Best Electric Chainsaws & Reviews for 2024

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Electric chainsaws have numerous benefits and are essential in any woodworker’s tool shed. But a wrong purchase can leave you with a saw that isn’t safe, effective, or durable. These subpar models can be a waste of money, especially when you’re in a budget. Drawing from my experience and after testing several models, I’m here to guide you to the best electric chainsaw for your needs.

Best Overall
Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw
Best Heavy Duty Electric Chainsaw
Greenworks PRO 80V 18 Inch Cordless Chainsaw
Best Corded Electric Chainsaw
Oregon CS1500 18 In. Self-Sharpening Corded Chainsaw
Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw
Greenworks PRO 80V 18 Inch Cordless Chainsaw
Oregon CS1500 18 In. Self-Sharpening Corded Chainsaw
The Greenworks cordless chainsaw represents all the benefits of an electric saw. It has a long-lasting battery, a powerful 40V motor, and a long 16” bar. The saw also has a chain brake for safety.
The Greenworks PRO is a powerful tool with a large 18” chain and a capable 80V motor. It is strong enough to cut through logs up to 18 inches thick. The saw also has features like metal bucking spikes and a fast battery charge.
The Oregon CS1500 is a corded chainsaw known for its versatility. Its most impressive feature is the on-board sharpener that can sharpen the chain in less than 3 seconds. It also has auto lubrication and a chain brake.
Best Overall
Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw
Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw
The Greenworks cordless chainsaw represents all the benefits of an electric saw. It has a long-lasting battery, a powerful 40V motor, and a long 16” bar. The saw also has a chain brake for safety.
Best Heavy Duty Electric Chainsaw
Greenworks PRO 80V 18 Inch Cordless Chainsaw
Greenworks PRO 80V 18 Inch Cordless Chainsaw
The Greenworks PRO is a powerful tool with a large 18” chain and a capable 80V motor. It is strong enough to cut through logs up to 18 inches thick. The saw also has features like metal bucking spikes and a fast battery charge.
Best Corded Electric Chainsaw
Oregon CS1500 18 In. Self-Sharpening Corded Chainsaw
Oregon CS1500 18 In. Self-Sharpening Corded Chainsaw
The Oregon CS1500 is a corded chainsaw known for its versatility. Its most impressive feature is the on-board sharpener that can sharpen the chain in less than 3 seconds. It also has auto lubrication and a chain brake.

Reviews of the Top Electric Chainsaws

1. Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw

The Greenworks G-MAX 40V Chainsaw model is a battery-powered electric chain saw with impressive power output source and run-time. This is our team’s top pick because I’m impressed with its high-efficiency brushless motor for exceptional performance.

The weight is approximately 14 lbs with the batteries installed and the oil filled up.  Besides delivering more torque and less vibration than other brands, this lightweight electric chainsaw has a rating of 40 volts and a 4 AH battery, powerful enough to see through 4 inch wood pieces for up to 40 minutes run time on a full charge.

This electric chainsaw comes with a 2Ah rating battery and charger. The batteries source are capable of powering up to 55 different Greenworks tools. The chainsaw from Greenworks also has an electric chain brake for user safety. It has an automatic oiler that keeps the bar and chain lubricated.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

2. Oregon CS1500 18 in. Self-Sharpening Corded Chainsaw

Our team of experts loved the convenience of the Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw because of its stunning self-sharpening system. This corded model takes less than 3 seconds with the lightweight electric chainsaw on-board sharpener. Simply engage the trigger and pull the red lever back. Hold the trigger and keep the lever pulled back for 3 to 5 seconds, and you’re done.

This Oregon CS1500 chainsaw also has a 15-amp motor and instant start capability, which is quite different from what you have with many gas-powered chainsaws. With the cutting firewood equipment attached, the dry weight of this compact saw is 12 lbs. It’s on the heavier side compared to other chainsaws. But unlike the gas-powered models, it has a quiet operation. It’s ergonomically designed for wood cutting and yard work, making it easy to cut logs, small trees, or some fallen branches.

In my hands-on experience with this corded electric chainsaw, I was particularly impressed with its built-in Lubri-Tec oiler system – arguably one of the finest I’ve come across. The automatic oiler does wonders, ensuring the chain runs smoothly with minimal friction, optimizing cutting performance. And I must note, the chain brake addition is a commendable safety feature.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

3. Greenworks PRO 80V 18 inch Cordless Chainsaw

The 18-inch wireless lightweight electric chainsaw model by Greenworks is great choice for large projects. At 80 volts, this battery-powered electric chain saw has a 45 cc gas chainsaw’s equivalent power, making it one of the most powerful wireless chainsaws without the extra weight. If using a 2.0 Ah battery, the product weighs 10 lbs.

