inexpensive saws with cut depths of 1 ¾.
  • It gives you dedicated tool storage, a special compartment on the top for stocking of blades and other tools.
  • Features a flexible base-table. The table’s dimensions are at 16”x24″ and can turn left and right according to your preference.
  • With supplementary useful features such as the dust blower used to remove any excessive quantity of sawdust from your workspace.

One thing that I like about this scroll saw is its tool-free blade clamp which allows you to change blades. The 40-694 also has dual or double parallel-link arm design that hinders both under and overcutting.

I also like using the tilted table that comes with it. It enabled me to create unique cutting angles by tilting and locking it in place. The adjustable speed is worth mentioning. The 40-694 allows you to set stroke speeds between 400-1750 strokes/min.

The 40-694 also comes with polished outward fragments where they can slide through the foundation and become primed for cutting. This saves you hours on cutting undertakings and is another reason why I’d advocate using this scroll saw.

Are you a novice or a seasoned woodworker? The Delta 40-694 will help you!

Delta 40-694 creates accurate cuts and has a 20” throat which can cut through a larger medium. Get it if you want the most control and utility when woodworking.

6. Jet 727200K Scroll Saw with Stand

Expert woodworkers will perceive the Jet 727200K Scroll Saw as a solid investment. Not only does it have a high-capacity and responsive motor, but it also comes with features that will add convenience to your daily cutting operations.

If you plan on doing a lot of interior cuts, you’re going to want a scroll saw that can switch blades without a problem. While its competitors use thumbscrews to clutch the blades in place, per reviews, the 727200K has enhanced over this design flaw.

Jet 727200K Scroll Saw With Stand

Jet 727200K Features:

  • Allows swift blade replacing with its a spring-loaded arm.
  • It has a dust blower that collects the dust particles and places it in the dust port which can be taken off and emptied.
  • It comes with a convenient blade storage rack that can be positioned on the left or right on the scroll saw.
  • It offers convenient tension and control of the speed.
  • It allows for blade angling while the table remains solid.

For the most part, the 727200K has a few features that separate them from their competitors. Jet uses an iron for their table, and that’s thicker than what their competition is delivering. When you have a scroll saw that can go up to 1550 strokes per min, vibrations are reduced, and you can add weight to increase the stability. Since the blade is at 90-pounds, it is one of the sturdiest we’ve seen.

If you can look past the blade’s cost, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of a lightweight but firm unit that comes with a stand, and a raised workplace. You would appreciate how intuitive and user-friendly the unit’s design is – you can re-calibrate the stand so you can scroll effortlessly. And you can use this scroll saw when either standing or seated.

For master woodworkers who want to make beautiful designs, the Jet 727200K is your best bet.

The 727200K is a good scroll saw for advanced woodworkers. Not only does it have variable speed, easy blade removal, and a dust collector, but it also has an iron table to secure that your material doesn’t slip off when cutting. So you should try this scroll saw out if you aim to conclude your projects faster and produce better results.

Even without reviewing the Delta Power Tools 40-694 scroll saw, my goal with this buyer’s guide is to impart the most informative reviews of the saws I’ve chosen to review which will help you to make a better option as to which scroll saw you should snap up.

Unlike a bandsaw (which uses a continuing loop), a scroll saw takes advantage of a reciprocating blade which makes switching out blades much easier while also allowing you to perform interior cutouts without having to use an entry slot.

Personally, one superior-quality of a scroll saw compared to a bandsaw is the intricate cuts that can be performed. Even the smallest gauge of a bandsaw which makes it the best choice for those perfectionists who want the flawless cut the first time.

Scroll Saws Comparison Conclusion

So, after reviewing these power tools, you are probably wondering which one of the six that I’d recommend and it was rather an easy decision to make!

Between their great reputation of building quality-crafted tools and providing incredible warranties to their product line buyers, DEWALT grabs the number one spot with the DEWALT DW788 model!

I was simply blown away by its power, its 20-inch blade and its 1.3 AMP powered motor which is strong enough to cut through nearly any material you use it on! The movable arm design makes maneuvering the material with less trouble than ever before and it also includes an adjustable arm which decreases the vibration drastically!

Thanks for reading my guide and I hope my reviews will help you to settle on the best scroll saw for all of your home projects and work requirements!


Robert Johnson is a woodworker who takes joy in sharing his passion for creating to the rest of the world. His brainchild, Sawinery, allowed him to do so as well as connect with other craftsmen and women. He has since built an enviable workshop for himself and an equally impressive online accomplishment: an extensive resource site serving old timers and novices alike.

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