Where are ECHO Chainsaws Made and Who Makes Them?

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When you first heard about Echo chainsaws, you surely wondered about its origin. It’s natural to want to know where a piece of equipment is made, as it often gives us a hint about its quality and durability. 

So, let’s dive into where Echo chainsaws come from and understand if they’re a reliable choice for woodworking.

Who Manufactures ECHO Chainsaws?

Kioritz Corporation makes Echo chainsaws. They started manufacturing chainsaws in the 1960s, and by 1978, the company had changed its name to Echo Incorporated.

The company’s inception began after World War II. During this time, Japanese engineers created various kinds of chemical spreaders for the extermination of pests and bugs on crops, giving birth to the Kioritz Corporation.

Echo USA factory

As the company expanded, it continued to manufacture different types of hand-held spreaders and leaf blowers and cutters that are mostly backpack-style in form.

The Echo brand name had shifted its focus to the engineering and manufacturing aspects of selling hand-held outdoor power tools.

Who Owns ECHO?

The Yamabiko Corporation of Japan owns and operates the ECHO company. It is a well-known company that’s been in operation for over four decades.

They primarily sell gas chainsaws, but battery chainsaws are also available, including those with new battery-powered, high-performing top handle chainsaws.

Echo Japan factory

The company not only makes chainsaws but also a variety of other outdoor power equipment and tools. They are famous for their blowers, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers.

The brand was initially known as the Kioritz Corporation but adopted the ECHO brand name in 1978, right after they commenced chainsaw production.

ECHO’s History and Reputation

ECHO Incorporated has been manufacturing chainsaws since the late 1970s. The distinct orange color has been the brand’s signature style and look ever since they started out.

Shindaiwa Incorporated, another Japanese manufacturer of outdoor power tools and agricultural machinery, merged with Kioritz Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Echo Incorporated, to form Yamabiko Corporation in 2008.

Echo chainsaw assembly line

Ultimately, no matter what corporate changes have occurred, the Echo brand has always remained consistent. The brand began with a grass trimmer and has since expanded to include a chainsaw line, trimmers, brush cutters, and hand-held and backpack blowers.[1

Aside from chainsaw manufacturing, the company has been a leader in producing and selling professional-grade equipment for commercial and residential use throughout the United States.

Popular Mechanics and industry professionals praise their products for being well-made and dependable, qualities that should put any buyer at ease.

assembling Echo chainsaw

When purchasing a piece of equipment, you want a company with a long history. While they cannot claim to be the inventor, like Andreas Stihl of Stihl Chainsaws, they have made significant contributions to the industry.

Where are ECHO Chainsaws Manufactured?

ECHO chain saws are made and assembled in Japan, China, and the United States (head office at Lake Zurich). Like all outdoor power equipment, ECHO crafts chainsaws from foreign and domestic parts and components sourced worldwide.

Echo chainsaw

The brand has numerous manufacturing and assembly hubs. These include their Chinese plant in Shenzhen, and those in Yokosuka and Morioka, Japan. The company is headquartered in Tokyo.

Their US headquarters are in Lake Zurich, Illinois, where they employ over 800 people.

Where Can I Buy ECHO Chainsaws? + Distribution Channels

Echo products are now distributed and stocked in 90+ countries and are available through distribution channels.

Consumers in the United States can get their chainsaw of choice from authorized Echo dealers. You’re guaranteed of best quality of service because dealers obtain their merchandise right from Echo distributors.

ECHO CS 2511TES chainsaw

Currently, ten distributors supply approximately 6,600 independent dealers across the country.

The chainsaw giant also benefits from brand exposure due to its strong partnership with Home Depot. Echo products began selling professional equipment and tools to Home Depot shelves, both on-site and online since 1994.

Home Depot stores across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico carry their product.

Is ECHO a Good Chainsaw Brand?

Having delved into the details of how and by whom Echo chainsaws are made, I’ve consulted various woodworking experts to determine if it is a good brand. 

After considering the impressive performance and overall quality of their units, they unanimously agreed that Echo is indeed an excellent brand of chainsaws.

cutting lumber with Echo chainsaw

They do not outsource manufacturing, as many brands on Amazon and elsewhere do. They have complete control over the entire process, from design to complete assembly. The brand not only makes Echo chainsaws but also makes hedge trimmers, blowers, generators, etc.

They manufacture trustworthy and reliable products distributed globally, reasonably priced, and suitable for homeowners, homesteaders, and farmers alike.

Are Husqvarna and ECHO Owned by the Same Company?

The same company does not own Husqvarna and ECHO. Husqvarna chainsaws are crafted by a Swedish company founded in 1689, while ECHO is a brand owned by the Yamabiko Corporation of Japan.

ECHO CS 7310SX chainsaw

Is ECHO a Home Depot Brand?

Home Depot does not own ECHO, but they have partnered with the brand to distribute their products in the stores.

Their partnership commenced in 1994 to cement Home Depot’s reliability to supply professional quality chainsaws to its homeowner customers. Now, Home Depot carries almost all ECHO products, including pole saws, chainsaw parts, chain bar oil, and more.

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Is ECHO as good as Stihl?

ECHO is as good as STIHL because an Echo chainsaw is more powerful, but a Stihl chainsaw is more durable in terms of the quality of the parts of its chainsaws. Stihl is slightly more expensive than Echo in terms of price. Echo also uses fewer Chinese parts when compared to other brands.

Are ECHO chainsaws made in China?

ECHO chainsaws are made and assembled in Japan, China, and United States. If you buy an ECHO chainsaw in the US, it was probably made in Lake Zurich, Illinois, but they were likely made in Japan or China if bought in Australia or New Zealand.


Echo chainsaws, produced by a well-established company right at their own facilities, do not resort to outsourcing like some other brands might. I can vouch for their dedication to creating affordable and reliable products. 

When you pick up an Echo chainsaw, you’re getting a piece crafted by seasoned experts, not just any fleeting manufacturer.

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