I was impressed because the Greenworks PRO 80V battery-powered saw has everything from steel bucking spikes to a durable metal wrap around handle, hand guard, and even an electronic brake. I also loved its quick charge, as I could get up to 150 cuts of firewood/trees and branches on a single charge in 30-minutes.

The only downside is that the charger and battery aren’t included in this 18-inch electric chainsaw. However, it is compatible with most other Greenworks and Lithium Ion batteries. If you’re after a powerful saw, this is the right model for you.

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What I Like

What I Don't Like

4. WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

The WEN 4017 Corded Electric Chainsaw is a lightweight electrical chainsaw has a 16 inch bar and a powerful machine source that can spin up to 44 feet per second. Sporting 12 amps of power, italso has a lightweight and light duty feature, making it easier to cut and operate. And it’s only 10 lbs without the fuel, so anyone can carry this corded model in the yard and use it for long periods.  

I especially loved the automatic bar oiling system as it promotes a longer life for the saw whether or not you remember to oil the bar that has an oil cap.

This corded chainsaw boasts features I genuinely value, such as a handguard, tool-free chain tensioning, and a nifty cord wrangler that simplifies operation and cutting. I was pleasantly surprised to find a two-year warranty attached to it. Although, given its design, you might find maintenance is hardly a concern. In my books, it ranks among the top corded electric chainsaws I’ve had the pleasure to use.

What I Like

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5. Worx WG322 20V Power Share Chainsaw

The Worx WG322 Power Share Chainsaw is one of the best electric chainsaws we’ve seen in a while. It’s rated 20 volts that can make fast, clean cuts better than many gas varieties. The cordless chainsaw model also has an automatic chain oiler and auto chain tensioning that ensures the best possible performance and that you don’t tighten the chain too much. 

With its batteries attached, this electric chainsaw weighs in at just 6.2 lbs, making it one of the most lightweight models I’ve worked with. It genuinely simplifies the task when I’m out cutting trees or prepping firewood.

You can use its 2 Ah (amp hour) battery with any Worx power tools. This cordless chainsaw also comes with a  10 inch bar and chain sheath for extra protection during storage. Unfortunately, this also means you’ll have to watch out for the rebound when sawing.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

I also recommend chainsaws made by Black Max for their easy-to-use features. 

6. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Chainsaw has a 12-inch bar and a 5 Ah battery, more powerful than most of the items on this review. That is why it one of the top 10 chainsaw in the market. 

Its brushless motor is powerful enough to cut through most wood types, making this battery-powered electric chain saw suitable for construction and outdoor jobs.  The Dewalt 20 Volts is only 9 lbs. in weight with batteries attached.  It is a massive and light duty saw with little maintenance.

I found other features that add great value, like a tool-free chain tensioner and hand guards, bar tightening knob, and an automatic oil change. I love how DEWALT made this cordless chainsaw lightweight and with a low kickback chain. Plus, the powerful machine and auto chain oil also extend the lifespan of the MAX XR model.

What I Like

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7. Sun Joe SWJ599E Chainsaw

The Sun Joe SWJ599E Corded Chain Saw has a 14 inch chain and bar, with a powerful 9V machine. The 14 inch power equipment tool is perfect for sawing through branches and bushes up to 13.5 inches in thickness. 

It is also ideal for light trimming and pruning like Stihl GTA 26V.  And at just over 7 lbs, this corded model is designed for maximum maneuverability within the yard or garden, without the need for gas.  It has all the classic functions you get from the best chainsaws, like a cord wrangler, instant start, and chain oil lubrication. 

The Sun Joe 14-inch chainsaw doesn’t skimp on safety, sporting a handy switch, a protective plastic blade cover, and a solid handguard. Tipping the scales just a bit over 7 lbs and fitted with a wrap-around handle, it’s been quite straightforward for me to tackle firewood and trees. Among the corded electric chainsaws I’ve put to the test, this one stands out as particularly dependable.

What I Like

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8. TACKLIFE Electric Chainsaw

The TACKLIFE 18” Electric Chainsaw is a good choice for homeowners looking for high-powered saws. The 15A machine on this electric saw rivals most gas-powered ones. It also has a large capacity 190 ml oil reservoir with an oil cap that’s quickly released and tightened. It also has a mechanical oiler with a bar and chain lubrication system that keeps the chain lubed. Some of my favorite specs include cutting efficiency, low recoil, and a tool-free chain.

