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Jigsaw VS Circular Saw

When it comes to comparing some tools, sometimes it can be a little difficult to make proper comparisons when they have so many aspects of them that are the same or similar. Many of the impact wrenches and drills that are available on the market, can be used for the same projects, but other tools vary in their differences.

This would be the case when it comes to comparing jigsaws and circular saws. While there isn’t much of a fight between the two, one of them does come out on top in comparisons. So if you are trying to compare the two, then read along this comparison will help you determine which one would be the better option for you to go with to suit your needs.

Which one is better?


Before you know the answer to those questions, you will need to take a few things into consideration. Firstly, how often will you use the saw, and what type of projects will you be buying it for?

Jigsaws are quite versatile, yet they are smaller than the circular saw. The jigsaw is also light in weight, and it isn’t nearly as powerful as the circular saw.

Pros of the Jigsaw

One of the pros of a jigsaw is that you are able to cut curves. Circular saws aren’t able to do this.

This type of saw is also considered to be safer to operate when it comes to comparing them both. With the blades being smaller, yet sharper, you won’t have to worry about losing the entire appendage of the jigsaw. People have lost their hands while using circular saws; so they are definitely more dangerous when comparing the two.

Are you concerned about the amount of dust that is created while working you’re your project? Well in this area, the jigsaw wins because they do not produce nearly as much dust as the circular saw. The jigsaw is good for quick cuts or cuts that are curvy on a variety of different materials.


Cons of the Jigsaw

A jigsaw is capable of producing wonderful results in your workpieces. However, they don’t hold as much power as what some users might need for certain projects.

Also, the blades are known to break easily because of how thin they are; no matter what quality they are. Since these blades are able to cut curves, they can easily bind which is commonly what causes them to snap.

Circular Saw

So while a jigsaw will allow you to make more creative cuts, the circular saw like Dewalt DCS573B has one goal; to cut the wood quickly.

Pros of the Circular saw

The circular saw is a lot heavier in weight compared to the jigsaw. However, cutting through thicker stock is one of the cons that the circular saw holds. It can actually cut through thicker pieces of material with ease, which is something that a jigsaw would get dull very easily from doing.

You cannot cut wavy lines with the circular saw, but straight lines can be cut very quickly, within seconds. Since a circular saw is meant for heavy-duty, you can work with full board lengths using this saw. If you work in the construction field and work on tasks that involve framing houses, then this is the type of saw you will want to use.

The blades will cost you more for this type of saw, but they last longer. When these blades do start to dull, you can always have them sharpened or re-tip them.

Cons of the Circular saw

With a circular saw, you would be able to cut curves. The top-performing mini circular saws, for instance, can cut precisely and are very easy to maneuver. However, there are heavier and noisy circular saws, as well. They are messy as well, so you will need to have a broom ready to clean up the dust once your project is complete. A shop-vac is often preferred to be used since it allows for easy clean-up.

When should you use a Jigsaw or Circular saw?

Use a Jigsaw

When you want to make a curve cut, then you will use a Jigsaw. They also have the ability to cut through smaller pieces of wood or metal very quickly. The saw can cut through tight spots that other saws are not able to fit in.

For further explanation, when you have delicate tasks at hand, then the Jigsaw will do the task for you.

Milwaukee worm drive circular saw

Use a Circular Saw

When you are trying to build something. This saw is ideal for bigger projects, not just a basic, delicate art project. If you are building a house, framing a garage or building a shed, then you will use a circular saw. There are so many different larger projects that this saw, in particular, is perfect for being used for.

You could rip large sheets, and saw long straight lines with this saw, but be careful with this saw because it can be dangerous to use if you do not take the proper safety precautions.

Shopping Online for your saw

Once you have decided on which saw you need for the current project at hand, you can go online to compare pricing as well as brands so that you can determine which one will suit your needs as well as what you can afford. There are plenty of models and brands for both types of saws to choose from.


To sum up, the Jigsaw vs the Circular saw battle, making your choice of which one would be the best to purchase for your needs, will all depend upon the type of project you will be working on. The tools are totally different, but their only similarity is the fact that they are both used for the purpose of cutting materials for your projects. If you work on different projects of various different sizes and types, then you will want to eventually have both of these tools in your shop or your shed, so that you are not limited in what you can do.


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