Who Makes Craftsman Chainsaws and Where are They Made?

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You know, if you’re in the market for a reliable chainsaw, Craftsman chainsaws are some of the best options. In fact, they’ve been trusted by both professionals and everyday folks for years. 

So, you might be curious about who’s behind Craftsman and where they’re actually made. If you yo know who makes Craftsman chainsaws, continue reading. 

Who Manufactures Craftsman Chainsaws?

Most Craftsman saws are produced by Husqvarna, a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, which also oversees several other reputable power tool brands like DeWalt, Porter-Cable, and more.

Craftsman US facility

However, most of the tools sold by the Craftsman brand, such as chainsaws, are made using technology from the Husqvarna group. 

Although the company’s subsidiary companies make some of the products sold by the brand, such as the chainsaws, they are generally cheaper than those made using the Husqvarna brand.

Craftsman History and Reputation

In 1927, Sears introduced the pioneer Craftsman line. This brand consisted of superior tools that had to meet certain standards to be included in the company inventory. 

The brand was first seen on a line of saws, and Arthur Barrows was named as the head of the company’s Sears hardware department. 

Craftsman V20 Chainsaw

Unfortunately, Stanley Black & Decker purchased Craftsman after the bankruptcy of Sears. At that time, they originally introduced chainsaw brands as a house brand. 

After some time, they decided to partner up with a third party, namely Husqvarna, to manufacture most of their chainsaw line but with Sears’ design specifications in mind. 

Where are Craftsman Chainsaws Made?

Since most Craftsman chainsaw is manufactured by the Husqvarna Group, the saw might come from the facilities of Husqvarna across the globe. 

Several Husqvarna facilities, including Germany, China, the USA, Japan, and Sweden [1]. Some of the saw parts are sourced from these facilities as well.

Manufacturing Plants in the US for Chainsaws and Other Products

Craftsman manufactures components and finishes numerous power tool brands, entry-level tools, storage gear, garden equipment, power equipment, and electric equipment in the USA. 

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Craftsman tools

So, aside from Craftsman chainsaws, they also produce the following products in various locations: 

How are Craftsman, Husqvarna, Poulan, and Black+Decker Related?

Many people have questioned the connection between these brands, especially since some parts of the products look similar. 

craftsman chainsaw

In fact, the common denominator is that they are owned by Husqvarna, which also owns Poulan Pro brands. Like Craftsman, Husqvarna chainsaws are also sought-after in the market. 

Husqvarna Group is a large organization, like Makita, Poulan, Ryobi Power Tools, and many other major brands that sprang up. Stanley Black & Decker, which currently owns Dewalt, Craftsman, and the Husky brand, is a subsidiary of Husqvarna. 

Where Can You Buy Craftsman Chainsaws?

If you’re interested in purchasing any high-quality or mid-level Craftsman products, they have an active website where you can check out all available items at the Craftsman store near you. 

Alternatively, you may also visit Lowe’s small machine shop as they sell Craftsman chainsaws and their quality trimmers. 

Who Manufactures Craftsman Chainsaws for Lowe's?

A Sears-owned trademark and its manufacturer, is making the chainsaws for Lowe’s. For your information, Lowe’s started selling the Craftsman brand recently. 

If you’re looking to buy a flagship brand like Craftsman and live near Lowe’s, we recommend visiting the store personally.


Types of Chainsaws Craftsman Offers


A gas-powered chainsaw has a powerful engine, chain, and anti-vibration handle. These large chainsaws allow you to easily cut through even the toughest materials.

Corded Electric

These chainsaws are powered by electricity. They feature a powerful engine and a low kickback bar for intricate cuts. They also have an auto-oiling mechanism.


The power source of these chainsaws is a battery. It provides a long-lasting runtime and is ideal for powering most equipment.

What are the Top Craftsman Chainsaws Today?

#1: Craftsman CMXGS AMY 426S

Craftsman CMXGS AMY 426S

I particularly recommends this Craftsman chainsaw for professionals, but it is also ideal for homeowners due to its pro-grade chassis. It features a durable and adjustable blade that can handle even the toughest woods.

#2: Craftsman 20-Inch Gas Chainsaw

Craftsman 20-Inch Gas Chainsaw

This Craftsman chainsaw features an automatic oiler for extended use, a pro-grade chassis, and a spike-buckler for improved handling and control.

#3: Craftsman V60 Cordless Chainsaw

Craftsman V60 Cordless Chainsaw

This model is ideal for homeowners looking for an efficient and powerful battery-powered chainsaw. It features a V6 engine, a 16-inch guide bar, and a low kickback bar.

#4: Craftsman V20 Pole Chainsaw

Craftsman V20 Pole Chainsaw

This saw is designed to reach tall heights and has a robust battery. Its blade and head are also designed to handle different tasks. Its 16-inch reach makes it ideal for various applications.

Is Craftsman a Good Brand of Chainsaw?

Most users and professionals agree that Craftsman chainsaws are dependable. It is so dependable, even the fictional character Leatherface used the chainsaw made by Craftsman in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. The manufacturer also ensures to provide high-quality tools, and they stand behind their products. 

So, if you’re planning on purchasing any power tools such as a chainsaw, you better choose from Craftsman’s many  competitive chainsaws available today.

Even most engineers recommend a Craftsman chainsaw among the best woodworking tools. Most Craftsman tools are made durably and are used by many woodworkers, carpenters, and contractors. 


Do Craftsman chainsaws come with an extra chain?

A Craftsman chainsaw comes with a heavy-duty carrying case, an additional chain, and a two-in-one oil to run it.

How much does a Craftsman chainsaw cost?

Most Craftsman corded electric saws are more affordable than cordless and gas models. You can get a corded one for around $100. Price varies from one model to another. But, regardless of price, the Craftsman trademark is to produce high-quality products at an affordable price. 


When buying something, it’s helpful to know where it comes from to make the best choice. Now that you know about who makes Craftsman chainsaws, you might have a clearer idea of which one to pick. 

Trust me, even though the Craftsman brand has changed over time, their chainsaws are still as reliable as ever.

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