It also has two switches, manual brakes, and a cutting speed of up to 43 feet per second. The weight of the tool is13 lbs, which is heavier than many of the top electric chainsaws but still light enough to handle when you cut trees.

(For other saws with same bar length, you can also check my detailed review of Tanaka TCS51EAP here)

What I Like

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9. CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw

I love the CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw kit because its weight is only 6 lbs. It’s difficult to find such a balance of performance and size on electric chainsaws. Unfortunately, this CRAFTSMAN chainsaw is a corded electric model. This means you can’t stray too far from a cord socket.

In addition, this  tool isn’t battery powered just like Worx WG303. However, it still delivers a stellar performance with 12 amps of power and tool less chain tensioning system that ensures you don’t tighten the chain too much or too little. This Craftsman CMECS600 16-inch chain can cut wood of up to 14 inches, making it excellent for many heavy duty workload jobs. On the whole, it’s an excellent choice among the corded models in the market.

What I Like

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10. KIMO 20V Cordless Chainsaw

The KIMO 20V Cordless Chainsaw offers one of the smallest guide bar we’ve ever seen on electric chainsaws. It is most suited for light cutting or whatever small projects around with a small 4Ah (amp hour) li-ion battery and a robust brushless motor. At 20 volts, this electric saw is also equipped with a tool free chain tensioning system and automatic oil lubrication.

I was especially fond of its compact size and light weight of 6 pounds which is suitable to cut small trees. Because it comes with a telescoping pole, it’s also ideal for trimming limbs and other small jobs. Some of the other cordless electric chainsaws offers include a protective cover, widened baffle, and ergonomic grip.

Unfortunately, I found that this battery powered electric chain saw doesn’t come with bar oil. You will need to buy some with your purchase.

For a power tool that provides extended reach and usability, the top-performing pole saw we reviewed is an excellent choice if you’re looking for compact cordless models.

What I Like

What I Don't Like


Although the Black + Decker LCS1020B runs with 3.5 Horsepower, this unit’s Oregon bar and chain offer lower kickback. Thanks to this, I could make seamless and smooth cuts. 

On top of that, this chainsaw has oiling systems to keep the bar and chain lubricated during the operation. It’s a feature that prevents damage to your unit, especially if it’s exposed to frequent usage. Plus, the tool-free chain tightening feature makes adjustments easy without tools.

The Black + Decker model I tried featured a wraparound bale handle design. Not only did it fit comfortably in my hand, but it also helped prevent the usual hand fatigue during prolonged cutting sessions. Moreover, this design granted me extra control and stability. Among the cordless chainsaws I’ve used, this one definitely ranks high on my list.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

12. Makita-UC4051A

Out of all its amazing features, what I liked the most with the Makita UC4051A is its current limiter. As you know, chainsaws are risky power tools, so buying a tool with features that can prevent motor burnout and overload is a wise decision.

With a 16-inch bar, this unit can tackle cutting tasks quickly. Its chain can even operate up to 2900 FPM. Makita also features a chain brake and rubberized handle, which enhances its cutting productivity and comfort. 

Unlike gas-powered options with a pull cord to start the engine, this Makita electric chain saw has a large trigger switch with a soft start functionality. Through this, users can experience smoother startups as opposed to their alternatives. Investing in this chainsaw is truly worth the money.

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Electric Chainsaws Buyer’s Guide

As with any outdoor power equipment, buying electric chainsaws require research so you can find what you need. If you’re opting for an electric model rather than a gas-powered one, here’s a guide on what you should look for.

Corded or Cordless Chainsaws?

When looking for the best electric chainsaws, you can choose between two power sources: corded or cordless, the latter also referred to as battery-powered chainsaws.

From my hands-on experience with various chainsaws, corded models typically pack a bit more punch than their battery-powered counterparts. This makes them a solid choice when I’m tackling logs or downed trees for longer stretches – they really boost productivity. However, one limitation I’ve encountered is the need to have them plugged into an electrical outlet.

On the other hand, cordless battery-powered models give you more mobility than a corded option. The run time would depend on the hour rating, so also look at the cuts per charge. If you opt for cordless battery chainsaws, having spare battery power and a rapid charger can give you enough power for longer tasks.

Whichever power source you choose, know that they’re both quieter and low maintenance than gas powered chainsaws. You probably don’t want to spend on fuel costs either, which comes with buying gas chainsaws. However, if you really want powerful performance needed for cutting large trees, a gas powered chainsaw is a more fitting option than a cordless or corded electric chainsaw.


I deem the power output one of the most important factors to consider during my reviews of the best electric chainsaws. Electric chain saws are rated according to the voltage on the motor. So electric chainsaws with 80 volts are more powerful than those with 40 volts.

The voltage rating you need depends on the weight of tasks you want to accomplish whether small or large cutting and trimming requirements. If you’re looking for electric models for dense wood and large trees, you need a different power rating than someone looking to accomplish a range of small jobs like trimming limbs and pruning edges. Aside from the volts, it also helps to know how many inches in diameter your chainsaw can cut. Generally, the thicker the wood, the more power you’ll need in your chain saw.

The power also easily determines performance metrics like speed, amp hour battery life, how much rebound you experience, and how much oil the electric saw will need. When buying cordless models with plenty of power, it helps to keep these in mind.

Size and Weight

I’ve found that the top electric ones are impressively lightweight, usually tipping the scales between 5 and 10 pounds. That’s about half the weight of many gas-powered counterparts. They also boast a more compact design. And this isn’t just limited to basic models; even those tailored for heavy-duty tasks like cutting firewood maintain this lightweight and compact nature.

The size and weight of the chain saw don’t matter to most homeowners as power output is a much more pressing concern. However, note that heavier and larger saws require more control when cutting firewood. Advanced models have anti rebound mechanisms and safety features, but they still require expert handling if they’re on the heavier side.

The chain saw battery also tends to contribute to the weight. If you want a light electric saw, it’s best to buy cordless tools.

Chainsaw Motor

The motor contributes the most to your chainsaw’s cutting power. You can judge this by how many rotations per second the shackles rotates. The most powerful gas engine choice can achieve and run up to 50 feet per second, which is a lot considering you’re working with an electric saw. Cutting power is also directly related to the motor’s rating, as we’ve already discussed.

One thing I love about cutting with cordless electric chainsaws is their switches. You can start and run the chain saw almost instantly and get to your jobs easily. They also have emergency brakes and kill switches that shut off the gas engine and stop cutting. This feature will come in handy in emergencies.

Automatic Oiling

Regular gas or electric-powered chainsaws need to be oiled properly. They rotate several times during cutting, and the friction can damage your tool and reduce performance. Fueling takes care of that.

During my review, I found that the best-powered chainsaw usually has an automatic oiling mechanism just like in many Husqvarna power tool models. Once you fill the oil reservoir, you can get cutting without worrying about the chain oil. The system oils make the chain saw work smoothly when you’re pruning or cutting tree branches, keeping it in top shape.

With an automated bar and chain you only have to worry about charging your cordless chainsaws’ battery, and you’re good to go.

Bar Length

There’s no top electric chainsaw bar length. Some chainsaws come in 16 inch bars while there are some that can have long 18 inch bars. You only need to worry about the bar length when considering the range of jobs you want to do. Larger chainsaws with longer bar lengths are ideal for heavy-duty work such as felled trees. If you’re only dealing with small projects, shorter bars will do. Some compact chain saw models have an eight-inch bar for easy maneuverability.

Also, the longer the bar length, the more power the saw will need. It takes power to drive a chain around a lengthy bar. You’ll also need it to cut through the log of wood. This is part of the reason why you’ll find bars on a cordless chainsaw that are smaller. They run on battery, and you’ll need all the juice you can get for the actual work.

If your cutting hard-to-reach places, here are the most reliable electric pole saw to consider. 

Chain Adjustment and Handle

The best powered chainsaw will have an ergonomic handle for easy use whether in the forest or around the yard. Some even feature what’s called a triangle grip. The triangle grip is designed to make the chain saw easier to operate by providing multiple points to support your grip easily while others may have an ergonomic full wrap handle.  Most chainsaws require both hands to hold, although some people try to use a top handle chainsaw with one hand. This is dangerous. 

But that said, a comfortable grip is a must so you can maintain control, easily adjust your position, and do the job properly when you’re pruning tree branches or cutting logs.

The chain adjustment is also essential. It allows you to easily adjust the tension on your chainsaw, a critical feature for when you’re performing various tasks. Jobs around the house and heavy task projects require different tension levels. Most electric chain saws have a simple adjustment knob on the side where you can easily reach it. Unfortunately, some brands have plastic adjustment knobs that break off after some time. Be sure to buy a durable model.

Looking for a promising tool in cutting hard-to-reach limbs and branches? Here are the best electric pole saw I recommend. 


Chainsaws are notorious for being noisy and loud, and most homeowners don’t want that. Some gas powered models can be as loud as 120 decibels [1], so workers need headphones to use them. Electric models are quiet. They don’t have the combustion motor that is responsible for most of the noise.

However, it’s still a chainsaw, so you can’t expect whisper-level sounds. The sounds will be perceptible but very bearable, and it’s definitely a quiet option compared to the engine sounds of a gas chainsaw. You’ll experience it most as you saw through logs, branches, and trees.

It’s important to note that some chainsaws including the top-performing Stihl chainsaws can be louder than others. Manufacturers take special care to reduce their saw’s noise as much as possible to maintain a quiet operation.

Price and Warranty

Most electric chain saws are affordable and cost between $150 and $400. The price often depends on factors like material quality, bar size, battery amp capacity, if it comes corded and cordless, and of course, brand name. Popular brands like DEWALT and Greenworks may cost more than lesser-known ones. Sometimes, you can get the same power and performance from a less popular brand.

The material quality of the tools are also an important factor it should be one of the best. Earlier, I discussed how some adjustment knobs are made of plastic. Cheap parts like these will lower the cost of the saw. Extra model functions can also affect a chainsaw’s price. Emergency brakes, bar covers, and ergonomic handles will cost more.

Most manufacturers offer some kind of warranty on their chainsaw. The warranty duration depends on the manufacturer like 1-5 years warranty. Some offer as much as 5 years warranty while others only offer 12 months.

If you are still considering other brands, I have the top Echo chainsaw offering manufacturer warranty, as well. 

Safety Features

Chainsaws have a spinning chain, so they can be dangerous to the untrained individual. A sharp chain can cause major injuries, so proper chainsaw use is critical whether you’re doing small projects or heavy-duty work.

There are many functions on electric saws that make their use easier and safer when cutting trees. One of the major tip is the rebound guard and brake. They often work hand in hand. While sawing, if your wrist pushes the guard forward, the emergency brake will activate and stop the chainsaw. This is so that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

There are also other features, like a throttle lock and a safety switch. The safety switch ensures that the chain saw doesn’t come on accidentally. The throttle lock also prevents accidental advances. It will only work when you press the lock while gripping the handle. Some chainsaws also comes with instant on and off switches.

Another safety feature that most saws don’t have is the bar sheath. It keeps the bar covered when it’s not in use, preventing accidental contacts and unfortunate accidents. You might also want a current limiter to protect against overheating and extend the motor life.

Drawing from my years of hands-on experience, I can’t stress enough that sometimes the most crucial safety feature is the one you take upon yourself. Always, and I mean always, gear up with essentials like safety glasses, gloves, and noise-canceling headphones when getting down to work. Safety first, always.


Unfortunately, electric chainsaws don’t come with many accessories. All you get is the chain saw itself, a battery and charger if it’s a cordless variety and the owner’s manual. Though some saws, like the Greenworks Chainsaw PRO 80V, don’t even come with a battery. Though this may not be such a bad thing since they work with any Greenworks battery. The problem arises when you don’t have any other Greenworks tools.

A handful of electric saws have a bar sheath for protecting the chain and user when not in use. These are usually made of high-grade plastic and are quite durable.

Most chainsaw accessories are readily available online even the best chainsaw files. Replacement parts like the chain, handle, or other parts can be found on the manufacturer’s website. One tip is you can also find them on popular eCommerce stores like Amazon. That said, some brands offer a chainsaw kit option so you get the best value.


Are electric chainsaws any good?

Electric chainsaws offer many benefits over gas engine saws. Though they require less maintenance, you just have to lubricate the bar, produce less noise, tool free tensioning, and much quieter. Many electric saws are also capable of cutting wood and tree up to 15 inches.

What should I look for when buying an electric chainsaw?

When buying an electric chainsaw, one tip is you should look and consider for a combination of power, corded and cordless factor, safety features, and durability to have the best battery powered chainsaw. Depending on the intended use like cutting tree, pruning and trimming yard, you should also keep an eye out and consider for the bar length.

My Top Pick For an Electric Chainsaw:
Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Chainsaw

After rigorous tests, I deem Greenworks G-MAX 40V as the best electric chainsaw on the market. It is light enough to handle yet powerful enough for most tasks. It is also affordable while sporting premium features like a push-button start, automatic oiling, and a large-capacity battery. It definitely tops my review.

Looking for another affordable option? Check out the Blue Max model

As part of maintaining this tool, sharpening it is important. Thus, here is the chainsaw file size chart guide for you. Read next! 

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